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  1. Good Morning, Everyone… 🦅HAVING LOFTY AMBITIONS 🦅

    🎶 I can see through mountains, watch me disappear?..FLYING HIGH AGAIN…I can even touch the sky…Swallowing colors of the sound I hear…🎶 “Flying High Again” – Ozzy Osborne 1981 https://tinyurl.com/ycxuutze

    🦅 The HARSH winds and the heat and cold don’t bother birds like this,
    They don’t allow things to ENGULF themselves…they fly in bliss…
    Where elements tend to INFECT some other birds of prey,
    These vultures sink their TEETH into whatever comes their way…
    They soar above the others, free from worry and from care….
    And here seeing each other…offer up a “Hey, “HIGH” THERE!🦅

    With words all tried and true…(and easily FLOWN through)…there was just a moment when we had to convince an Early BIRD that no, Flunge isn’t the word…it’s Flange he was thinking of…and yes, the others did RIB him about it…

    So…The saying goes…”You learn something every day”…and maybe one needed to know about the prowess of the Griffon Vulture. https://tinyurl.com/yeyrbc32 But with David giving us 35,000 feet in the air? No SCAVENGER hunt today! The HIGH expectations just FLEW…So whether you heard the BUZZ-ard not…I’m SOAR this solve needed no PREYing…The Vulture caught WIND of his friend…and said…”HIGH” THERE!

    So….There you have it Folks…Done. Be well, be kind, stay safe…and here’s hoping we all have a good day, where we can just CARRION as usual…🦅🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🤦🏻‍♂️Hired to stand at the door and say, “HI THERE”, he needed to be sure that his TEETH looked their best, and the HARSH thought that anything would INFECT them began to ENGULF his psyche…🤦🏻‍♂️

    🖐🏻 The training turned out to be HARSH, it did ENGULF his days…
    He prayed no virus would INFECT his laptop any ways…
    He’d need to sink his TEETH into the daily lesson’s fare…
    But then a girl passed by and he was saying…”Oh, HI THERE”! 🖐🏻

  3. Wow ! What a great week of jumbles , to end it today with a very fun and entertaining one ! The one anagram I didn’t get was ENGULF ! I first wrote down Flunge , thinking “ is this a word ? “ we’ll it is , but it wasn’t the right anagram ! I looked it up and it is a word in fencing with swords ! But I did get the rest of them and the jumble got me a little high in the sky ! Oops , well HIGH THERE ! Great week of jumbles and great week of comments ! Everyone have a great Saturday weekend !!!!

  4. There was a half-blind solve today…Pretty sure HIGH was the play on words, which was correct. Thought second word might be a little more complex than THERE. But anyway, off I went to the anagrams and sped along nicely until ENGULF…That word had me tricked, so I went back to my letters, looked at what was there, spelled out HIGH (needed the G from last anagram) and an E from somewhere else (I know, this is TMI), but with the G and E needed for last anagram, finally backed that word in. Whew !!! Will look at the vulture links later in the day, but all very interesting. See you tomorrow !!

  5. Fancy meeting you flying so high
    I’m happy to share the sky
    But just so you know
    If you look down below
    It’s amazing just what you can spy!

  6. Good morning. An easy one again today. I was even able to have a blind solve. Ozzie I don’t think ever came off his first OD. There is a man that’s been out there for the longest time. Would be nice if you could understand the blog. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  7. There are two rather strong shadow solutions. Yes he could have said HIGH THERE. But he could have said HIGH THREE. It’s like high five, but most birds have three toes on their leg or tarsus, so it was a HIGH THREE. And there is also HIGH ETHER. Air is a type of ether. Did they notice that THERE has three anagrams?

  8. 👀 With these vultures who are birds of prey,
    Stands to reason stay out of their way…
    They’ll eat bones well as meat,
    And quite easily defeat…
    What they can see from miles away! 👀

    😱 Carrion is its favorite dish,
    And this vulture can easily swish…
    Down on what’s there below,
    Vulture’s definitely not slow…
    Eating kitchen scraps, offal or fish! 😱

    🦅Highest flying bird its claim to fame,
    These large vultures they cut quite a frame…
    With a wingspread so wide,
    It can easily glide…
    Making most anything just fair game! 🦅

    🤦🏻‍♂️With a scavenger as we see here,
    Even though it’s been made very clear…
    That they soar over all,
    (Pretty much like a pall)…
    It’s hard finding much that will endear! 🤦🏻‍♂️

    🦅 So we see these two vultures on high,
    Crossing paths as they’re just passing by…
    And one of the two blokes,
    Tries his hand at a joke…
    Saying…”Up? Why it’s both you and I”! 🦅

  9. HIGH THERE everybody. My guess for the answer was ‘high flyer’, but the letters said otherwise. Easy one today, but, as others have stated, ENGULF first looked like flunge.

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