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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…


    🎶 Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living…Barely getting by, it’s all taking and no giving…They just use your mind, and they never give you credit…It’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it…🎶 “9 to 5” – Miss Dolly Parton 1980 https://tinyurl.com/3rsajnsx

    🪙 The U.S. Mint no stranger here, we’ve seen it many times,
    We’ve dabbled in its word play, be it paper or thin dimes…
    But here today with PRONG for one, and MOMMY for another,
    I see no way I’m cashing in…I’m crying out…”Oh, Brother”!
    No way to EXCEED puzzles past, whose rhymes I found sublime,
    The words just don’t blend well at all with working overtime…
    And HYMNAL? More wing and a prayer…it’s hard here to be punny…
    Let’s just use David’s play on words…Employees MADE MORE MONEY! 🪙

    So…I’ve noticed that except for Monday, our last four puzzles have dealt in one way or another with employment. I don’t know if David’s consciously taken this POSITION, but it does seem a bit quirky, IMO. Maybe it’s his shout-out to our country (hopefully) doing its best to get back to “normal” work-wise. “Normal”, normal though? I think the jury’s still out on that one…

    Ok…NEW MONEY…And our words? Nothing to WRITE home about, to re-COIN a phrase. They were all easily deciphered in an easy, breezy EXCHANGE of thoughts amongst the Early Birds..I did hear a few old “MOMMY Dearest” jokes, but apPARENTly that was to be expected, since it’s always been a favorite movie amongst most of them. And you “HANGER”😉 ‘round with these guys long enough, it’s inevitable…Anyway, I diPRESS…I mean digress…But the solve? Our dialogue…”I can use the EXTRA CASH”, “Time and a half” (from the man in the $ cap)…? Plus our cartoon showing the processed coins being dropped into the bin after being MADE? Take it to the BANK, Folks…HEADS or TAILS, the employees…MADE MORE MONEY…as they https://tinyurl.com/5f2rmvta MADE MORE MONEY!

    And does that coin being held up by the man at left bear a resemblance to Jeff? I might not bet my MONEY on it, but it is worth a ROLL of the DIE!

    So…There you have it Folks…Done! Be well, stay safe…And did you know that the U.S.Mint plans to stop the production of pennies next year?… https://tinyurl.com/2p8v925x I don’t know why though…it just doesn’t seem to make any CENTS…🪙 🙋🏻‍♀️

    And a Blessed Holy Thursday to all those who observe..✝️

  2. 📘 The always energetic Church committee, dubbed the “MOMMY Tsunami”, once again managed to EXCEED all expectations with their HYMNAL sale, and MADE MORE MONEY than the year before, as they were PRONG…(sorry, typo..I meant prone) to do…📘

    👿👼🏻 He drew a devil’s image…the pitchfork’s middle PRONG,
    Was crushed beneath an Angel’s book that showed lyrics of songs…
    He thought he did EXCEED this time, this HYMNAL cover grand,
    But were his MOMMY still alive, I doubt she’d understand…
    She always thought him avant-garde..and surely she’d say…”Honey…
    Stick to tradition so that you can say…I MADE MORE MONEY”! 👼🏻 👿

  3. Good morning thirsty Thursday ! This week is just like last week ! I’ve been able to solve both the anagrams and the jumble without using a PRONG ! I should sit down and write a song and put it in a HYMNAL ! Here’s to my MOMMY , God bless her soul ! So I’m going to EXCEED ahead and when I wrote down the letters, the first word that came to me was MONEY and then I tried MADE and then came MORE and it said that’s it ! You MADE MORE MONEY ! One song that grabbed me was 🎵go on take the money and run ! Ooop ooop , come on take the money and run ! 🎵everyone have a great thirsty Thursday ! And I love Dolly Parton !!

  4. It was a quick solve this morning, although just semi-blind….thought that first word had to be a verb and maybe MADE….but then left that thought process, quickly unscrambled the anagrams and put it all together. Great song choice this morning…and also a fine movie with clever plot. Yes, onward we march to Easter Sunday.

  5. It’s a beautiful day ! I hope you are all experiencing sunshine and warmth ! This jumble was great and Angela I loved the movie 9 to 5, Miss Dolly, Miss Lily and Miss Jane made quite a comedic trio ! I also thought of “Show Me The Money” with Tom Cruz, when I got the jumble “MADE MORE MONEY” !
    Our “MOMMY” is playing piano from her “HYMNAL” in heaven, I so miss hearing her play ! “PRONG” was the third part of my jumble adventure as I “EXCEEDed” my expectations in solving this puzzle today !
    Until tomorrow, have a sunny day and God bless you all on this solemn day !

  6. After hesitating with HYMNAL( a new word for me) I quickly solved the jumble. It would be nice if we could all make more money like our government!

  7. Sounds like we’re all in the money this morning Jumble wise. Easy solve of the anagrams and cartoon answer. Wishing all of you a happy day.

  8. Late post today Angela – I am doing as much teaching as I can and getting set up for the day starts very early with online attestation of fitness (health) to work and then attention to the minutest details to ensure we keep covid at bay for the entire day!

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