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  1. Good Morning, Everyone 🐒MONKEY SEE…MONKEY RUE!🐒

    🎶 Well me patience run out and I’m telling you sure…Tomorrow I’m going show dat MONKEY de door….And if he don’t leave I’m inviting you….To me house for dumplings and MONKEY stew…🎶 “ Monkey” – Mr Harry Belafonte 1961 https://tinyurl.com/9jpma4v7

    🐒 We see a LANKY giraffe, a lion and a gnu,
    The SIGHT of the hyena, where no laughing will ensue…
    These monkeys that have gathered here, who chose to swing and PRANCE,
    Do nothing for this soirée…they’re presence doesn’t enhance,
    And the others CLAMOR to end it, they’ve definitely had their fill…
    Of the obnoxious behavior of these PARTY ANIMALS! 🐒

    Well Folks, it looks like we’ve done it! Third day in a row with all new anagrams! Be still my heart! And except for MACROL , which caused a bit of NOISE amongst the Early Birds, they all CLAMORed to sew this one up in no time…Because the solve? More fun than a barrel of MONKEYS!

    So…The Jungle. And a fete that soon turned to regret. The Monkeys…giving all new meaning to ANIMALS looking to break loose and SWING a little at a PARTY. Spilling drinks (from red Solo cups!)…along with their hijinks…Giving that poor Macaw a reason to squaw..I mean squawk…Giving the Lion reason for cryin’…Giving the Gnu to say trouble’s a brew…Giving the Giraffe no reason to laugh…Giving the Hyena…Uh..Ok, I’m done. Anyway, bottom line…The monkeys were PARTY ANIMALS. (A person who enjoys going to parties and drinking a lot of alcohol and behaving in a loud and wild way)….But not exactly the PRIME MATES you’d like to have at yours…

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, stay safe…and I’m pretty sure the next time these monkeys go looking for a beer, they’re just going to have to visit the Monkey Bars! 🐒🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🦒 The SIGHT of the LANKY giraffes as they began to PRANCE caused quite a CLAMOR amongst the onlookers, and they quickly were dubbed PARTY ANIMALS…🦒

    🕺🏻 The man was very LANKY, and when he chose to dance,
    The SIGHT of all his awkward moves were much more of a PRANCE…
    The silliness causes a CLAMOR…it would go down in the annals…
    He definitely gained the name of the #1 PARTY ANIMAL! 🕺🏻

  3. 🐒 Jungle fever has taken its grip,
    And these monkeys their lids they have flipped…
    They’re just boisterous and rude,
    And they’re acting so crude…
    All the time thinking that they’re so hip…🐒

    🦒 See our animals in their own bubble,
    But these monkeys are just bringing trouble…
    Social butterflies not,
    And it looks like they’ve got…
    The area resembling hubble! 🦏

    🐒 Spilling drinks and just acting the fool,
    These two monkeys are definitely not cool…
    Others were having fun,
    ‘Til their antics begun…
    And they’re breaking all etiquette’s rules! 🐒

    🙈 Acting childish stirring the pot,
    As to welcome…these monkeys are not…
    Party animals? Please…
    Their behavior? Just jeez…
    They’ve got all the others feeling fraught! 🙈

    🍹We see tropical drinks on display,
    At the end of a typical day…
    But the monkeys don’t cling,
    To their drinks as they swing…
    And it’s all to the others dismay! 🍹

  4. Good morning Saturday ! It’s the weekend ! I just couldn’t see a connection with the jumble ! I mean monkeys , social gatherings ( party ?) , swinging from a vine , and hitting the giraffes head ? To PARTY ANIMALS ! I was looking for more of a connection ! Anagrams were ok , but I was making a CLAMOR to get that one ! I liked the cartoon I , but just didn’t see a connection ! It was out of SIGHT so I’m gonna PRANCE out of here ! Everyone have a great weekend !!!!

    • Wishing you the same,Jim….But just a side note. It wasn’t the monkey that hit the giraffe’s head, it was his spilt drink…🐒🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Yes , you’re right , but I still didn’t see a cartoon or phrase connection ! Have a good weekend !

        • What is a party animal? …A person who enjoys going to parties and drinking a lot of alcohol and behaving in a loud and wild way….
          Hope you have a good one too, Jim! 🐒🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Something happened to my letter counting today and I missed out on the puzzle answer. It was pretty much close by, but putting a red check mark next to my performance this morning. Anagrams accomplished quickly, but took a long pause on CLAMOR. Saw letters for ANIMAL, but somehow counted wrong and left the S off, and when I placed it next to the others, couldn’t figure out a word with PSART and who knows what happened to the “Y” ?? Better luck tomorrow. Have a great Saturday.

    • I also get caught in careless mistakes — so if it isn’t a blind solve and I will need some patience, before I proceed, I let my left-hand brain take over and double-check my circled letters — and sometimes check that I’ve got the correct words before tackling the solve.

  6. Good morning. Like most, I had a slight hitch on clamor but not enough to make it on the hit parade. I passed it and came back after prance and got it the second time. After a minute or so and staring at the cartoon letters, Party appeared and the remaining letters gave me animals. First time hearing that novelty song. He knocks them out of the park. Enjoyed his acting as well. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Well done, Paul. And I agree, Mr Belafonte has a beautiful voice. Be well and stay safe out there…🐒🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Good “suppose to be Spring” morning, but here the forecast is 3 to 6 inches of snow- “when will it end?”
    The words were hard for me especially CLAMOR and PRANCE, but I was able to finish it, so until tomorrow – and have a “sunny” day !

  8. No monkeying around here this morning. Slight pause at clamor but other than that everything swung into place nicely: social event / party too clever. We’re due for some actual rain here the next two days. Keep your fingers crossed that it actually appears. ☔️ 🤞

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