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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well….

    Today’s puzzle may not be the Christmas gift we were looking for…GYPSUM and LUCENT are definitely not words we hear and/or use very often, and they may have posed a bit of a problem. The solve? Again, not all that familiar a phrase…”SUTURE” FANCY…”Suit your fancy”. https://tinyurl.com/8zbcuv33

    But the cleverness is definitely a 10…The reference to STITCHES in both the dialogue and the question – plus the quotation marks – leads to SUTURE, and pleasing the patient, giving her the best results to SUIT her needs, gives us FANCY. It’s a brilliant play on words on FACE value…but it’s definitely a bit more of a STRETCH than what we’ve been used to lately…Kudos, David…you PULLED off a good one this morning!

    Have a good day, Everyone. Be well, stay safe…and to David and Jeff, and all our readers who are celebrating Christmas tonight…I wish you the Happiest, Healthiest Holiday…🎄🙋🏻‍♀️

    • The anagram LUCENT was a real head scratcher for me. Then when I saw quotes in the solution, I thought oh no this is gonna be tough. But after pulling out the letters and thinking about sutures being a professional term for stitches, it jumped on out to me…anyway Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from South Georgia where we have heavy frost this morning and looking for a warming trend through the weekend!!

      • Exactly Alan…The double use of Stitches sewed it up for me too…Merry Christmas! 🎄🙋🏻‍♀️

    • The play on words is on “suture”, not on the word “fancy”.
      “Suture” is meant to say “Suit her” fancy.

  2. This one was a hard one for me. The anagrams took longer than usual and the solution was close to impossible. With much effort I finally got the solve.
    Every once in a while David seems to skin me alive, and this was that while!
    Of course this a big reason we keep returning daily!

  3. Have yourself a merry little Christmas ! Wow , Tomorrow we’ll be with our whole family to celebrate Christmas ! It’s gonna be wonderful ! So I can’t say that for two of the anagrams and the jumble ! If I went up to the chalkboard , I would ask for a piece of chalk , not a stick of GYPSUM ! Or Santa clause has a glow about him , not a LUCENT . When do we really use these words ? And the jumble would’ve been a little more easier if there was more of a related picture of SUTURE . Like the doctor wearing a SUIT – SURE or something more similar to the words ! Oh well , I’m just frustrated so oh well, everyone have a great Christmas !!!!!

  4. Good morning. I had trouble with the last two words again and looked up lucent. I looked at the cartoon and since the first word was in quotations I went right to the solution for the answer. There is no way I would have gotten it. Christmas present would be Christmas past if I decided to work on the answer. Wishing all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Take care. Thanks Mike and Angela on all your great work.

  5. The instructions say to unscramble to form four ordinary words. LUCENT is not an ordinary word. And GYPSUM is doubtful, as I have seen it mostly in Earth Science class. And SUTURE is somewhat doubtful also, as it is mostly a professional word. FUTURE is more ordinary. But that results in FUTURE CYANS, and CYAN is not a usual word except for color experts and computer programmers. And it doesn’t fit the solution.

  6. The surgery went without a hitch
    You’ll not notice a single stitch
    She’ll be back on the air
    And no one will stare
    And the surgeon’s not likely to snitch!

    My paper has today’s jumble and tomorrow’s so I’ll have a bit more time for tomorrow’s limerick.
    Our Christmas gathering will be small and as the temperature is to be above freezing most of the day, perhaps we can all have a picnic Christmas dinner!

  7. After much effort, I found the words and answer. But I thought my answer was an incorrect “shadow solution,” so I kept looking. I didn’t grasp that suture should be read as two words, “suit your.” Got a big kick out of Paul’s Christmas joke. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate.

  8. Am getting in line with countless others who struggled/wrestled and were basically stymied by today’s very clever word play. Lucent gave me a fit, even though not as ordinary as I would have liked it. Nurse Marsha, with her excellent medical knowledge, lit up her lightbulb with SUTURE, and even then, we didn’t come up with second word until the five letters were left over. David and Jeff are HO-HO-HOing in their sleighs tonight !! Missed having a song, but still humming from the last few days.

  9. Gypsum and Lucent gave me reason to pause,but then after those words came to mind,I moved on to the cartoon,but sutures escaped me preventing me from the solution.Not having a paper puzzle didn’t help.Time to move on to the happier thoughts of Christmas.

  10. LUCENT was the hardest word to unscramble. The answer took almost forever. I tried Faces, but that didn’t work. I tried to think of medical terms, but was blanking on them. Other tries, including FANCY, didn’t work. I then found Future. That led to SUTURE and the answer. Whew!

  11. Like others, had trouble with LUCENT, GYPSUM, and the cartoon. I got LUCENT but I had to check the dictionary to see if it was a real word. I’m familiar with the company, Lucent, but not the word. Then asked my wife for help on GYPSUM…which she got in 2 seconds. Then I asked my 12-year-old for help with the cartoon, and HE got FANCY in 2 seconds. With FANCY, I was able to figure out SUTURE! So, with help from my family, I was able to solve a tough one! Ha! Have a Merry Christmas Eve. Hopefully tomorrow will be easier!

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