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  1. Good Morning, Everyone… ⛺️ FOR ALL IN TENTS AND PURPOSES…⛺️

    🎶 Let’s go to the HOP…Let’s go to the HOP (oh Baby)…Let’s go to the HOP (oh Baby)…Let’s go to the HOP…Come on, let’s go to the HOP…🎶 “At The Hop” – Danny & The Juniors 1957 https://tinyurl.com/4xzb87av

    🐰 I guess we become PLACID ‘bout rabbits most year through,
    When Easter’s gone there’s not a MONTH we pay them any due…
    It’s mostly “Easter” Bunny, the PREFIX sets the scene,
    It’s not like SPICY jelly beans that always can be seen…
    But here we see the forest creatures changing up their scampers…
    And who’d have guessed that bunnies would end up such “HOPPY” CAMPERS! 🐰

    So…Sunday was candy, Monday a race… Tuesday a staircase…today? Bunnies a pace!… I didn’t really inTENT for that to rhyme…but TBT, I completely lost my train of thought…and it just happened! Oh well…there’s no shame in the rhyming game!

    Ok…Today we find ourselves out in the forest, as morning has broken…We see Papa BR’ER, https://tinyurl.com/yurd38pj steaming cup of coffee in hand, after having just built a fire, greeting his wife, Mama BR’ER, and their son, Baby BR’ER. And we see his wife and their BOUNCING Baby BR’ER HOPPING around after their first night’s sleep in a tent…Did they sleep well? Yes. Are they rested? Yes. …And are they HOPPY? Oh, yes…they’re definitely “HOPPY” CAMPERS!https://tinyurl.com/4b8usbmf And if you didn’t see that one coming, with the campsite, the word “great” in the dialogue, “tent” in the question…and all the HOPPING going around…well…I think you need to turn in your Jumble card…’cause this one was HARE-ing you right in the face!

    Oh…I forgot to mention our words…As I live and BREED I just don’t know wHARE my head’s at this morning…Ok, tHARE all old favorites and were easy, breezy…And with that being said, LETTUCE WRAP this up…

    So…tHARE you have it Folks…Done…And unless you’ve never met HERBIVORE…(meaning me)…you know the drill…Be well..and stay safe out tHARE…🐰🙋🏻‍♀️


    • The word prefix and the word expire use the same letters! I chose expire and wasn’t able to make sense of the letters to get the right answers!

      • Hi David…The two words do have 5 letters in common, but saying they “use” the same letters doesn’t ring true. One has an extra E, whereas the other has the letter F. But of course by choosing EXPIRE it failed to give you the R needed for the word Campers and instead gave you an X…which just made it impossible to form a viable word…⛺️🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🔥The SPICY dishes were to have a PREFIX of “Hot”…but when the menus for this MONTH were printed , the staff became PLACID and failed to alert the printer…suffice to say there were no HAPPY CAMPERS amongst the diners…🔥

    🌶 He failed to dial the PREFIX, the call would not go through,
    He needed this MONTH’s order and he worried what to do…
    Accused of being PLACID, he had to get this right,
    The herbs for all the SPICY meals had to be on a flight
    Failure to get ingredients would definitely cause a damper…
    And he knew that his bosses would no way be HAPPY CAMPERS! 🌶

  3. Good morning Wednesday hop-day ! I’m gonna pat myself on the back cause I got all the anagrams and the jumble without cheating ! What a way to add to a fun jumble MONTH ! It left me in such a PLACID mood ! And just getting past Easter , we had one about some bunny rabbits ! Very exciting and SPICY ! You might want to PREFIX that to Easter holiday ! So the jumble had me picking out three words HARES , SCAREY and HOPPY , then after I saw the remaining letters , CAMPERS came making the rabbits HOPPY CAMPERS ! Great song Angela ! Everyone have a great Wednesday hop-day !!!

  4. I was searching high and low for some word to substitute for Tents, but obviously was going down the wrong rabbit hole. So I just sucked it all up and unscrambled the anagrams and soon found CAMPERS. That’s one of the best songs out of the 50’s and such a great dance number for all of our sock hops !!! What a driving, pulsating arrangement….no wonder parents didn’t like it.

  5. Rise and shine “HOPPY CAMPERS” !
    It’s still just a little to cold to go camping here but we can look forward to the day when the weather will be “SPICY” enough to spend time in our tents out in the woods, maybe next “MONTH” !
    This jumble was fun, I was able to get most of it right away – I love these jumbles ! So until tomorrow – everyone have a sunny day !

  6. I thought for sure the third word was EXPIRE, but the word had an F, giving me EXPIRF. Then I thought, was the newspaper goofing me up again? Yesterday it gave me an I instead of an L. Was it now giving me an F instead of an E? But then I found PREFIX. I then looked for HAPPY but that didn’t give much except HAPPY MR. SCOPE, nothing with a 7 letter word. Eventually I tried HOPPY and it worked. I tried EXPIRE instead of PREFIX and again no 7-letter word, only HOPPY CAMP SEX.

    • I also saw expire at first overlooking the F.Then was stumped by the cartoon,not relating tents to camping.A Wed strikeout.

  7. Today’s Jumble proved a little more Spicy than in a Placid week and perhaps a Prefix to the rest of the Month. I saw “Hoppy” Campers pretty quickly and now to work. Hoping for a good drench of rain on the Great Plains this week. Great song, Angela! “Well, you can rock it you can roll it
    Do the stomp and even stroll it at the hop!”

  8. Good morning. I bombed out on both ends today even though the cartoon answer was pretty easy. I had jump stuck in my head and never thought of Hop. I had to look up prefix because I had perfix and didn’t see that all I had to do was reverse the e & r. Looks like my blueberries failed me today. You brought a big smile on my face Angela with your song choice of Danny and the Juniors. Enjoyed the blast from the past. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Always HOPPY to give you a smile! Be well and stay safe out there…⛺️🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. We(e) bunnies can’t stop hopping
    We with the ears a-flopping
    Camping’s the life for us
    No question, no fuss
    As in and out of the tent we go popping!

  10. 🐰Bunny rabbits, first time in a tent,
    And it’s looking like quite the event…
    Seems all three they slept well,
    And just how can we tell?
    It’s the hopping…makes quite the ascent! 🐰

    ⛺️In the forest a tent we see pitched,
    And things went off with nary a hitch..
    We see Ma, Pa and Boy,
    Latter two jump for joy…
    Looks like camping their lives will enrich! ⛺️

    🐰 Rabbits “hoppy” to try something new,
    In a tent they’ve chosen to pursue…
    Sleeping inside not out,
    And proven beyond doubt…
    That this camping again they shall do! 🐰

  11. Hopped right through the anagrams and cartoon answer this morning. I think I still have an old 45 record of “At the Hop”. It’s a great song. Happy Wednesday all!

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