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  1. Good Morning, Everyone….I hope this finds you well…


    🎶 I’ve been on this road alone so long…Traveling down this SLIPPERY SLOPE alone.. I can trace the lines I cross, back to that initial loss…And nothing’s ever been the same…I have never loved again…🎶 “Slippery Slope (Easier) – Teddy Thompson 2008 https://tinyurl.com/y4ywa7uv

    ⛷You’d think by now this guy would know about SOCIAL mores,
    And how not to insult someone by speaking out of place…
    Maybe he’s got a PHOBIA, ‘bout women besting men,
    And she looks like she’d WRENCH his neck and do it there and then…
    He needs to take a PLEDGE of sorts…count blessings each APIECE,
    ‘Cause his wife there, all ski-DRESSY…is warning him to cease…
    Right now the way he’s speaking? Guaranteed that she won’t cope…
    With him being so pompous…he’s def ON A SLIPPERY SLOPE! ⛷

    Once again today, we’ve no new words…and just one old anagram…COSILA, dating back to 2015. But there was no UPHILL battle deciphering any of them…

    So, today we find ourselves atop a SLOPE, it’s double black diamond signage https://tinyurl.com/25myxdey telling us it’s a most expert of trails – with the ski lodge and lift displayed below – watching a man dig himself a hole in the ground…Sarcastically making reference to his wife’s skiing ability, he’s managed to turn her COLD…and it looks like there’ll be no TURNING BACK from this one… She definitely doesn’t APRES-SKIATE his comment…nor his ALTITUDE, I mean attitude…and it looks like it may be all DOWNHILL from here…Yep, she’s PISTE for sure…and this guy’s definitely on a SLIPPERY SLOPE! https://tinyurl.com/4xcrevc9

    So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a good one. Be well, stay safe…and remember…When learning to be good skier, the snow conditions and your adherence to safety can make all the difference. Keep in mind…With great POWDER comes great responsibility….⛷🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 👗 Her PHOBIA, as far as what was too DRESSY and what was considered right according to SOCIAL mores, left her feeling as if she was ON A SLIPPERY SLOPE…but refusing to allow them to WRENCH her heart out, she made a PLEDGE to herself that she’d deal with each opinion APIECE…👗

    🔧 The Father made a PLEDGE that he’d pay five dollars APIECE,
    If they’d each clean a WRENCH or two…now covered all in grease…
    One son dealt with a PHOBIA, he couldn’t abide dirt,
    His daughter stayed all DRESSY…for whatever that was worth….
    His other son, the SOCIAL one, he never had the time,
    That just left his fourth child…and the kid saw a gold mine…
    “I’ll do it all myself” he said…”I definitely can cope”…
    And the Dad wondered if that left him ON A SLIPPERY SLOPE…🔧

  3. Things are going particularly well in our particular JumbleLand this foggy post Christmas day. Read the puzzle cartoon and came up with a blind solve without even checking the letters needed. Now that doesn’t always happen !!! Anagrams summarily unscrambled without a hitch. So, all in all a great Sunday Jumble experience. Not familiar with song so listened for a few seconds…not too hummable for me…Thanks Angela for the songs you publish…and trying to keep everyone happy !!

    • LOL…No, not a hummable tune…I agree. And you’re welcome…and I thank you in return for noticing…Enjoy your day, Terry. Be well and stay safe out there…⛷🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. I also had a problem with SOCIAL. I first found SCOLIA, which is in the MW dictionary (a type of wasp). It seemed to be an obscure word, so I kept jumbling. Got the answer, but not a blind solve.

    Lots of rain here in Southern California. Finally.

    • I also had trouble with that one, and had colias which is also in the MW, a type of butterfly. But I had a blind solve, so realized that couldn’t be right, and then saw social.

      • Hi Don…who knew? Another rather obscure word, but just the same…🤷🏻‍♀️I’ll be sure to let David know…⛷🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Hi Dennis…I’ll bring the word to David’s attention…Have a good one…⛷🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. It was a straight forward solve for the anagrams and cartoon answer this morning. Hope all of you had a good holiday yesterday and are resting up today.

  6. Good afternoon…Of all the words, what took the most time was phobia. I put everything aside and came back hours later and got it right away. Once I changed up the two letter word to on I was able to see the slippery slope. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  7. My limerick – somewhat late I do say
    ‘Cos it’s clean time – Boxing Day
    With mountains of wrappings
    Leftovers and trappings
    The hours have just slithered away!

    Happy Boxing Day to all. I’ve flattened all the boxes but am still embarrassed about the amount I have for the recycling truck tomorrow. Online shopping means more boxes and packaging. Surely one industry that will never dry up is the paper/packing industry and the makers of tape too.

  8. Visiting our daughter in Los Angeles! She did the jumble with no problem and loved all the comments ! Having a wonderful time and enjoying the weather ! Grand children are a wonderful time and we all will be doing the jumble ! Have a good post – Christmas Day !!

  9. Good Jumble day,but our family Christmas has been postponed due to a couple of positive covid tests.Fortunately they have mild to no symptoms,and we hope to get together next weekend instead.

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