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  1. Good Morning, Everyone!…I hope this finds you well….


    🎶 Damn, this TRAFFIC JAM…How I hate to be late…Hurts my motor to go so slow….Damn, this TRAFFIC JAM…🎶 “Traffic Jam” – James Taylor* 1977 https://tinyurl.com/33rakwy8

    🚗 It’s nice to be out driving…but MINUS traffic jams,
    You head out on the Interstate…the next thing you know…Wham!
    There’s nothing that’s relaxing…DEFEAT is what you feel,
    When you’re AWARE that you’re just stuck behind that steering wheel…
    (BABOON is gonna slide today…right here it has no place,
    This puzzle’s simply dealing with traffic at a slow pace)
    They’re on their way to Portland…wishing traffic would have flowed…
    But everyone is out there too..because it’s the “MAINE” ROAD! 🚗

    James Taylor*, a New England boy…apropos…no?

    So…The MAINE theme here today? The I-95. https://tinyurl.com/y7zezkhb and I’m sure many of us have ROAD on it…(Yes, I know it’s not grammatically correct…but work with me here)! …
    And we see our couple COUPEr, and ROADa, on their way to Portland, MAINE… https://tinyurl.com/4ce6e47p And if Portland on the ROAD sign, and it being mentioned in COUP’s dialogue, plus our extremely leading question giving us “New England’s largest state” https://tinyurl.com/yhstvbtw isn’t enough to get you to your DESTINATION with this one?…Well, I think you just need turn in your Jumble license…because this one today is a JAM dunk…I mean slam dunk! Interstate 95? It’s a “MAINE” ROADhttps://tinyurl.com/54n3jfb3

    Oh…the Gems…The lush pine-tree laden landscape along the coastline is a keeper…And you gotta give a nod to the Lobster image on the truck ahead of Coupe’s…Maine Lobster…be still, my heart..But if you look real closely, you’ll see that the van next to our couple, bearing the Maine “Chickadee” https://tinyurl.com/j7djxtk4 vanity license plate reads WCKD…Hmm…Wicked? Definitely the most overused piece of New England slang…Said to originate in Maine, it’s a dead giveaway that someone’s a New Englander…Meaning “very or extremely” (ie) “wicked good movie”, “wicked good food”, “wicked bad storm” …https://tinyurl.com/4jxkp4tf , you won’t go a day without hearing it said in that neck of the woods….Ayuh!

    So…There you have it Folks..Done. Be well, stay safe…and I’ll leave you with a little Interstate humor…An 18-wheeler full of wigs crashed and spilled over the I-95 earlier today…Police are still combing the area….And that’s all she RODE…🚗🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🤷🏻‍♂️They were told that if they kept to the MAIN ROAD, and MINUS any unforeseen circumstances, that they’d be able to avoid encountering the BABOON…but the guide wasn’t AWARE that that would DEFEAT the purpose of their trip…🤷🏻‍♂️

    🦍He wanted a BABOON costume, but wasn’t quite AWARE,
    That it wasn’t all that easy to find one here and there…
    So MINUS any drama, he’d start off with the side streets,
    And hope his quest would not be met with a total DEFEAT…
    He searched some stores…found kangaroos, a lion and a toad…
    But not what he was looking for…so back to the MAIN ROAD! 🦍

  3. Good morning Monday start of a new jumble week ! I loved it ! To start , I felt like a BABOON cause I just couldn’t get it ! and I’m not monkeying around ! I was not AWARE of how long I-95 was , wow ! There is no eastern U.S. state MINUS its path ! Todays jumble was not a DEFEAT ! I used to live in Boston and I’m familiar with the connecting states and the MAINE ROAD that runs through them ! Very fun and creative jumble ! The one song that travels first in my mind is 🎵 on the road again , I just can’t wait to get on the road again 🎵 Willie Nelson ! Everyone have a great Monday start of the week !!!

  4. These signs are pretty close to the ones we saw in today’s puzzle. I apologize for the clarity but it was 1am when I was out taking them! 😂

  5. It’s nice to be not too awfully challenged by the Jumble Masters…and today was just such a day. Everything was tidied up, a blind solve with anagrams included, very quickly. Driving in Maine was the big giveaway. It’s rewarding to have a confidence builder to start us out on a Monday. Enjoy your day !!

  6. This one has lots of shadow solutions. It’s a MAINE ROAD all right. The concept of an interstate in Maine is a ROMAN IDEA; i.e., all roads lead to Maine. Or maybe a MANOR IDEA; an interstate creates lots of developments. Maybe one of the people in the car is a ROMAN AIDE. Or maybe I-95 is a radio station, that is, I-95 is a RADIO NAME. And there IS such a radio station. WIXV, the I-95 station, is in Savannah, Georgia. That’s on I-95, too.

  7. Blind solve today. Must be Monday. Chamber of Commerce weather on the Great Plains with a high of 82. My traffic song would be by the band “Traffic” as in the “Low Spark of the Highheeled Boy.”

  8. I first saw FEATED for the fourth word, solved the puzzle, and got MAINE FORT. Since that didn’t make sense, I checked the MW dictionary, and found that they have feat, but not feated (past tense). I quickly then saw DEFEAT, and had the fortitude to find MAINE ROAD.

  9. Have never been to Maine but sped right through the puzzle this morning. Wishing you all safe travels today.

    • Good evening Betty. I mentioned this before I believe but I’ll say it anyway. Back in 1961 I was traveling with a few Navy buddies that like me that was recalled for the Cuban crises and stationed in Brooklyn “ Floyd Bennett Field“. Six of us had to go to Maine for a quick course in Morse code school. We traveled back and forth on the weekend to be home with family. It was in the winter and hunting season for Maine. They had signs posted every once in awhile that listed like 6 Deer Killed, 2 Hunters so far. Found it very odd to list the hunters with the deer. They wanted to let people know how dangerous hunting can be. Until later on this morning, take care.

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