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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well….

    🎶 DOCTOR my eyes have seen the years…And the slow parade of FEARS…Now I want to understand… Doctor…Tell me WHAT IS WRONG…🎶 “Doctor, My Eyes” – Jackson Browne 1972 https://tinyurl.com/f5pfrjpj

    🧞‍♂️With thoughts of Johnny Carson’s the Magnificent Carnac” *
    I couldn’t help but SIDING with those thinking Doc’s a whack…
    You’re worried ‘bout the way you feel, you’re looking for some aid,
    And here’s this guy upon his head what looks like a lampshade!
    Your nerves on edge, you’re feeling like a COOKIE…’bout to crumble,
    And here’s the Doc bringing up beets…as he sits there and mumbles?
    I think things could get MESSY, this guy seems like he’s a kook…
    Unless he’s right about the beets?…But it seems like a FLUKE
    The bottom line this poor guy’s sitting there all in suspense…
    Being treated to a floor show…from the Doc with the “SICK” SENSE! 🧞‍♂️

    * “Carnac the Magnificent” … https://tinyurl.com/bdfdc3vd. Whether or not you were a Carson fan or not, you have to admit these skits were very funny. And Ed McMahon definitely held his own. Together, he and Carson could easily make you laugh out loud. Two great entertainers…sorely missed…

    Ok. Our anagrams. Once again, we’ve three new ones today, with just SMYES having been DOCTORed up before. And it was just SIDING that caused a little ILL-will amongst the Early Birds. But as usual, they quickly RECOVERED. The solve? With our guy obviously being SICK, and the Doctor’s dialogue giving us “vision”, plus clairvoyant in the question = SENSE…? “SICK” SENSE it is! … https://tinyurl.com/yckwd9py …And it was hardly a bitter PILL to swallow…

    Our cartoon? The beets? Beats me…I have no idea what seCUREd that…But as I mentioned above, I’m definitely getting a Carnac vibe…Not just the turban, but also the way the Doctor’s holding a card up to his forehead, just as Carson used to do. In fact, if you look closely, take the mustache and the soul patch off the Doc, and the glasses off our patient…I think we’re looking at Carson and McMahon themselves, IMO. Here, take a look… https://tinyurl.com/mj8vjfr3 You’ll laugh…And right now, I think a laugh is just what the Doctor ordered… And just maybe this is who Jeff had in MIND all along…

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Be WELL…and stay safe out there…🧞‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🍪 She didn’t need a SIXTH SENSE to see that It wasn’t a FLUKE when the situation with the Aluminum SIDING quickly turned MESSY…and she tried offering some coffee and a COOKIE to calm them all down…🍪

    ⚓️ The anchor’s FLUKE was in the ground, so far things all looked good,
    They each sat with a COOKIE, resting now while they still could,
    They hoped nothing turned MESSY, with the SIDING of the ship,
    They already felt tired…with it still within the slip…
    But with that one guy nervous, they all felt somehow tense…
    He usually was right ‘bout things…he def had a SIXTH SENSE! ⚓️

  3. Good morning ! It’s Saturday and Mother Nature pretty much snow /flaked is ! Then it’s supposed to get up in the 60’s Tuesday and Wednesday of next week . I had a very interesting time reading all of yesterday’s comments . I’m not gonna say anything except I love my jumble family ! So today’s anagrams were not MESSY at all ! And one thing that’s fun to do while studying the words is have a COOKIE ! The combination of the doctor being clairvoyant and the customer feeling bad was not a FLUKE ! The word was right there and what was left made SENSE ! So what a SICK SENSE ! I just hope the big snowfall doesn’t come down and peel the SIDING off the house ! Well everyone have a wonderful weekend and the song choice and Carson and McMahon were the best !

  4. 🧞‍♂️With a Doctor who’s looking like this
    One may choose his advice to dismiss…
    He’s just making a guess,
    But trying to profess…
    That he knows exactly what’s amiss! 🧞‍♂️

  5. Somewhat of a blind solve in that some variation of SICK popped out along the easy to see “SENSE” in the puzzle. That was good because I struggled with SIDING and had to back that in. Angela, was that a typo?…..Johnny Carson’s CARMAC? Think it was CARNAC. Good song although not familiar with it, as I’m not with many in the early 70’s…but Marsha hummed along nicely. Cold front passing and warmer weather following.

    • Hi Terry. Tk you. And I typed it more than once too! I appreciate the heads up…Have a good one! 🧞‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. So he had a SICK SENSE. There are two meanings to that. Either one of his senses (hearing, eyesight) were diseased and he couldn’t use it well, or he had an ability to detect sickness. SICK is in place of SIXTH, which is one of the hardest words in English to pronounce, which is why it comes out SICK. The only word that is harder is SIXTHS, as in 5/6 (five sixths). Of course he could have a KISS SCENE. Maybe that happened after the clairvoyant diagnosis.

  7. Good morning. Pretty easy again today and just loved the cartoon answer like yesterday even though I didn’t get the blind solve. Thank you so much Angela for all the goodies you gave today bedsides the song choice. I had loads of laughs watching the Johnny Carson skit. He was enjoyable to watch. In my opinion the best of all of them. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul. YW, and Tk you. I’m glad you enjoyed it…Made me laugh too…Be well and stay safe…🧞‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. This doctor might just be a quack
    The way he’s talking right back
    Can he see through bones
    Know what’s causing the groans
    So could it be that he does have the knack?

  9. For those fans of Johnny Carson out there, I’d like to give an enthusiastic recommendation to ‘The Carson Podcast’, hosted by Mark Malkoff. Every week he interviews someone associated with ‘The Tonight Show.’ The guests range from the famous (Mel Brooks, Carol Burnett) to people who worked behind the scenes. A most entertaining and informative podcast.

  10. Good morning ! Can’t believe it – it isn’t a “FLUKE” – we got the “MESSY” snow again – over a foot of heavy snow with light lake effect to come ! What to do ? I know – i will make a “COOKIE” and then go check out if the snow did any damage to my “SIDING” !
    This puzzle coincides perfectly with what is going on here ! The jumble was really fun and the cartoon answer was great – I loved Angela’s memory of Johnny Carson’s -Carnac !
    My only joy is watching my 11/2 year old and 70 lb Swiss Mountain dog romp and play in it – she loves it !
    Stay warm and safe – God bless you all – until tomorrow !
    🙏🙏 Please pray for PEACE 🙏🙏

  11. Siding gave me a reason to pause but the rest was a quick solve even w the quotes around sick. Another note, Ed McMahon’s birthday was on Mar 6 , along w my Dad’s and the fall of the Alamo.

  12. Cute puzzle again this morning. Big Johnny Carson fan here. The Carnack skits were hysterical. Happy Saturday to all and don’t forget to “spring forward” tonight. ⏰

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