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  1. Good Morning, Everyone 🏔ANDES TOO SHALL PASS! 🏔

    🎶 Ain’t no mountain high enough…Ain’t no valley low enough….Ain’t no river wide enough…To keep me from you, Babe…🎶 “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” – Miss Diana Ross 1970 https://tinyurl.com/mrne6nde

    🏔 We’re looking at these FRESH-faced kids, all eager just to learn,
    About the Andes region: IMPORT, export, each in turn…
    They’ll study a small COLONY… see if there is a GLADE,
    And hopefully they’ll listen well…earn themselves passing grades…
    There’ll be talk of the dollar and the peso…but no copecks…
    Just as the little boy says…it’s a lot, this RANGE OF TOPICS! 🏔

    Having just been in a classroom ten days ago, today we find ourselves back there…studying World Geography this time though, not Math. Hmm…SUM one definitely has education on his mind… https://tinyurl.com/3bpkwmjs But SUM thing about the puzzle kept gnawing at me, giving me a little CHILE, I mean chill…It was the map…and sure enough, last month, February 19th, we were in a classroom studying the Andes… https://tinyurl.com/4vbc46bb Weird how these puzzles stick with me…ANDES good to know that my memory hasn’t totally gone down SOUTH…

    Our anagrams today, as yesterday, are a split decision. And with a little quirky twist, the repeats have an AMAZING SPAN between them. Where ROMPIT was just seen in January, DELAG goes wayyyyy back to 1961! Yes, you’ve read that right…1961. Where has it been all this time? That’s one heck of a TREK! But it was COLONY that had two of the Early Birds CLIMBING the walls this morning…And I’ve definitely heard my fill of anatomy jokes… But it didn’t take them a BRAZILian years to figure it out. The solve? The Andes, https://tinyurl.com/2p95ktzd the longest continental mountain range in the world, of COURSE automatically brought the word RANGE to mind… ( I was never big on World Geography, but I do remember the HIGH points of the subject) and the teacher’s dialogue citing “people, customs and history” easily gave up TOPICS. The students needed to study a RANGE OF TOPICS…And PERUsing our cartoon, we see a native woman holding an ear of corn, a pair of llamas, and a village.

    So…There you have it. Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, stay safe…And with today being the Ides of March..let’s hope there won’t be any cutting remarks! 🔪🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Being in the IMPORT business, they covered a wide RANGE OF TOPICS when they arrived at the small COLONY, but they never thought they’d spend so much time discussing GLADE FRESH air fresheners…🤷🏻‍♂️

    🏝 They strolled throughout the COLONY, the air was crisp and FRESH,
    They stopped at a small leafy GLADE, whose trees looked made of mesh…
    Their conversation’s IMPORT ‘bout vacations in the tropics…
    Took center stage amongst the day’s vastly wide RANGE OF TOPICS! 🏝

  3. Good morning taco-Tuesday ! Wow that seems to come so fast anymore, it’s taco time ! The anagrams were FRESH from the GLADE ! After I did an IMPORT on that one , I headed over to the COLONY of trees ! The jumble had my brain high in the mountains and I saw Grafic , Spot , Point , and On , but it wasn’t there , so I had to take a peak and that got me in a RANGE OF TOPICS ! I couldn’t see a connection, its one of those days ! Great song Angela ! Well everyone have a yummy taco-Tuesday !!!!

  4. The writer’s Colony was able to Import a Fresh outlook by holding seminars in a nearby leafy Glade. They discussed a Range of Topics. Spring springing in the hinterlands. What else do you need?

  5. No blind solve today…..I was fairly perplexed by it all. But speedily unscrambled anagrams and the solution came right away. So all in all, a good day in Jumble town. Good song, Angela, but for me, I will be singing “Gonna Build a Mountain” from Stop the World throughout the day. Hope someone gets to enjoy a taco !!

  6. Good morning. I was able to get the first three words lickety split but took twice as long to come up with Import. The cartoon answer eluded me so to cheer up I went to see what Angela’s gem for today was. I wasn’t disappointed. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  7. Though these students are faced with a climb
    Teacher knows they are all in their prime
    From summit to base
    Andes’ life they’ll embrace
    And get to the top in good time!

  8. Anagrams were a quick solve even colony.Of was an obvious quick solve for the 2 letter word as was topics,followed eventually by range.

  9. Like Paul, IMPORT took the longest for the anagrams. For the answer, I was clueless until I looked at the drawing again and noticed the teacher ‘pointing to the Andes, and RANGE of mountains popped out. The rest was easy.

  10. Had to put on my thinking cap 🧢 for the cartoon answer this morning. The only word that was obvious initially was “of”. Kept studying the cartoon and dialogue and finally “range” came to mind. Am thinking of the song “Climb Every Mountain” from Angela’s favorite movie “The Sound of Music”. Have a good one all!

    • ROTFL! 👏🏻👏🏻! Ah…you know me so well! I needed the laugh! Wishing you a good one too, Betty! 🏔🙋🏻‍♀️

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