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  1. Good Morning, Everyone… 🐎 THE WRITE STUFF 🐎

    🎶 DUKE, Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl…Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl…🎶 “Duke of Earl” – Gene Chandler 1962 https://tinyurl.com/4ryaj2uv

    🐎 In “True Grit” he played a Marshall, and Rooster was his name,
    He won himself an Oscar…though he already had fame…
    He spoke in such a manner, kind of clipped, slightly ABRUPT,
    Sometimes it took his voice alone…to have his fans erupt…
    While Westerns were his forte, and MYSELF not such a fan,
    I still enjoyed his acting..?which over up years did span…
    He’d FORAGE ‘round in his films…and he’d always seem to win,
    People felt him a COUSIN…they just took to him like kin…
    You’d see him ‘neath a WILLOW tree, he’d RESUME that old ploy…
    That he’d defeat his nemesis…the script…“WRITE” ‘EM COWBOY! 🐎

    The DUKE….And TBT, it was a ROYAL pain in the */(#! to get a workable rhyme fitting today’s theme with today’s words. But I ACTED it out the best I could…

    So, anagrams. Two old: MURSEE from 2016, and LWWIOL from 2019. And it was MURSEE that had the Early Birds crying for some…Well, TBH, that and SOCIUN…but I can’t think of a pun for that one…But as far as the solve went? With the word “script” mentioned in both the dialogue and the question? And Wayne and the movies being spoken about all screaming COWBOY?…There was no HORSE-ing around with this one… It was definitely “WRITE” ‘EM COWBOY! https://tinyurl.com/nef2r73p We weren’t SADDLED with this one in the EAST, I mean the WEST..I mean the least! …Ok. Giddy up…Let’s RIDE…

    Late 1960s, and we see the Duke, John Wayne, https://tinyurl.com/ynx3p3wu sitting with who I suppose is his agent, or perhaps Marguerite Roberts, the woman who wrote the screenplay for “True Grit”. Behind him we see posters of “Red River” at left, and what I believe to be “Die Cowboys” at right. …And the Duke’s looking over a new script, of course the aforementioned “True Grit”, https://tinyurl.com/mwe547ur since according to our female character, it has Oscar WRITTEN all over it…and that’s the only film role that won the Duke the award. On the desk lies another copy, where we can see Ms Robert’s name, and next to the Duke we see a steaming mug of coffee, and an ashtray with a lit cigarette amongst numerous butts. And if you look closely, you can see one in the left hand of the agent…And of course, the ”Giddy Up” REINS supreme…

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well…and stay safe out there…🐎🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🤷🏻‍♂️ He thought it very ABRUPT the way that his COUSIN refused to RESUME his FORAGE duties for the WILLOW trees…and I had to agree that I MYSELF found his comment of “RIDE ‘EM COWBOY” to be totally absurd…🤷🏻‍♂️

    👍🏻 He didn’t mean to be ABRUPT, but he could not RESUME
    Working ‘long side his COUSIN, feeling too much time consumed…
    He sat beneath a WILLOW tree, to FORAGE…he was done,
    And hoped his cousin would succeed at now finding someone…
    To take his place…his mind made up…the job goes on the shelf,
    And so he told his cousin…”This job’s just not for MYSELF
    I have to bow out, please don’t mind, you’re my best cousin, Troy…
    And I know that you’ll do just fine…Good Luck… RIDE ‘EM COWBOY”…👍🏻

  3. Good morning Sunday Funday ! Always a challenge on Sunday Funday ! But I actually solved the puzzle quickly ! The first word i thought of was WRITE because of the scripts they were doing . Then the letters that were left , l saw COWBOY and the two left were EM , and I said oh boy ! I mean oh cowboy ! So it was fun and I didn’t need to cheat . Now the anagrams were harder than usual . I had trouble with three of them . I had to FORAGE my way to get that one so I could RESUME to get that one , and then I had to call my COUSIN a to get that one , but I got the other three and was done ! Everybody have a great Sunday Funday and “ Ride em Cowboy “ !!!!!

  4. We wondered why John Wayne honored in today’s puzzle? Birthday? Anyway, first thought was WRITE, but gave up on that because we couldn’t find a play on words that made sense. Took another look at puzzle and letters when the apostrophe emerged, but didn’t connect that with WRITE…that was our loss for the day and would have produced a blind solve. Starting on the anagrams, RESUME and COUSIN were toughies, but after climbing that short mountain, all anagrams fell into place…and then we came back and saw WRITE after all !!! Lotsa giddy-up songs out there….will catch in a minute. Warming trend in the 70’s today

  5. Good morning. Like Jim I struggled with two of his three words that took time to solve but I took the easy way out and went right to the cartoon answer. Enjoyed your song choice Angela as well as the cartoon answer. Maybe if I wasn’t in such a hurry I would have gotten it after awhile. Oh well, time to move on. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  6. 👍🏻 When it came to the Duke and career,
    Mostly Westerns were where he’d appear…
    He just lit up the screen,
    In each scene after scene…
    And to movie fans he did endear…👍🏻

    🤦🏻‍♂️ Yes the man was known to have true grit,
    But at times he was devoid of wit…
    Some remarks that he made,
    Hardly would make the grade…
    In today’s world they just wouldn’t sit…🤦🏻‍♂️

    🐎 In the age of the Hollywood glory,
    John Wayne easily wrote his own story,
    He was box office gold,
    And he def formed the mold…
    About cowboys…even if it was hoary! 🐎

  7. Hi All – I had a hard time with the answer. Like Terry, it took me a while before I saw the apostrophe. Before that I was looking for a two letter word. Love the Duke song, Angela, but I’m thinking today about “Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys” after hearing about the death of Bobbie Nelson, Willie’s sister and bandmate.

    • Yes , it was sad about Willie Nelson’s sister and piano player for the band , I had the pleasure of meeting Willie when I worked for Wrangler, got to hang out with him and Waylon, never met Bobbie, but my condolences to Willie and the band ! Had to mention it , they were good people !

  8. Struggled with the cartoon answer this morning. I had “write” right away but didn’t see the apostrophe so that slowed me up. Put the paper down, came back to it, saw “cowboy” and the apostrophe and figured it out. Happy Sunday all!

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