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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…

    🎶 Ho, Ho, Ho, there’s really nothing better…than a beautiful girl in an UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER..Ho, Ho, Ho, and now I can’t forget her…That beautiful girl in an UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER…🎶 “Ugly Christmas Sweater”- Garth Brooks 2016 https://tinyurl.com/yjyszevt

    🧶 The Ugly Sweater parties have now become the norm,
    Tradition holds for gathering…a friendly little QUORUM…
    And with the grand FINALE, someone will take home the prize,
    But something seems amiss here…from what I can surmise…
    The sister seems to stay calm, no VALVE is going to burst,
    But why lend out a sweater…if with it she came in first?
    I doubt there’d be a BRAWL here…but cards put on the table?
    Give up the chance of winning? No, her response def not FAVORABLE! 🧶

    Today’s words have all been WOVEN into play before…in fact, oddly enough, FINALE was just seen last week…And while we have two new anagrams and two repeats…LAVEV from 2019 and ILANFE from 2016…the chances are that David’s done us no FAVOR with QUORUM…Not exactly a word we see every day…

    So…I get the impression that this may not be the first time said sister‘s asked for a FAVOR….and it looks like she may have WORN out her welcome…But it seems a little odd that she’d ask to wear the same sweater that she knows her sister intends to….especially since not only is it her FAVORite, but we’re being told it’s the one that’s won “Ugliest Sweater” for her in the past. So…it stands to SEASON that the response here wouldn’t exactly be…FAVORABLE….Let’s just hope that said sister’s not one to STEEL WOOL!

    …And I’m really not looking to KNITpick…but odder still?…What happened to the sweater owner’s eyelashes? Hmm… Is someone pulling the WOOL over our eyes?

    So…There you have it Folks. Done…Have a good one…Be well, stay safe…And let’s be sure to keep any ugliness confined to our sweaters…🧶🙋🏻‍♀️

    ** PS: If there had been a little rancorous push on the potential borrower’s part, I thought to go with this… https://tinyurl.com/2p88tny4 but considering the FABRIC of things… it would have been too much of a STRETCH…

  2. 🔧 His hopes that the FINALE of the plumbing worker’s QUORUM would have FAVORABLE results were quickly dashed when a BRAWL broke out over the correct use of a butterfly VALVE…🔧

    🐎 There was a little gathering, a QUORUM so to speak,
    A BRAWL broke out and soon enough they all were up a creek…
    The horse-roping FINALE was supposed to end the night,
    But something with a water VALVE became the cause of blight….
    ‘Tween fighting and the flooding…a mess within the stable…
    The night’s a bust, there’s no way now that it could be called FAVORABLE! 🐎

  3. All of my sweaters are ugly and large!
    Very easy J today.
    Have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and a family dinner on Friday.
    Rain is coming in tonight and lasting through Christmas, yikes!
    Oh well, it’s Cally, we either burn or soak.

  4. It’s almost Christmas , two days away ! The first two words were easy , but I had trouble with FINALE and QUORUM , but the jumble was my favorite ! So much for the sister being the favorite , because the borrowing of her ugly sweater was just not FAVORABLE ! We’re heading to California on Friday to celebrate Christmas with the whole family! We can’t wait ! Everyone have a good day !!!

  5. This has been an easy week so far, especially compared to last week. Nice early Christmas present from Jeff and David. And great to see some words that haven’t been used in awhile…QUORUM and BRAWL. I was surprised to see that the cartoon answer, FAVORABLE, was so similar to the word used in the clue: FAVORITE. That’s not typical, I think, but it made it easier. Angela – thanks for all your work keeping this JumbleAnswer page going!

    • Good Morning, Brad. You’re right about the similarity with the root word FAVOR… I found it a bit surprising myself, as it’s not the norm. And I thank you very much for your kind words…Have a good one…🧶🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Good morning. Like Jim I had trouble with the bigger words. I finally got finale but had to look up Quorum. The cartoon answer was a breeze to get. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  7. Same as with Brad…didn’t think FAVOR would be part of solution due to use in cartoon. But Marsha thought differently and glommed onto FAVORABLE, while I looked for a different solution by unscrambling anagrams….only to find she was correct. Warm and sunny in Central Texas so a very pleasant holiday it will be. On a sad newspaper note, just received news that Austin Statesman combining some issues over the holidays, so hopefully will be able to find a Jumble somewhere online….humph, not even publishing an online edition. What’s the news world coming to !!! Merry Christmas

  8. The sibling is not going to waver
    Nor do her sister a favour
    “Hand over my sweater
    So that you can do better?
    That’s the prize that I want to savour!

  9. Oddly enough, FINALE was the hardest word to unscramble, just like last week. Ugh. Otherwise a piece of cake.

  10. No problem w the anagrams or the cartoon solution,but my papers wished me a Merry Chrustmas today! As there will be no paper newspapers the next 2 days! Ugh! I’ll try to access the Jumble online,but also possibly being on the road,I may be out of the loop until Sunday.Merry Christmas to one and all.

  11. Another easy solve today. I thought quorum was very well jumbled. How often do you see two “u”s in a word? As others have already stated, I too thought it was unusual that favorable would be the answer since favorite was in the cartoon clue but obviously nothing else worked. We’re in for a rainy Christmas Eve & Day here in the Bay Area. We desperately need the rain so it’s good news. Wishing all of you a good day.

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