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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…🥗 WEIGHING ALL THE BODS 🥗

    🎶That’s LIFE..I tell you, I can’t deny it…I THOUGHT OF QUITTING, Baby..But my heart just ain’t gonna buy it…🎶 “That’s Life” – Mr Frank Sinatra 1966 https://tinyurl.com/2s3h253r

    🥗 Her New Year’s resolution was to make her health come first,
    She wanted to AWAKEN better ways to quench her thirst…
    And better ways to eat…although it did BAFFLE her spouse,
    He claimed she served him “HYBRID” meals and he started to grouse…
    “This salad tastes like GRAVEL, and you’re starting to IMPEDE,
    The joy I get from eating…with you serving me bird feed”…
    Determined as she was she said…”It’s a WINDOW all anew,
    And better eating habits benefit both me and you…”
    So she eats out with her friend now, she’s not only a housewife…
    He’s free to cook and she’ll stick with this brand NEW “WEIGH” OF LIFE! 🥗

    With no new words, our puzzle today brings us just one repeat anagram from 2020, VLAREG. And the only one that caused a few of the Early Birds to WEIGH in with one another, was AWAKEN, since 2 of them saw Weaken. The solve? I had it automatically…but I WEIGHTED to see what they’d say…And lickety-split the common phrase…”New lease on life” was thrown out there…but I quickly WEIGHED in, asking them why would the word “lease” be in quotes?…And immediately they saw it was a LOST cause…But it didn’t take long for them to see the error of their WEIGHs! Between the dialogue…”looking great” “”changed my DIET”…”exercise”, together with “exercise-ing” repeated and “lower calorie” in our question…there was no disCOUNTING what David was DISHing out with this one…Our girl wanted a …NEW “WEIGH” OF LIFE!

    Our cartoon…Salads on the menu for our girls, FITting…And the one looking to enCOUNTer better days is wearing a T-shirt bearing the Jumble J logo. But what really whet my APPETITE, was the restaurant’s chairs. If you look closely, you can see that there’s a little twist at the top of them…they’re those vintage wrought iron Parisienne chairs. https://tinyurl.com/363a4m67 A great touch..I’ve alWEIGs loved those chairs…

    So…There you have it, Folks…Done. Be well, stay safe…And if you’re anything like me, that Quarantine Fifteen is still trying to win out…But lately I’ve noticed that I’m not really all that hungry most of the time, I’m thirsty. So I’ve taken to drinking a pitcher of margaritas…and you’d be surprised at how much better I’ve started feeling…🍹🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🪴 Determined to begin a NEW WAY OF LIFE, she sat staring out the WINDOW at her garden, and thought that the article she’d read did BAFFLE her a bit when it alluded to the fact that HYBRID plants might IMPEDE the growth of her others…and it did AWAKEN the concept of rethinking her layout…but right now though she needed to concentrate on replacing all the faded GRAVEL…🪴

    💨 To AWAKEN hearing broken glass, did BAFFLE her for sure,
    She glanced out of the WINDOW, and then she checked the door…
    She saw some windswept GRAVEL, and her HYBRID plant was tossed,
    ‘Twas not enough to IMPEDE things…though some time would be lost…
    Determined not to let it get to her and cause some strife…
    She shook it off…She’d live up to her calm NEW WAY OF LIFE! 💨

  3. Good morning Sunday jumble ! Wasn’t gonna stay up and put my comment in , but i got a call from family in California, and I’m up now so I’ll put it down ! I always get pre-tired when I start , because of six anagrams, but I got through them and had enough energy to look at the jumble , but I had to cheat a little , then gonna get some rest ! It was a Sunday good one though , so everyone have a great Sunday and start a “ NEW – WEIGH – OF – LIFE !!!

  4. Pretty normal Sunday morning, without too many twists and turns, except those of my making. No blind solve, although I did think OF LIFE might end the cartoon puzzle. Speedily unscrambled the anagrams and thought BAFFLE might be BEFALL (isn’t that a word??) Made a small typo and took an R out of HYBRID instead of an I, which left one wrong letter for WEIGH…Marsha pitched in, though, saw my mistake and corrected it for the right answer. After all that, wondered what song could Angela come up with?? Nice choice !!! Another lovely Sunday and I’ll be out working my last day at the Dell WGC golf tournament (on Hole #10). See you on Monday.

  5. Good morning. The first word Impede was the last one I got. The rest was straight down without going back to solve. The cartoon answer took a little time to get because I added a B in the group of letters. Once I double and triple checked for the correct letters I was able to get the outcome. Old blues eyes song fits perfect Angela. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  6. Weighing in on the Jumble this morning (not the scale), anagrams were solved easily as was the cartoon answer. Good song choice as always Miss Angela. Wishing everyone a good Sunday.

  7. What a fine, chilly, snowy morning on March 27. When oh when will Spring be sprung ? Soon, I know, before we know it !
    I was “AWAKEN” early this morning by my sweet Molly who is a “HYBRID” breed of swiss mountain dog, she’s a beauty, she peeks in the “WINDOW” when she’s ready to come in. It’s “A NEW WEIGH OF LIFE” having a puppy again – but it’s a true joy ! As far as the jumble the cartoon was great and pretty easy to solve, although I had trouble with hybrid, but tomorrow’s another day, so for today everyone have a sunny day !

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