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  1. Good Morning, Everyone….I hope this finds you well…

    1️⃣0️⃣ COUNT YOUR STRESSINGS? 0️⃣1️⃣

    🎶 NOTHIN’ from nothin’ leaves NOTHIN’…You gotta have SOMETHIN’ if you wanna be with me…🎶 “Nothing From Nothing” – Billy Preston 1974 https://tinyurl.com/bdjnswjn

    1️⃣ It seems lately that these numbers always appear to pout,
    The last few times we’ve seen them…I’ve taken in account…
    I think there’s an AGENDA, they’re all trying to OUTWIT,
    Each other for the highest spot…but chaos they commit…
    ( I’m trying to work HYPHEN in, it’s got me slightly stressing,
    I may just cut my losses…and instead just count my blessings)!
    GUITAR strings make sweet music, as long as one keeps pace,
    You’d think with all these numbers then they’d look once to save face…
    Instead we see them argue…too bad we couldn’t BLEACH,
    Out pieces of the dialogue..and see them making peace…
    Another bee in BONNET scene…I guess that’s how they swing…
    We love the number puzzles…guess it’s BETTER THAN NOTHING! 0️⃣

    Today’s puzzle brings us four new anagrams. The two repeats, GDEAAN from 2020, and TURAGI, from 2014 proved no challenge….nor did any of our other words this morning. If anything, it was only BLEACH that caused two of the Early Birds to BLANCH for a moment…but the feeling was quickly disCOUNTed…And as for our solve? ONE need simply follow the clues…The dialogue using the word ZILCH? (ie) NOTHING. And GREATER? (ie)…BETTER? Plus our question giving us 1️⃣ being SUPERIOR to 0️⃣? …Always look for the idiom, Folks…1️⃣ was BETTER THAN NOTHING! A little cocky about it, but let’s face it…NUMBERS don’t lie!

    And while our numbers seem to be standing on a graph, it’s like they’re drawing a LINE in the sand…The little gem? 1️⃣ is wearing a button that says #1️⃣. Talk about RAISE-ing your own flag, right? Hopefully 1️⃣ day he’ll be called into acCOUNT for his egotistical behavior!

    So…There you have it Folks…Done! Have a great day, Everyone…Be well, stay safe…And this puzzle has me thinking of an acCOUNTing friend of mine…He’s borrowed seven books from me so far since the pandemic began…I guess he’s become a professional bookkeeper…0️⃣1️⃣🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🎸 They thought they’d OUTWIT the GUITAR player (who insisted her name be printed with a HYPHEN), by sticking to their AGENDA, which was to BLEACH the BONNET logo on the program…not the slickest idea, but BETTER THAN NOTHING…🎸

    🤷🏻‍♀️ A name that used a HYPHEN was shown on the GUITAR,
    And also on the BONNET that showed up at the bazaar…
    She tried to BLEACH the bonnet, but that proved to be moot,
    ‘Cause then she found the name again..this time upon a boot…
    Was there no way to OUTWIT this AGENDA on a fling?
    She figured she’d keep trying…it was BETTER THAN NOTHING! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Quite a few letters in the answer and some of the anagrams took me a while, but overall I got this J fast and had fun with it!
    It’s finally warming up a little in SoCal. I am not a cold weather guy!
    Hope you are all surviving whatever climate situation you have to deal with………………….

  4. 0️⃣ Once again looks like Zero is fraught,
    Because One keeps on harping he’s naught…
    While together they’re ten,
    Alone can they find Zen?
    Strength in numbers, I’d hoped they had sought…1️⃣

  5. A good wordsmith morning…and Jumble no exception. A blind solve and words done without too much hesitation. Angela, I saw that video and there is some cool piano chops…by three piano players, no less. As in SoCal, sun is out in central Texas for a change.

    Am also standing by the Ukraine…it’s amazing that people are still out there invading other countries…VERY reminiscent of 1939 so let’s watch out. See you Monday.

    • When I saw the puzzle, I immediately thought of two people…Betty because she’s a huge fan of these number puzzles, and you, because of the pianos. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Have a good one, Terry. 0️⃣🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. #1 speaking to 0:

    I’m the real go-getter
    And you are just the debtor
    I’m bigger than you
    Almost as big as a two
    And I always go one better!

  7. Had trouble with AGENDA, but finally got it. No blind solve today, but when I saw the letters, the word NOTHING popped out…and then the words BETTER THAN came quickly. In yesterday’s Crankshaft comic, they were lamenting the loss of their print newspaper. But in particular, Crankshaft was lamenting the loss of his JUMBLE! You can see it here: https://comicskingdom.com/crankshaft/2022-02-26/ Have a great Sunday!

  8. Morning ya’all ! I’m thinking I’m so grateful today because “ONE WAS BETTER THAN NOTHING” and it makes me see that even when I’m down, and thinking I don’t have anything or don’t have what I think I should have – I just look around my world and realize “one is better than nothing” ! Thank you for a challenging Jumble today, looking forward to tomorrow’s.
    Have a Sunny Day !
    please stand and 🙏 for Ukraine !

  9. Good morning ! Sunday Funday ! The jumble was a lot of letters and I had to peak a little ! So the #1 in the cartoon is BETTER THAN NOTHING but he kept thinking 🎵 one is the loneliest number that you’ll ever use 🎵 I’m gonna get my GUITAR and go back to yesterday’s anagrams and play some music on the Patio and the Piano ! Have a great Sunday !

  10. Good morning. Always enjoy Sunday jumble because of the extra words and the need to buckle down on the cartoon answer. It took me a lot of time to solve this bunch. Take care.

  11. You got my number, Angela. I smiled when I opened the paper because I just love the numbers Jumbles. They’re always so sassy and literally trying to one up each other. Have a good Sunday all!

    • Hi Betty…Yes, I definitely do have your NUMBER! 😉 And you know I like them too. I just picture happier scenarios…Like maybe at a conference, a fetching female 4 hands her business card to a strapping 7…It reads…”FOUR a good time…call”…Or maybe an 8, his bottom circle bloated, pushing his chair away from a table laden with dishes…saying..”I can’t believe I EIGHT the whole thing”…IDK…maybe just a little less animosity…for SEVEN’s sake! Ok…just letting off some steam…I’m so totally devastated with what’s going on…😥 Wishing you a good Sunday too, Betty. Take care…1️⃣🙋🏻‍♀️

  12. I like your line of thinking regarding the numbers, Angela. Those ideas are very clever. I can barely watch the news. They’re having another demonstration at our City Hall this afternoon in support of the citizens of Ukraine. It’s truly a frightening situation.

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