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  1. Good Morning, Everyone 💼 HIGHER EARNING? 💼

    🎶 You know your love (your love keeps lifting me)…Keep on lifting (love keeps lifting me)…Higher (lifting me)…HIGHER AND HIGHER…🎶 (“Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher” – Jackie Wilson 1967 https://tinyurl.com/2p8uk2rf

    💼 Employment saw a lot of change since the pandemic hit,
    Like HURRY and get nowhere… as people tried hard to fit…
    Some green as an IGUANA, could have their pick of jobs,
    No longer were our offices filled with the working mobs…
    Was hard to see just what we’d YIELD, the country in turmoil,
    Production in a lot of ways thin like a blouse of voile…
    You could be boss-worker…(The HYPHEN) so unclear,
    ‘Cause mostly it was bodies that the companies needed there
    The Battle Cry a new one…”There’ll be no threat of fire…
    Come work for us, right now we need to just “HIRE” AND “HIRE”! 💼

    Hmm…So we seem to be taking another FLIGHT of fancy into the JOB market again this morning, just as we were on Sunday. And today’s puzzle is right on point…(yes, a little nod to yesterday’s puzzle too!), since our unemployment rate has seen an appreciative decline… https://tinyurl.com/3dszkww7 …And considering that these puzzles are submitted at least six weeks in advance, I’d say David’s definitely TAKEN A LEAP of faith, while doing a great JOB keeping things on trend…

    So…once again today we need no OVERTIME solving our puzzle. Between the dialogue…”Jobless claims…all-time low”, “ready to start my new job”, and the extremely leading nature of our question, complete with quotation marks…not to mention the obvious GRAPHic shown alongside the news reporter…this one put us in the perfect POSITION for an automatic solve. More people get HIREd…the unemployment rate drops…And “HIRE” and “HIRE” for the win!

    Jeff’s Gems? If you look real closely, you can see little pompoms at the back of the woman’s no show socks. Whimsy. But what piqued my interest was her statement, “We’ll see how long it can last”. I can’t help but wonder…Is she referring to the the news report, or her husband’s ability to hold down a JOB? Just a thought…but maybe this guy needs to set his sights HIRE and HIRE? We may never know…

    So…There you have it Folks..Done. Have a good one. Be well, stay safe…and I was thinking of making a joke about unemployment, but I changed my mind…It might not WORK! 💼🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 💽 It was amusing how mondegreens were out in full force when the ad agency’s YIELD of two past hits was posted as “IGUANA Hold Your Hand”, and “HIRE (HYPHEN) HIRE”…and the DJ had to HURRY to make corrections to both on the show’s posters…💽

    ➖The studying of HYPHEN use was done in too much HURRY,
    (I’m leaving the IGUANA…since its meaning here too blurry)…
    The teacher’s YIELD?…His blood pressure made him feel all afire…
    He’ll try another tactic…raise his sights HIGHER AND HIGHER…➖

  3. Good morning ! We came down to West Virginia at a resort for some anniversary time , didn’t have much time to do the jumble , but looked at it and got the words except IGUANA , the jumble was very thought out ! Everyone have a good day !

  4. Back in the Jumble saddle today and it was an easy ride. Paper arriving late to work from now on so I have to pull up the E-edition but the bigger letters seem to help. I even guessed Angela’s very good song pick! Storms rolling in on the Great Plains today. Hoping everyone stay’s safe.

  5. I took a quick look at the cartoon puzzle and kinda thought “high” might be part of it….then didn’t pursue that angle and went straight to solving anagrams. IGUANA not difficult as it seems we’ve seen it several times in the past. With anagrams complete and the obvious AND taken out, an easy solution followed. We’re supposed to get some rain today too…hope that happens.

  6. Yes, the signs that say “We’re hiring”
    Are really quite inspiring
    Seems there are jobs now for all
    Let’s hope no freefall
    And folks can stay ’til they think of retiring!

  7. Good morning Jumble friends, Wow this puzzle came to me right away. Actually before the words, then as I tackled the words, IGUANA became a tuff one and as I checked when it was last used, only alittle over a year ago, and since I hadn’t started doing the jumble until afterward – so no wonder I couldn’t get it right away – but watch out next time it’s used, I should get it right away !
    Have a sunny day everyone – until tomorrow – God bless you all !

  8. One of the easiest ones I’ve every solved. Had the 4 jumbled words in about 2 minutes and the answer in 3.

  9. Easy breezy Tuesday puzzle. Lots of “Help Wanted” signs in these parts these days. Wishing you all a good day.

  10. Good evening. Another solid victory for me today. Not much difficulty even though the last two words were not that easy to get. Breezed through the cartoon answer. Enjoyed your song choice Angela. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Hi Paul. Tk you. Hoping you’re staying well and safe too…💼🙋🏻‍♀️

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