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  1. Good Morning, Everyone… 🏔 HIGHER LEARNING! 🏔

    🎶 You know that GIRLS KNOW how to,…Ask any man around you….Will say that GIRLS KNOW how to do, do, do, do…🎶 “Girls Know How” – Al Jarreau 1982 https://tinyurl.com/nb5y85bs

    🏔 We see a little boy here…and he looks like he might SWOON,
    He’s staring at his classmate…who is now over the moon…
    The subject is Mount Everest, where the OZONE level’s high,
    But nothing here could HINDER our girl with her quick reply
    The lesson…it’s not KNOTTY…smooth and easy’s how it goes…
    And “Hillary comes out on top”…Her answer? ON THE “KNOWS” 🏔

    So this morning we’ve two repeat anagrams, OWSNO from 2020, and NOOEZ from last year…and there wasn’t a problem with any of the ANSWERS. The solve? With those quotation marks? You just had to KNOW it!

    Today our puzzle brings us into a classroom once again, which is always fun. Jeff draws the most adorable little kids, and as is usually the case with puzzles of this NATURE, we always seem to end UP LEARNING something to boot. Today’s lesson? MOUNT EVEREST. https://tinyurl.com/2p9awcec And while we’ve SCALED the subject before, I think this is the FIRST TIME we’re doing it with kids. But I could be wrong…I’d have to look it UP…Anyway, we see our little girl, HILLARY, (the only child without a paper on her desk), her hand HIGH IN THE AIR, as she correctly quotes the height of Everest…while her two male classmates react to how she got it ON THE “KNOWS”! https://tinyurl.com/ser96es5 The one little boy, EDMUND, who’s staring UP at her…how cute is he? HIMALAYAN, there, I mean sitting there with his mouth agape…poor kid he’s stunned…And the other little boy, CLIFF, the leftie…well he just looks beWILDered at her PEAK performance…I guess they’ll both need to set their HEIGHTS a little HIGHER if they intend to keep UP with our HILLARY!

    So…There you have it, Folks…Done! Have a good one. Be well, stay safe…and I’m going to CLIMB into bed and cHILL…Sometimes I feel as if I just don’t EVEREST…🏔🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 👍🏻 The Professor told her that her question regarding the OZONE layer was right ON THE NOSE, since despite it sometimes being a KNOTTY situation where one might SWOON, it didn’t HINDER others at all…👍🏻

    🤷🏻‍♀️She didn’t mean to HINDER things, as KNOTTY as they were,
    But the talk of OZONE gas wasn’t one she would prefer…
    It’s not that she would SWOON, it’s just a subject she’d ignore,
    And she made a point of telling them that it was sure to bore
    Her interest wasn’t science, she’d def pass…and so it goes…
    That she stopped the conversation…since she hit it ON THE NOSE…🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Good morning ! I got the jumble after I pulled out ON and THE and at first I thought it was a play on words looking at the top of mount Everest covered with SKNOW, but the student had it ON THE KNOWS . Cute one ! Yea she was right ON THE KNOWS ! Just don’t “Peak your Knows” , have a good one !

  4. DAI-RY! DAI-RY!
    Today is NATIONAL MILK DAY! https://tinyurl.com/2p8jyk35 Celebrate with an ice cold glass… heat some up and pour it over a cocoa bomb…have a dish of ice cream. Whatever suits your MOOd…But one WHEY or anUDDER, don’t let the opportunity to enjoy some PASTEUR by…Get out there and MILK it for all it’s worth…🥛🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Went down a wrong rabbit hole today….immediately thought ON THE but my luck ran out right there. Snappily unscrambled anagrams and finished up the puzzle, all the while thinking about how clever today’s puzzle was. As always, will have some almond milk (does that count??) in my cereal or oat bran as a celebration of the Milk day. Talk soon.

  6. Easy Jumble and hoping that’s a good omen for the day. Mountain climbing always seemed crazy to me, but everyone to their own taste. I would rather Swoon than Hinder someone climbing so high in the Ozone to complete such a Knotty task. I do not recognize Angela’s song choice but have nothing to offer and so I bid you all a good day from the Great Plains where we will enjoy 3 straight days of 50-plus degrees, a fact that is On The Knows for fun.

  7. Good morning. A repeat of yesterday. What else is there to say but…Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  8. 🥇 Impressive is our Hillary,
    With her answer as easy can be…
    She’ll rise to the top,
    With her knowledge non-stop…
    For her, learning doesn’t bring ennui! 🥇

    👃🏻 Our girl here definitely has pre-“scents”,
    “Nose” the answer…with her, no pretense…
    Note she doesn’t have notes,
    Memorized it…all rote…
    And she’s eager her knowledge dispense! 👃🏻

    👏🏻 Hillary’s at the top of her game,
    Too bad the boys have not done the same…
    They’re both sitting in awe,
    One boy with unhinged jaw!
    While our girl wins the teachers acclaim! 👏🏻

  9. This student could not go much higher
    With her answer which is bound to inspire
    That the peak in Nepal
    Is the highest of all
    Will the rest of the class just admire?

    Or will they now want to turn on the lights
    Will they too try to claim bragging rights?
    All students should know
    It makes their brains grow
    With knowledge you’ll climb to great heights!

    And just a pet peeve of mine – let’s call it general knowledge and NOT trivia!

  10. The solution, ON THE KNOWS, is ungrammatical, so there are several shadow solutions, most of which are also ungrammatical. For example, HE WON KNOTS (grammatical by itself, but where are the knots he won?), HE NOT KNOWS, and SO THE KNOWN.

  11. Easy breezy Tuesday solve. Hope all you East Coasters are bundled up. It looks soo cold in that part of the country. Take care.

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