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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…. 🔨NAILED IT! 🔨

    🎶 If I had a HAMMER I’d hammer in the morning, I’d HAMMER in the evening…All over this land…🎶 “If I Had a Hammer” – Trini Lopez 1963 https://tinyurl.com/y9w9skzk

    🔨 Like the keys on a PIANO, there’s the black and there’s the white,
    Like the furniture on a PATIO, that you hope remains upright…
    The hammers they made long ago, with heads that still don’t budge,
    Have lasted lo these many years…(and here’s where I dump SLUDGE…
    And HUMMUS too won’t make the cut…with both there’s need to bail)..
    But bottom line? The hammer works…because it’s TOUGH AS NAILS! 🔨

    We’ve one new anagram today, DLEGUS, and there’s some SCREWy information with TOAPI…It goes way, way back to 1962, and has been seen many, many times since then, last appearing in 2008.

    Our characters today appear to be a young boy and his Grandfather, who’s wearing a cap that reads “Sawdust Engineer”. And the cartoon definitely HIT home. We’ve had similarly themed puzzles, and I recognized both them and the solve right away. And with the NAILS being so prominent… in the Grandfather’s hand, lodged into the piece of wood…and the full box lying open…plus the dialogue alluding so STRONGly to the durability and longevity of the hammer, TOUGH easily came to mind as the familiar age-old idiom. TOUGH AS NAILS … https://tinyurl.com/y265k5ww Definitely NAILED it!

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, stay safe…and this puzzle reminded me of what a friend of mine recently went through. He’d gone to Home Depot to buy a new hammer, only to find that they were all out of stock. But the sales clerk told him not to worry…he’d just MALLET to him. Yep, HIT the NAIL right on the HEAD! 🔨🙋🏻‍♀️

    • 🎶I’d hammer out a love between my brothers and my sisters aaaaaaaall over this lanaaaaaaand 🎶

      Hello Angela and mellow greetings.
      Do you think our society is quickly rambling its way to those in the movies “Demolition Man” and “Idiotocracy?”
      Me? I’m Not Sure.

      Have a blessed day.
      Terry #2.

  2. 🎹 After cleaning up the PIANO on the PATIO which had fallen victim to the SLUDGE from the storm, they proved they were TOUGH AS NAILS, and relaxed dining on HUMMUS…🎹

    👍🏻 They all enjoyed the HUMMUS, as they now sat around,
    The PATIO well lit with lights…soft shadows did abound…
    PIANO music softly played…the memories of the SLUDGE,
    Were now all put behind them…an end to all the drudge…
    Welcome relief had finally come, the wind back in their sails…
    And they were proud that they had shown that they were TOUGH AS NAILS! 👍🏻

  3. Good morning and the weekend ! Get rid of this cold and come on spring ! Another easy solve today ! I’m sure that his hammer was TOUGH AS NAILS for that bird house . You’ve got to raise an eyebrow with what his cap says “ sawdust engineer “ in hopes that the birdhouse stays solid ! Maybe after he’s done with the birdhouse, he’ll start on the PATIO . Let’s just get rid of all the snow SLUDGE first ! So I’ll just fix me something to eat and spread on some HUMMUS , then I’ll play and sing a couple tunes on the PIANO ! This was a fun jumble , so everyone have a great fun and exciting weekend !!!

  4. I found this one TOUGH all right. I did come up with some interesting alternatives, especially GOATS IN HULAS. That would be a sight to behold. Maybe goats were dancing the hula while he was using the hammer years ago. Also HUMMUS may not be an ordinary word. Although I often have some, I did not learn the word until I was middle-aged. If I had a HUMMUS, I’d hummus on the piano all over this land (full of goats).

  5. I’ve had it year in and year out
    So you know that this hammer has clout
    It’s as tough as nails
    And it never fails
    Will it do the job – not the slightest doubt!

  6. Good morning. I hammered my way through this jumble and finally nailed it. Enjoyed the answer as well as the song. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul…Hammered and nailed! 😉👏🏻👏🏻! Glad you enjoyed it…Have a good one…Be well and stay safe. 🔨🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. On the “patio” was a “piano” that loved to be played, such sweet melodies wafted everywhere, until the rains came thundering down making a “sludge” out of the ground making “hummus” in the pots of plants needing released from the porch they were resting on – – along came that old hammer, “as tough as nails” that saved the old piano on the patio !
    WOW! Crazy story today – couldn’t resist. Puzzle was so fun making me think of silly stories – until tomorrow looking forward to what jumble will be !
    🌝 Beautiful sun shining for everyone to have a great day !

  8. 🔨He has owned it for so many years,
    It has seen him through blood, sweat and tears…
    Built himself a career,
    And it’s obviously clear…
    That this hammer does not have a peer! 🔨

    🔨Generations are here on display,
    And Grandpa he is showing the way…
    For his grandson to learn,
    Hopefully he won’t spurn…
    Lessons Grandpa learned back in the day! 🔨

    🔨It’s a hammer that never has failed,
    Came to projects…each one it has nailed…
    And it’s always enough,
    For this hammer is tough…
    Grandpa’s pride in it cannot be veiled! 🔨

  9. Nailed it this morning in record time. Great song choice as always, Angela. Probably not patio weather for most of you Jumblers but hope you have a good day nevertheless.

  10. Easy Jumble today, but was definitely not a blind solve. Thought the middle word would be “TO” and the answer might be something like “HARD TO BEAT”…but of course that didn’t fit…not enough letters. Each of the 5-letter words had 3 vowels…which can sometimes be tricky, but somehow those came to me in a flash. HUMMUS has a double consonant (2 M’s)…and double consonants often go in the middle of a word, with the 2 other consonants at the beginning and the end. It makes solving double consonant words easier…and it worked this time and NAILED it. Still cold and dreary in Texas. Looking forward to the Sunday Jumble. Have a great weekend!

  11. Now how did that happen…here it is 4:30 on Saturday afternoon, and was perusing the newspaper and found out…lo and behold, I somehow missed the Saturday morning Jumble. Going out soon so will throw this one to the wind and wait for the morrow. Song was right on, for sure !!!

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