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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…🐦WREN YOU GOT IT LIKE THAT 🐦

    🎶 Hear me now and understand…He’s gonna find me some PEACE OF MIND…And if that peace of mind won’t stay…I’m gonna find myself A BETTER WAY…🎶 “Mockingbird’ – Carly Simon & James Taylor 1974 https://tinyurl.com/3bnfz8zd

    🐦 Some people worship animals, as DEITY of choice,
    They probably STRESS to others that it’s where they found their voice…
    And some Folks like a BANJO, a RARITY I think…
    (And working in these random words…yes, they did cause a kink)…
    But now that I’ve disposed of them…let’s deal with the absurd…
    A Wren who’s living very large…he’s today’s “ESTATE” BIRD! 🐦

    So…I’ll tell you a little story…I had today’s solve the second I glanced at our puzzle. SC, Arizona…STATES, and the BIRD living in his large MANOR = an ESTATE…which explains the quotation marks…But I’m thinking…What made David choose these two random states? I know there’s always a method to his gladness, I mean madness WREN it comes to creating these puzzles, so I’m figuring I’m missing something. God forbid I’d be satisfied with just solving the puzzle,..but WREN where would that leave y’all? You’d miss out on this witty repartee I drum up each day…(And yes, I can hear those of you saying…”This girl’s for the BIRDS)! Anyway…Then I thought…Ah…there’s no ESTATE or inheritance tax in SC…and I know this because I have friends there…so that must be it…the WREN saying…”It’s been in the family for generations” = Inheritance…But WREN…but WREN…it hit me…The Carolina WREN is the STATE BIRD https://tinyurl.com/mr9yzej3 of South Carolina…Duh! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I almost made a Mockingbird, I mean a mockery of the whole thing! But it just kind of FLEW right over my head for a moment…Talk about not seeing the forest FIR that tree he’s perched up in! ….Anyway…just thought I’d share. Sometimes a cigar really is just a cigar…

    Ok…Well, I think I pretty much broke it all down by now, in a MANOR of speaking, but just to recap…The WREN, living on his ancestral ESTATE in South Carolina…liked being the STATE’s official BIRD…hence…the “ESTATE” BIRD…And as far as Arizona goes? Who knows…I guess just an aTEMPEt to throw us off!

    Oh…and note that the bird has his legs crossed…LIMBer little guy, huh? Too funny… A feather in Jeff’s cap for sure!

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…and here’s hoping we can all feather our nests like our Wren here has done WREN we retire…LOFTY ambitions, huh? 🐦🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🪕As he listened to the sounds of a guitar and a BANJO wafting through the air, a RARITY in these parts, he watched the small group joining in worship to the DEITY…which he was quick to STRESS was an ESTATE BIRD…🪕

    🦅 The story ‘bout a DEITY who played on a BANJO,
    Was definitely a RARITY, the teacher told him so…
    But writing creatively, the STRESS put on create,
    She had to give him props…this kid def stepped up to the plate
    He let her in on something…made her vouch not speak a word…
    His next short story? Eagle Prince…known as the ESTATE BIRD! 🦅

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  4. Good Friday morning ! This just capped the whole week of fun jumbles ! The anagrams were there for me except one and I wished it would’ve been a RARITY , but it wasn’t cause that was the one ! It didn’t STRESS me out though and I wanted to play the BANJO and sing Mockingbird song , Angela’s choice I’ve always liked ! And maybe the wren called his friend up and sang 🎵 blackbird singing in the dead of night ! 🎵a great jumble and after I saw the letters ESTATE came out and WREN flew with it ! Great week of jumbles everyone have a fun-Friday !!!

  5. Got the right answer for the wrong reason today. I, too, thought that MANOR might have something to do with the puzzle answer, so I did come up with ESTATE, just because it sounded kind of right. I was still puzzled a bit, then thought, perhaps, the WREN might be the state bird, and voila….correct word AND correct methodology.

    So, it was a blind solve, after all….and anagrams followed nicely. After that, I was so, so excited to listen to Angela’s Mockingbird song (so far, no songs about WRENS that I know of)…and was surprised at the selection. That’s not the song I remember hearing !! So, scrolled thru YouTube for a moment or two and found “Listen to the Mockingbird” from the 1940’s. Thus, we might have some generational differences this morning. Angela, thanks for your excellent history lessons. Happy TGIF

    • YW, Terry…And LOL…No, no Wren songs to speak of…But I went with Mockingbird since it was South Carolina’s State Bird until 1948, when they opted for said Wren instead…So I figured it’d FLY!…Plus Simon and Taylor definitely do the song proud! And Happy Friday to you too! 🐦🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. 🐦 While the Mockingbird first held the honor,
    Came the Wren and then he was a goner…
    He replaced him for sure,
    Mockingbird flew no more…
    Once the wren just descended upon ‘er….🐦

    🏠Time to enjoy the good life…it’s time,
    And our Wren feels he’s still in his prime…
    Has the family house,
    He’s no reason to grouse…
    And for him life is truly sublime…🏠

    🐦 Being State Bird does carry some weight,
    Seems it all was a matter of fate…
    Carolina chose new,
    Then the Mockingbird flew…
    They picked Wren in 1948! 🐦

    👑With his colors of tan, cream and brown,
    Our Wren proudly took up his crown…
    He became the State Bird,
    Now he’s top of the herd….
    And he now lives his life of renown!👑

    🏠With a manor that’s fit for a king,
    Our Wren said…”I’ll just take on wing…
    And go live my good life,
    Free of worry and strife…
    And enjoy the perks Statehood can bring”! 🏠

  7. So he wanted to be the ESTATE BIRD. No, actually, it is because if he were in Arizona he would have been DESERT BAIT.

  8. The wren’s in a bit of a state
    Close to becoming irate
    “There is MY domain
    You have nothing to gain
    This is where I pull my weight!”

    “I’m a wren so I don’t weigh a lot
    But I’m giving you all I’ve got
    You said you were gone
    So just get a move on
    Don’t think you can stay here and squat!”

    I’m just back from a few days in Ontario’s cottage country, the Muskokas, and did not have the opportunity to do the jumble every day, but I’m glad to be back

  9. Angela, is the house depicted, a typical historic Charleston house? The style of architecture there is very specific, as I remember from a visit there.

    • Hi, Helen. I can’t speak as to where Jeff gets his inspiration, but suffice to say the homes in Charleston are historically beautiful. 🏠🙋🏻‍♀️

  10. Stress gave me reason to pause w the plurality of S’s but having solved that anagram the cartoon solution was a quick solve w bird obvious for the second word quickly followed by the complete estate bird solution.

  11. Good morning. Finally success, I was able to get both parts of jumble without any trouble. Thanks Angela for the song choice and history lesson, it was interesting facts. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  12. I too paused at stress -so many s’s. Saw bird right away so estate followed nicely. Thanks for all the information about South Carolina, Angela. I was in Charleston several years ago. It is a beautiful city and had amazing restaurants. I’m remembering a Patti Page song from the 1950’s – Mockin Bird Hill. Happy Friday to all!

  13. It might be relevant that Arizona is a west state while South Carolina is an “east state” (or “estate” 😉

    • Possibly, but it’s a repeat solve, and the last time Baltimore, Maryland was used…so…? 🤷🏻‍♀️

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