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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…. 🍠 SWEET TALKIN’ YAMS! 🍠

    🎶 You TALK TOO MUCH you worry me to death?..You talk too much you even worry my pet…You just talk, talk, talkTALK TOO MUCH…🎶 “You Talk Too Much” – Joe Jones 1960 https://tinyurl.com/5ezrycp6

    🍠Two Farmers with their harvest, just going through the MOTION,
    Of sorting through the vegetables…but he swears there’s the notion…
    That while cleaning Sweet Potatoes, getting rid of MUDDY cover,
    He’s hearing time and time AGAIN the vegetable’s low mutter…
    No reason to REBUKE them, but he definitely finds it odd,
    That they’re having conversations after leaving the farm’s sod…
    But his wife she doesn’t hear them…so for her there is no clamoring,
    And she questions how it’s possible that these Yams could do some YAMMERING! 🍠

    With just the slightest blink at Rebuke, the Early Birds CROPped today’s words down to size in record THYME..And as for the solve? It couldn’t be any SWEETer! With the words “Sweet Potatoes” used in both our dialogue and our question…and the YAMS talking up a blue streak…it was definitely easy PICKins! These YAMS did a whole lot of YAMMERING! https://tinyurl.com/2p9evy6v

    Our cartoon? Looks like a farm stand or a produce department …Our couple wearing caps with the image of a smiling farmer (which may or not have ROOTS somewhere) potatoes in a bin at back, and our girl finding the onions aPEELing…But oddly enough there’s just one female yam in the bunch…I guess the sBUDS all stick together. And Jeff’s definitely PLANTED some pretty whimsical dialogue for these Yams…

    And there you have it Folks…Short and SWEET…and Done!…And I YAM calling it a day…🍠🙋🏻‍♀️

    …And how about we refrain from the “I yam what I yam” …That phrase’s been MASHED to death…🍠


  2. 👨🏻‍⚖️ The Judge couldn’t believe that they started their YAMMERING AGAIN over the lawyer’s MOTION, and as the waters grew MUDDY so to speak, he was forced to REBUKE them… 👨🏻‍⚖️

    🤷🏻‍♂️The kids got their shoes all MUDDY and then ran into the house,
    Their Mom forced to REBUKE them…not the first time she would grouse…
    The carpenter she hired forced to stop his work AGAIN,
    The whirlwind MOTION of the boys passing where he had been
    He sighed and figured what the heck as forced to stop his hammering…
    And took a break while the boys were chastised by the Mom’s YAMMERING! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Good morning thirsty-Thursday ! Another great jumble ! The anagrams were once again fun and entertaining , except for one and I’m gonna REBUKE it ! Couldn’t get it but the rest were once AGAIN headed in MOTION and not so MUDDY ! The jumble was there after I took out the ING and that left AMYREM , so I said ok what can come out of those letters that has something to do with potatoes . As soon as I saw the Y I saw YAMMER then the ING had a home ! Ok I’ll stop YAMMERING on ! Everyone have a great thirst-Thursday and remember “ I YAM , what I YAM !!!

  4. Foggy this morning along the Missouri River but had no problem seeing the anagrams or puzzle answer. I had puzzle solve blind and that helped me wth Rebuke. Now to set my work in Motion and not Muddy up the day Again with a needless Rebuke because I have none. I will offer an alternative to Angela’s song with “Happy Talk” by Rodgers and Hamerstein’s South Pacific.
    “Happy talkin’, talkin’, happy talk
    Talk about things you’d like to do
    You’ve got to have a dream
    If you don’t have a dream
    How you gonna have a dream come true?”

  5. Out of the starting box and hoping for a blind solve, I felt this was an ING word and YAM was a part of it. Didn’t quite know how YAM could be turned into such a long verb. Thought YAMMING was the answer but too short. I guess I sort of, kind of, whatever….added another couple of letters here and there and stumbled onto it. Alas, the anagrams proved me right. Thirsty Thursday makes me want another cup of coffee after all of that !!!

  6. Good morning. Had a good beginning but a lousy ending. No problem with the words but gave up rather quickly on the cartoon answer. Enjoyed your song choice Angela. Take care.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Tk you. Be well and stay safe out there..🍠🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Well of course the yams will yammer
    (No doubt with impeccable grammar)
    But savoury or sweet
    They’re such a treat
    That folks for more will clamour!

  8. No problem with words or puzzle answer today. Happy Thursday everyone hope you all have a great day.

  9. 🍠 Potatoes so healthy and sweet,
    They thought they were in for a treat…
    So devil-may-care,
    But quite unaware…
    That they would be eaten…tout suite! 🍠

    🙇🏻‍♂️ He swears that he’s hearing some clamoring,
    And thinks it’s the yams that are yammering…
    But his wife calls his bluff,
    Saying she’s had enough…
    And she tells him to stop all his stammering! 🙇🏻‍♂️

    🍠 Uprooted and brought from the farm,
    The yams think…”Well this does no harm…
    We’re free amongst friends…”
    But alas, in the end?
    They’ve no idea there’s cause for alarm! 🍠

  10. Good “Rainy” morning friends !
    And “AGAIN” our jumble was pretty easy for me, my brain wasn’t “MUDDY” even though Molly woke me up at 4am to go out ! I did “REBUKE” her, but it didn’t do any good – her “MOTION” continued to whine (she whines instead of barks when she needs to go out), she is something ! When she wanted back in we were “YAMMERING” at each other – i was doing most of it, telling her, Molly, it’s too early go back to sleep ! !
    Anyway, she did help with the jumble !
    So until tomorrow – everone have a sunny day !

  11. Anagrams were a snap but even after seeing ing for the cartoon answer,not associating yams w sweet potatoes gave me reason to pause before solving it.

  12. REBUKE took a little effort. Forthe answer, it took a long time for me to find it. I didn’t make the connection of yams and sweet potatoes. Ugh.
    So today I got a REBUKE for AGAIN having a MUDDY brain, despite all the MOTION involved in trying to solve the answer. I’ll quit YAMMERING now.

  13. Clever puzzle this morning. Anagrams were an easy solve but had to ponder a bit before I came up with the Yam / Sweet Potato connection, which finally yielded “yammering”. Have a good Thursday all!

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