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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…


    🎶 And CANYON feel the love tonight?…It is where we are…It’s enough for this wide-eyed wanderer….That we GOT THIS FAR…🎶 “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” (with apologies to) Sir Elton John 1994 https://tinyurl.com/eytf87tt

    🏔 Wanting to DRINK in scenery, they climbed up to the top,
    Not too much WIGGLE room up there…lest someone take a flop…
    (Looks like KAZOO won’t make the cut, no need to be profound,
    It doesn’t fit the theme here…so I’ll toss it to the ground)…
    And speaking of…Here’s where I’ll stay, my bets I never hedge…
    I def PREFER the solid ground…forget PRIOR KNOWLEDGE!🏔

    So…Mountains yesterday, mountains today….Nice, I suppose…but for those of us who are very firm believers in the terra firma? Those of us who are VERTIGO, I mean VERTICALly challenged? Those of us who are satisfied enough with just a nice glossy Nat Geo picture?…Well, I just can’t help but ask…”What UP with that”? https://tinyurl.com/yckb2xys (A little something to LIFT our spirits)… Yes, it’s true that David and the lovely Claire, his wife, love climbing those mountains…but…enough is the rough! …Grand Canyon or not…

    But, a little consolation…all new anagrams! And they were quickly SCALEd down to size…But our solve? Hmm…Were you thinking…”What UP with that”? …Oh, I did that already. Ok…Were you thinking…”I don’t get this”? Were you thinking…”Where’s the pun”?…Were you thinking that David DROPped the ball on this one? Au contraire, mes soeurs et frères! It’s brilliant! EDGY maybe, but brilliant!! Just study the dialogue. Just reread the question…Just think outside the ROCKS, I mean box… Obviously our couple has been here before. The dialogue from both of them includes the word ”remember”…And “KNEW” and RIM are in our question. They already (ie) PRIOR, KNEW about staying away from the RIM…the LEDGE. They knew all about the area…They KNEW the LEDGE…They had PRIOR KNOWLEDGE!! https://tinyurl.com/2p977a2p I don’t know about you, but this one?..You may have found it a thinker…but I think it’s a BUTTE! And it definitely soared to all new HEIGHTS!

    So…There you have it Folks, Done. Have a good one. Be well, stay safe..and as far as the Grand Canyon goes? I’ll stick with the CLIFF Notes! 🏔🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🥃 The KAZOO salesman, having no PRIOR KNOWLEDGE of his next client, said that he’d PREFER to take a break since he had enough WIGGLE room to stop for a DRINK before the appointment…🥃

    🤷🏻‍♂️ He’d much PREFER the saxophone, and not this old KAZOO,
    At least he had a color choice…and he went with the blue…
    Long time had passed since he would WIGGLE his way into joints,
    And have a DRINK, then play his horn…his ear always on point
    He thought back to the good old days with him just out of college…
    Playing again now bittersweet with this his PRIOR KNOWLEDGE…🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. 😱 When you’re standing so close to the edge,
    Whether calling it rim or the ledge…
    Watch your footing for sure,
    Despite scenic allure…
    Lest a horrible story be dredged! 😱

    🏔 They’ve climbed up to this point once before,
    And again made it the spot du jour…
    But they’re def paying heed,
    Going by memory’s lead…
    They’re not looking for a tale of gore! 🏔

    🤷🏻‍♂️Here they’re standing…it’s right at the peak,
    It’s the view that our couple does seek…
    But with ground that’s not stable,
    They know they’re unable…
    To get any closer to peek! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. Good morning Wednesday hump – day ! What a great mid week jumble ! I didn’t have a problem with anything . The anagrams were smooth and easy ! I was so happy , I took a DRINK of my pop and started playing my KAZOO ! There is nothing I would PREFER better than jumbles like this one ! And when I saw all the letters to solve the jumble , I didn’t WIGGLE at all ! The one word I saw first was KNOWLEDGE , so after I pulled those letters out , what was left was ORIPR . I said oh wow ! It’s PRIOR KNOWLEDGE ! Cause they knew before ( prior ) , about the ledge ( rim ) of the canyon ! Very good ! Everyone have a great Wednesday hump-day today !!!!

  5. Don’t think I would have put two and two together this early in the morning to equate RIM and LEDGE for the puzzle answer. So, truth be told, I canvassed the anagram letters for a few minutes, vainly searching for some kind of combination…until I saw PRIOR and took a chance on that. And then that made all the sense in the world, and quickly unscrambled the rest of the letters. Anagrams were easy which help out a bunch.

  6. Sailed through the anagrams only to get stuck on the puzzle solve. I couldn’t Wiggle off that cliff so I took another Drink of coffee, which I Prefer, and got out my Kazoo with the Prior Knowledge that It would annoy my co-worker. In the 70s here today. Good luck to all who have NCAA basketball brackets.

  7. No luck today. Although I thought of Edge and Ledge, that was far as I got. It still was a good mental workout. Wishing everyone a good day.

  8. Got stuck for a moment because I was sure GRAND would be the first word, but I made it my priority to solve it. 😎

  9. Unlike some climbers who hadn’t a clue
    (And over the ledge they flew)
    This pair treads with care
    We know they’re aware
    ‘Cause theirs is a case of déjà vu(e)!

  10. Good morning. I apologize for not seeing the simplicity of some cartoon answers by the hint left to solve. I guess I’m just too complex to see the trees in the forest. One of these days it’s gonna sinking in like Jim did today. As for the words, they were a breeze to get. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good morning Helen. During the summer once a week there is a group of around 10 women that practice together in the park. They have a band leader. To be honest it’s not fun to listen. They practice right by the bocce court so we have to. Take care.

      • Thank you Paul. I will have to listen to some kazoo music to get a feeling for what you suffer through!

        Poor Paul has to suffer through
        The sound of the wretched kazoo…… I won’t complete the limerick. Honest!

    • Only when I was lived in Kalamazoo ! I played the kazoo ! Seriously I’ve played it for all the kids growing up , then I had to go back to the piano and guitar !

  11. Apparently I was in good company in not being able to solve the cartoon, too many letters for me and I didn’t see the connection between rim and the ledge.Have a good hump day!

  12. I read the cartoon and guessed PRIOR KNOWLEDGE. I then unscrambled the words without a problem. I was surprised to discover that the answer was my guess. It must be Monday today.

    I’ve been to the Grand Canyon three times, including once on the north side, and hiked to the bottom once. It always is more impressive than the photos.

  13. No problem with the anagrams but couldn’t figure out the cartoon answer at all. Kept studying the dialogue but drew a blank. Really clever puzzle this morning. Hurrah to those Jumblers who figured it out. Happy Wednesday all!

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