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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…


    🎶 BUY, BUY Baby…Baby GOOD BUY…BUY BUY Baby, don’t make me cry…🎶 “Bye, Bye, Baby (Baby Goodbye)” (with apologies to) The Four Seasons 1965 https://tinyurl.com/3rmjwv7z

    🚗 In the market for a new car, a coupe or a HATCH-back,
    It’s not something you do lightly…it’s not just “off the rack”…
    You do your research to the T…you GAUGE your options well,
    You don’t go in there blindly…just to hear some guy’s hard sell…
    There’s nothing MYSTIC ‘bout it, the bottom line is cash,
    You hope to get the best deal…without becoming brash…
    And God FORBID you blow it, if you fail to use your voice…
    You’ve no one but yourself to blame…since you went in “BUY” CHOICE! 🚗

    So…Just as yesterday, we’re once again today DEALING with two old anagrams and two new. THHCA was last seen, exactly as is, in February, and SCYMIT appeared last in 2016. And while none of them posed a problem, there was a pause amongst the Early Birds as they discussed Gauge, and “AU” vs “UA”…which if U get Ur solve with the letters, U definitely know caUsed a ripple…But aside from that “Pat can I BUY a vowel” scenario, the solve was easily DRIVEN home…

    Ok…Let’s get down to BUSINESS…We see today’s couple at a car DEALership…and they’re hot to got…They’ve got their eyes on the car they want, they’ve got all the technical details they’ll need to barter with, (they’re TECH savvy)! …and they’ve got what it takes to DRIVE home a hard bargain…So there’ll be no YIELDing here today…they’re DRIVEN…and they’re there “BUY” CHOICE! https://tinyurl.com/5cbysfbw Which leaves our salesman no CHOICE but to GO get the paperwork…’Cause even if he did have a spiel of a deal to wield…it DEF would have fallen on DEF ears!

    The Gem? Right there between the headlights…the Jumble “J” encircled in the square…Talk about DRIVING something home! 😉 https://tinyurl.com/mtyh6vb4

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, stay safe…And I’ll leave you with a little car dealership humor…A friend of mine got to the Nissan dealership just in the nick of time to buy a truck at a sales event…It was the Final Frontier…🚗🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🧙🏻‍♂️ Despite what the rules FORBID, she visited the MYSTIC BY CHOICE… in an effort to GAUGE what sinister plans the others might choose to HATCH up…🧙🏻‍♂️

    🐣 They waited for the eggs to HATCH, they tried to GAUGE the time,
    There was a MYSTIC sense about…excitement it did climb…
    There was no reason to FORBID the kids from having voice…
    They wanted to be there this time..and so they came BY CHOICE…🐣

  3. 🖥 In the market for a new set of wheels,
    And determined to garner a deal,
    They’ve used internet tools,
    There’s no way they’ll be fooled…
    To the salesman their research’s revealed! 🖥

    💵 Jumble Motors and they’re on the lot,
    Bases covered…nothing they’ve forgot…
    No wool over their eyes,
    So there’ll be no surprise…
    And they’re ready to buy on the spot! 💵

    🚗 Minds made up ‘fore they walked through the door,
    And our guy’s saying…”This one, for sure”…
    While our gal’s talking price,
    “Less 5 bills…or no dice”…
    And the salesman says…”Ok, it’s yours”! 🚗

  4. Good morning Wednesday hump-day ! The anagrams were really fun ! We have three dogs and sometimes they get a notion to chew everything , but certain things I FORBID ! They listen ok and I give them a treat to GAUGE them to be good ! One song that Suzie loves is “ Into the MYSTIC “ by Van Morrison . I karaoke that song whenever we go to a place that has singing and she loves it ! Well the HATCH was open for a good four anagrams ! The jumble was very well put together ! The first word I thought of was BUY and the letters left were definitely by CHOICE. I worked in the auto industry for 35 years in finance so it definitely came to a home ! Everyone have a great Wednesday hump-day and jumble on !!

  5. Nice, easy Jumble solve this morning…but needed the anagram letters to solve it. Anagrams speedily constructed and it all fell into place. The magic part of the morning was listening to Angela’s song choice…such wonderful harmonies atop the ski slope !!! What a great group. Thanks, Angela, for a great pick !!

  6. Some trouble with Forbid but it wasn’t too forbidding. I am no Mystic but I Gauge my day by how I Hatch the Jumble answers and I Forbid failure. It’s a test I do “Buy” Choice. The Four Seasons were definitely in the soundtrack of my youth. Still, I am going rogue and channeling “Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison. Snow bearing down on the Great Plains but it now appears it will hit mostly south of the O Town. C’mon Spring!

  7. Buy was a quick solve along w the anagrams,but miscopying the letters cost me the complete cartoon solution.

  8. Easy solve this morning. Not sure how many people are buying cars these days between the supply chain issues with automobiles and the price of gas. I heard on the news this morning that gas went up 13 cents a gallon here since yesterday. Think it’s around $5.60 a gallon. Worth every penny if it helps the folks in Ukraine. 🇺🇦.

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