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  1. Good Morning, Everyone… 🦍MONKEY SEE…MONKEY WOO!🦍
    🎶 JUNGLE LOVE, it’s driving me mad it’s making me crazy, crazy…JUNGLE LOVE it’s driving me mad…it’s making me crazy…🎶 “Jungle Love” – Steve Miller Band 1977 https://tinyurl.com/2p9yvbe3

    🦍We’ve all heard about “Monkey Love”, intense and somewhat crazy,
    And George here of the jungle, definitely shows he loves his Daisy…
    He’s learned how to APPLY himself to every whim of hers,
    He’s very STRICT with each and every EVENT that occurs…
    He loves her through all seasons…but with SUMMER they do sate…
    The love they both have for outdoors…George and his sweet “PRIME MATE”! 🦍

    Today’s puzzle brings us not just four new characters, but four new anagrams too…Yet they weren’t enough to throw a monkey wrench into things…Easily solved, with just two of the Early Birds pausing at STRICT. Maybe not even pausing…more like just scratching their heads a little……As for the solve? There’s a TROOP of clues…Gorillas are PRIMATES; the dialogue hinting at the exclusivity of Daisy’s standing…PRIME; the fact that the couple are MATES…no matter how you look at it…it’s a great pun and double entendre…And what more could we ask for?

    So…Gorillas in our Midst…maybe the KONGo…Three females..and George. And while the two girls at front, APE-Suzette at left and LOLAnda right, sigh over the perfect couple, we can definitely see that George only has sighs for Daisy. And as he offers her her favorite fruit, which I thought was an APEricot, but it’s probably a guava, there’s no being a monkey’s uncle here…He spends so much time with her because she’s his “PRIME-MATE”!

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, stay safe…And for all of us out there who share Amazon accounts with our significant others…I guess we’re PRIME MATES too! 🦍🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🦍 He thought to APPLY for the position of maintenance at the PRIMATE area for the zoo’s upcoming SUMMER EVENT, but decided against it when the restrictions proved to be too STRICT…🦍

    ⛪️ The Church thought to appoint him, effective come this SUMMER,
    But rumors ran amok because he marched to his own drummer…
    They worried that he might APPLY pressure and not relent,
    When it came down to how they’d usually handle an EVENT…
    Was he too STRICT compared to all the others on the slate?
    And would he be the ideal choice to serve as the PRIMATE? ⛪️

  3. Good morning ! It’s Friday start of the last weekend in February ! I’m so comfortable and satisfied with todays jumble anagrams ! They were such a welcome EVENT ! I didn’t have to APPLY a very STRICT thought process . They came nice and easy ! Plus I can almost see SUMMER trying to peak its head around the corner and I can’t wait ! As for the jumble , I went Ape over it ! When I saw the gorillas I thought there’s got to be words like love or mate . So I tried MATE and what was left was so PRIME ! There it was ! I wonder if the Ape said to her “ you are the Gorilla of my dreams “ everyone have a great start of the weekend !!!

    • Great comment Jimbo – you nailed it ! Molly was up at 3:30 because of the snow plows – then we went back to sleep and just got up to see your great comment ! Later Gater !

  4. Fun Jumble today and cute pun. Happy to see an easier day compared to yesterday’s PELVIS and DRIVEL. Got half of the Cartoon as a Blind Solve (MATE), and then PRIME popped out quickly. Had to pause a second on STRICT…but words with just a single vowel are usually pretty easy. Angela – great song; perfect fit! Hope to see it warm up in Texas over the next couple days. Have a great weekend!

  5. Joining other early morning Jumblers, today’s puzzle was a Blind Solve and easily unscrambled anagrams. Just love those words with only one vowel. NYT Mini Crossword done in 1:03…but try for less than a minute. And then there’s the Wordle….It’s a JUNGLE out there with all of these word games occupying our time. See you tomorrow.

  6. Good morning. Enjoyed the cartoon answer, very cute. Easy all around. Until tomorrow stay well and stay.

  7. Uu Ee Uuooaah aah – ting tang walla walla bing bang – Only monkey song I could think of on this snowy day ! Jumble was a joy today except for “summer” of all words – and today I pray Spring will Spring – I am all done with this snow !
    Stay warm and safe everyone – until tomorrow’s Jumble !

  8. The gorilla can only gape
    Love-struck at his paramour ape
    I know that you’re mine
    This love is divine
    And please don’t ever escape!

  9. ❤️A gorilla who’s so clearly smitten,
    That he acts just as soft as a kitten…
    George has given his heart,
    Love bug has done its part…
    Luckily Daisy’s also been bitten! ❤️

    🦍 While the other apes long for such love,
    Tinge of jealousy shows? Sure… sort of..
    Can’t be devil-may-care,
    When looking at this pair…
    Definitely fitting just like hand and glove! 🦍

    ❤️George found Daisy and gave up the search,
    And he’ll never leave her in the lurch…
    She’s his African Queen,
    And ‘round her he does preen…
    While he’s put her on pedestal’s perch! ❤️

  10. No monkeying around with today’s puzzle. Anagrams and cartoon solution came easily. Our weather has turned unseasonably cold for us this week. It’s 48 degrees this morning – nothing compared to you folks in the rest of the country but enough to dominate the weather report. Two weeks ago it was in the 70’s. Go figure!! Wishing all of you a good day.

    • Oh Wow!! It’s so good to hear from you, Mike and thank you so much for the lovely picture. It’s postcard perfect. No mushing through the snow here so I’ll enjoy your adventure vicariously. I hope you and your family are well and warm. Take Care.

  11. It’s so nice to check into the sanity of the jumble every day and enjoy the humour and wit always on display. In this worrisome world, the jumble is an oasis. We concentrate on just one thing!

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