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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…➕ THE KID’S TOTAL…LY RIGHT

    🎶 I’m a LOSER, I’m a LOSER, and I’m NOT WHAT I APPEAR TO BE…🎶..”I’m a Loser” – The Beatles 1964 https://tinyurl.com/43f58whz

    ➕WHILE Dad’s looking dejected, not an OUNCE of glee to spare,
    And feeling like he’s marooned on an ISLAND…who knows where..
    He’s trying to act NORMAL, joining in to praise his son,
    Who’s showing his Math prowess, and yes, it’s quite “AWE-SUM”…➕

    In what’s looking like a WINNING FORMULA, once again today we’re working with 4 old words, and 1 old anagram, LIHWE, from 2015. And it all ADDS up to another easy, breezy day of Jumble PLAY…

    Finding ourselves at the breakfast table this morning, we see a Mom and Dad, PASSING SUM praise on to their son. The little guy seems to have a GOOD GRIP on Math, and there’s just no other way to SPIN it…The only DOWN side here today? Dad’s team, only scoring 14 points in their last outing, failed to go the DISTANCE…and I’m pretty sure Dad doesn’t really need the reminder…Poor guy, he’s already EATING crow…But going back to our kid? The 14, PLUS 7? 21! Yep, the kid did the Math, and it’s …“AWE-SUM”!

    The Gems? We definitely have ourselves a PLAYING FIELD this morning…Mom, patting Jr’s head while holding a University of Michigan mug, and Dad’s hand around his “I ❤️Jumble” one. The newspaper headline reading, “State Loses Heartbreaker”, with a Jumble puzzle visible on an inside folded page. The kid, that typical child-like grip on his spoon, having spilt milk and cereal on the table….

    ..And then we have Dad…And a little twist…For us Jumble fans in the know, puzzles are submitted for publication approximately 6 weeks in ADVANCE. And we also know that Jeff is as die-hard as they come where his alma mater Michigan Wolverines are concerned. So, doing the Math, so to speak, we’re sitting down to breakfast on the morning of October 31st, after the game between the Michigan Wolverines and the Michigan State Spartans that took place on October 30th. Thing is, much to Jeff’s disappointment, the Spartans went on to WIN that game, 37-33. But let’s face it Folks, no true BLUE fan is going to jinx his team by depicting them as losers…So Jeff just DREW upon what he knows best…that the Wolverines are always winners. Today though, art doesn’t imitate life…if anything it’s imitating the strife…but back then? Of course Jeff was looking FORWARD to things turning out differently…And as for the #12? It belongs to the Spartan’s CB, Chester Kimbrough…But here’s the rub…Who’s the Dad we’re seeing today, why the CB, and how’s that mixed-marriage working out for our couple? It’s all UP IN THE AIR for me!

    So…There you have it, Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, stay safe…And as far as timing goes?…Here’s to the Wolverines taking a big bite out of the Orange…Bowl on New Years Eve…🏈🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🍹WHILE on their ISLAND vacation, they stuck to their NORMAL tradition…enjoying that OUNCE or two of rum each day…and it was AWESOME…🍹

    💃🏻 A model’s life’s not easy…always worrying to stay slim,
    There’s forgoing so many foods…the diet can get grim…
    Eating habits aren’t NORMAL, everything weighed to the OUNCE,
    WHILE no man is an ISLAND, these girls probably announce
    “We’re hungry and it’s tiring to survive on these crumbs…
    The money’s good but lasagna would really be AWESOME”! 💃🏻

  3. Good morning. Simple as simple gets. No blind solve but solved just the same. Between you and my oldest son with all the Beatles songs I’m starting to listen and yes enjoy them. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  4. Angela with the deep dive into Jeff’s psyche. Wow! I could While away my time on a deserted Island using every Ounce of brainpower to remember this Normal scenario. That would be Awe-Sum. Cold and snow blowing into flyover country today. Be safe!

  5. Clever little puzzle but not blind solve material for us…had to slog through the anagrams like mere mortals this morning. Very convoluted plot line involving Michigan football. So complicated I thought it was lifted from a Dan Brown novel involving the Vatican !!! Thanks for explaining all, Angela.

  6. He seems liked a bright young lad
    Figuring out what to add
    To a rather low score
    Just seven points more
    Would gladden the heart of his dad!

    Thank you Angela for all the football facts. I am certainly learning on this site. Kids who love sports, watching and I hope, playing, do find that their arithmetic skills improve, often quite dramatically.

  7. ➕ So a little boy’s learning to add,
    And he’s making his parents quite glad…
    But the subject at hand,
    Maybe not all that grand…
    ‘Cause it adds up to loss for old Dad! ➕

    🙇🏻‍♂️ Comes to football…and people don’t play,
    It’s a win..there’s just no other way…
    So this guy that we see,
    Not a winner is he…
    Doesn’t look like he’ll have a great day…🙇🏻‍♂️

    🏈 Married couple…they root different teams,
    Can the marriage be all that it seems?
    Is there rivalry there?
    Or just devil may care?
    Is it nightmares or just pleasant dreams? 🏈

  8. This old,or should I say former,math prof always enjoys math related Jumbles,but being a diehard OSU Bukeye fan,I can pass on the Mich Wolverine reference.As far as the anagrams and cartoon no problem.BTW my cousin’s grandson,Nick #59 is a Spartan center playing tn the Ga Peach Bowl tomorrow night.

  9. I failed to mention it yesterday, but it’s sill weighing heavy on my heart. RIP, Mr Madden…I doubt we’ll see another the likes of you…God speed, Coach.🙏🏻

    • I met him once. When in college, my girlfriend’s roommate had been a baby sitter for his kids. The roommate got us tickets to a Chargers-Raiders game in San Diego. We picked them up from him at the hotel where the Raiders were staying. This was before he became so famous, as he was the Raiders coach then (about 50 years ago).

      He will be missed.

  10. Easy anagrams with a blind solve today. What made it so easy for me is that I’m all the time texting this same abbreviated word to my brother whenever he informs me of something fantastic or sensational that he thinks that I need know. Maybe tomorrow will bring a more difficult situation. Regards from South Georgia where we will reach the low 70’s today…

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