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  1. Good Morning, Everyone 📽 CRIME DINING! 📽

    🎶 “Misirlou” 🎶 – Dick Dale & His Del-Tones 1962 https://tinyurl.com/p7m4vx4s

    📽 On HIATUS you may first think…just some people out to dine,
    But from the door I recognized old Quentin in his prime…
    (And I just realized what the heck..I could have rhymed ENZYME)…
    I played at it for way too long…and wasted too much time…
    …This scene that you see UNROLL here…”Pulp Fiction”..and its cast,
    Jeff’s way pulled out that whimsy card, with Tarantino’s past…
    The movie not so DIVINE, but PROVEN with its grit,
    To SPRAWL old QT’s name out there…it def was quite the hit
    The waitress…Oh right, she’s in there, amidst the QT circus…
    Almost forgot…The job for now? Yes it does SERVE HER PURPOSE…📽

    If one had to try to explain Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction”, they’d definitely be hard-pressed to make sense of it. I won’t even make an attempt…But if you’re not familiar with it, and curious, you can read about it here… https://tinyurl.com/4rezssyk or you can watch the movie…But keep in mind, “PF”, despite the irony of our cartoon, is hardly “breakfast fare”…nor for that matter is it for the feint of heart…

    Today’s puzzle once again brings us two repeat anagrams within our group of old favorites. WASRPL was last seen on 05/02, and MZNYEE on 09/26, and the dates both happen to also be the last time each word appeared in the Jumble. And it was only UNROLL that didn’t SERVE all the EBs well. That UN prefix gets a few of them every time…But the solve? With the dialogue between the two waitresses? It was SERVED up on a breakfast platter!

    So, it’s late one morning and we’re at the Hawthorne Grill, a diner on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Seated at the back booth holding hands, Honey Bunny (Amanda Plummer) and Pumpkin (Tim Roth) are discussing the pros and cons of robbing liquor stores vs banks, and decide it’s probably much more easier and lucrative to just rob the diner…Seated up front…Jules (Samuel L Jackson) and Vincent (John Travolta) discussing…well here they’re discussing Jumbler Week, which starts tomorrow…And the waitresses, Jennifer left, and Sarah right, according to their name tags, two struggling actors, discuss waiting for that big break…So while neither may enjoy SERVING the likes of these unsavory characters…for now? The job does SERVE HER PURPOSE! ..And from this script? Hollywood may be the next stop for David and Jeff!

    The Gems? Aside from Jeff’s acknowledging the good-natured teasing he and David endure each year about taking vacation time this week…it’s Jules’s T-Shirt – Krazy Kat. https://tinyurl.com/38b8dx9p – which itself went on to become a cult favorite just like the movie…And I have to give a Shout Out to that breakfast tray our girl is balancing…those pancakes and eggs, (despite not being SCRAMBLED)…look very inviting…

    So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a good one. Be well, stay safe…and fasten your seat belts…Tomorrow, Monday, November 15th…And the 9th Annual Guest Jumbler Week begins…📽🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 📜 Needing to SPRAWL out across the entire table in order to UNROLL the scroll of the “DIVINE ENZYME” report she created, she realized that it didn’t SERVE HER PURPOSE, since she hadn’t PROVEN her hypothesis…and exhausted she knew it was time for a HIATUS…📜

    🏖 The teacher’s talking ENZYME needs, but she’s thinking HIATUS,
    Envisions herself on the beach…away from all this fuss…
    DIVINE the word describing the vision she unfolds,
    The sun, the sand, her blanket…that she’ll casually UNROLL…
    She’ll SPRAWL out there for hours, sounds of surf filling the air,
    (Although it’s PROVEN salty air wreaks havoc on her hair)
    And as she opens up the first of Tracy Clark’s exciting corpus…
    The teacher calls her name…And you know that don’t SERVE HER PURPOSE! 🏖

  3. Well now….that puzzle flew over our heads…and then some. Did not get the Pulp Fiction tie-in AT ALL. Don’t remember that particular song from PF, but can’t guess the soundtracks from many movies, for that matter….all I know is that I started playing it and the dog walked out of the room.

    Without a clue to help us along, we had no choice but to speedily solve anagrams, pull HER out of the mix….and then go to work. After a few minutes trying PROVE HER, to no avail, we sought other solutions. We were about five minutes into the unscramble when I saw SERVE…and the puzzle was solved. Then had to go to Angela’s page for explanation to the puzzle setting. Thanks, Angela, for all the explanation….you went the extra mile !!!!

    • Good Morning, Terry. Thank you. But I have to start by saying that although I’ve been doing my best to run this ship, it’s not mine. It’s Mike’s. That being said, I greatly appreciate your vote of support…Ok…this puzzle. Luckily, one needn’t know anything about “Pulp Fiction” to solve it. The serving referred to the waitress..serving people until her ship comes in…so for now…it “served her purpose”…And you hit pay dirt by seeing SERVE. 👏🏻👏🏻Well done! The “PF” angle was just pure genius on what I’m figuring was Jeff’s part…His love of pop culture, and his razor-sharp sense of whimsy definitely shone through with this one. IMHO, it’s simply a brilliant puzzle from start to finish. And loving pop culture myself, I just took the ball and ran with it…And thanks again for crediting me that extra mile…Have a good one, Terry…Enjoy! 🥞🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. Hello Angela. Your knowledge of the entertainment world in general and American culture is impressive and way beyond mine, so my limerick offering today is a bit limp. I’ll sift through your information to see if I can come up with something a bit more tongue-in-cheek later on today.
    I’m sure you are always able to answer the movie/entertainment questions on Jeopardy! Have you appeared on Jeopardy?

    Both hoping that they would impress
    The movie folks here to assess
    Waiting tables all day
    Might just be the way
    To lead to big screen success!

    • Hi Helen..Jeopardy? I can definitely hold my own…😂 so I thank you. But I’m sure so do many others from the safety of our armchairs! Being up there, and under pressure? That’s totally a different story! Hope your day’s going well, Helen. Enjoy! 🥓🙋🏻‍♀️

        • I’m a sucker for diners…Have a good one, Helen! 🥓🙋🏻‍♀️

          🍳Waiting tables, not for feint of heart,
          And with breakfast…there’s that early start…
          But these girls with a smile,
          Carry dishes ‘a pile…
          Until they get to land that first part! 🍳

          📽 See our girls here..they’re slinging that hash,
          Doing their best to bring in the cash…
          But their heart’s on the stage,
          Until then? Minimum wage…
          Cause the dream one must never assuage…📽

          🥓In the diner they’re serving up food,
          And they sometimes deal with people rude…
          But they’ve both made a pact,
          To get out there and act…
          And their eye on the prize remains glued! 🥓

  5. Good morning. Struggled with most of the words today but was able to get them all. The cartoon answer took a lot less time. No blind solve but a happy conclusion just as well. Thanks for that song choice Angela. I never knew the name of that piece. I enjoy instrumental music. I have a CD of just that. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul. I enjoy instrumentals too, but needless to say, I’m all about the words! 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed it…“PF” had a great soundtrack…Kudos on the solve, Paul..👏🏻👏🏻, and have a good one. Here’s to you staying well and safe too…🥚🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. I’ve never seen Pulp Fiction and it doesn’t sound like my kind of movie but I was able to solve the anagrams and cartoon answer without difficulty. Hope all of you have a good Sunday.

    • Good Morning, Betty. I found it an easy, breezy one too. Clever as always…And wishing you a good Sunday too! Take care…🥓🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. An easier Sunday puzzle than usual.Despite going to Sunday Mass,divine had me stumped.But getting that solution,and the multiple letters,”serve” was an obvious first word,even before the anagram solutions,quickly followed by the complete”serve her purpose” solution.A cold WINDY morning here! Stay warm!

    • Divine…intervention, huh Professor? 😂 Good one! And good work on seeing SERVE..Hoping you’re staying warm…and well Prof…and enjoying your day..🍳🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. Looking forward to Guest Jumblers. The boys’ Hiatus may Unroll some Divine Enzyme Sprawl in my mind that will be Proven to improve my concentration. Or not.
    When I spotted Samuel L. Jackson and Travolta from Pulp Fiction diner scene, I had to take time out to play today. Great movie that blew me away.
    Pulp Fiction soundtrack has a ton of hits. My favorite, If Love Is a Red Dress (Hang Me in Rags) sung by Maria McKee. Temperatures on the Great Plains go up into 70s Monday and Tuesday.

    • We’ve all been there, Eleanor…but I still think you’re DIVINE! Hope you’re well and staying safe…and enjoying your day. Take care. 📽🙋🏻‍♀️

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