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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…

    🎶 They tell me you’re a shy boy…but I want you just the same…Don’t play innocent with me…You know it’s not just fun and games…1-2-3-4 come on Baby say you love me, 5-6-7 times…8-9-10-11 I’m just gonna keep on COUNTING until you are mine…🎶 “1-2-3” – Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine https://tinyurl.com/5ejjcuce

    1️⃣3️⃣Jeff’s DRAWN a lot of puzzles since back in two thousand eight…
    The year that he would EMERGE with the Jumble on his plate…
    And when he gives us characters inanimate who speak,
    Def “count” on them to be a part of his whimsical streak…
    They’re on the VERGE of seeming real, these numbers that he draws,
    POETIC license with a twist…and we like them because…
    They make us laugh…and if you add up all that he’s surrendered…
    You’ll find an odd one here and there…but most are EVEN-TEMPERED!! 2️⃣4️⃣

    The 1 and 3 acted ODDly! Too funny! You can always COUNT on David to give us a laugh!!

    Ok…Our weeks’s off to a great start..No new words to wrestle with, and we do have two repeat anagrams…Only thing is, they go back quite a ways, so it might not COUNT…GREEV clocks in at 08/29/15, but GREEME? ADD it to your list of oldies, because we haven’t seen that one since April of 2001! And just a little quirky thing….We have 2 words, both anagrammed to start with GREE! What’re the ODDS? But as far as our words go? MINUS a moment or TWO hearing Potpie being served up by the EBs, this puzzle was as easy as 1-2-3 ! And FOUR that we are grateful…Nothing beats easy on a Monday morning. Oh, and the solve? EVEN better…

    1-2-3 and 4…Male numbers all (you can tell since no one has eyelashes showing)…The TWO numbers in the FOURground, 2 and 4, discussing 1 and 3 arguing again, “always at ODDS with each other”, and “TWO bad they don’t work things out like “we” do”?…ODD being mentioned here again, besides it being in our question?…Hmm…Notice what’s NAUGHT being said?..Can’t beat that dialogue…ADD that to the amazing range of emotions shown in the FOUR different expressions on each of the numbers? TOTALly gave it up…EVEN-TEMPERED, https://tinyurl.com/3hvejzb9 indeed! And my favorite? 3 telling 1 that he’s “three times the number” he is! Too funny, especially since if you look closely, he doesn’t seem to have a leg to stand on!…Talk about pushing your wEIGHT around!

    So, There you have it Folks, dONE! Have a good ONE. Be well, stay safe…and I’ll leave you with a little Number humor… Seven stole from six, so six took away seven’s “S” as punishment. And…now they’re EVEN..Can you DIG-IT? 😉🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🎭 She found herself DRAWN to the EVEN-TEMPERED group of POETIC minstrels that gathered at the bistro…who always seemed to be on the VERGE of laughing hysterically as they would EMERGE onto the stage…🎭

    🤷🏻‍♂️ He just began to EMERGE from his realm of self-confinement,
    He’d been so DRAWN within himself, he now needed refinement…
    So on the VERGE of stepping out, he thought he’d wax POETIC,
    Convince himself that all was fine…that he was not pathetic
    It’d been so long, he hoped that socially he’d be remembered…
    For nothing else than he at least was always EVEN-TEMPERED! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Great one to start the week out ! I thought this one was very cute and so did my wife , Suzie ! But one word I couldn’t rhyme but Suzie went in and chimed , it was POETIC. As soon as we saw the numbers in the cartoon , Suzie said , “count me out “ and I said 🎶 your once , twice , three times a lady , and I love you 🎶 so open the door on four ! But when she saw the letters , we both were DRAWN and said “ EVAN-TEMPERED “ at the same time ! Then we were on the VERGE of solving it and confusion did not EMERGE ! Everyone have a great start of the week !!

    • Hi Jim. It’s definitely a cute and clever one, as usual! And wishing you a great day too! 1️⃣🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. Good morning. Thank goodness for Monday’s. Breezed through the words and had a blind solve. It was easy as 1 2 3. In this case 1 2 3 4. Loved your upbeat song choice Angela. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Definitely an easy, breezy Monday puzzle…Glad you enjoyed the music… And ditto on the well and safe…Have a good one, Paul…2️⃣🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Monday Jumble and I was trip upped by Poetic after breezing through first three anagrams. I was on the Verge but could not Emerge and if I were Drawn and quartered that would be Poetic justice. That’s probably not an Even-Tempered response but I’m bummed. Anyhow, the rain is insane out here on the Great Plain(s). By George, I think I’ve got it!

    • Poetic slowed down a few of the EBs too, OO…it’s anagrammed very well…And unfortunately, the rains are hitting a lot of us. Good luck to all…Be well and stay safe, OO…3️⃣🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. 1️⃣ Odds and evens on opposite sides,
    But it’s foolish to see such divide…
    Because where would we be,
    Without one, two or three?
    We’d be lost…problems def multiplied! 1️⃣

    2️⃣ When Jeff draws us these numbers that speak,
    Takes Dave’s words and he gives them a tweak…
    It all adds up to fun,
    Four, three two and the one…
    It’s a great way to start off the week! 2️⃣

    3️⃣ See the odd numbers causing some grief,
    (While the even guys don’t have a beef)…
    Shame there’s such a divide,
    But it is hard to hide…
    Discontent when three tries to be chief! 3️⃣

    4️⃣ Today’s numbers? Yes, some are at odds,
    But one can’t help but laugh at their bods…
    One and three…the bad eggs?
    Where are number three’s legs??
    In Britain that three’d be a sod! 4️⃣

    5️⃣ In life numbers they play a big part,
    3-2-1…and our races we start…
    Count on them to come through,
    For most things that we do…
    Number’s up Folks…it’s time I depart! 5️⃣

  7. You’re bigger, not better than me
    A one’s just as good as a three
    We should even embrace
    And value our place
    ‘Cause we all go on to infinit-ee!

  8. Will join others for adding accolades to Angela’s song and an easily Blind Solved puzzle cartoon. But must admit I floundered over POETIC until I backed it in.

    • Good Morning, Terry. Tk you…Definitely need something upbeat on this dark, dreary morning. And Poetic? You too?? Where’s the justice? 😉 Enjoy your day, Terry. Take care…5️⃣🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. Hi Everyone – No trouble with the answer, but I had to back into Poetic, though I’ve seen it before. I tried the “IC trick” (as Steve called it), which worked.
    I always love how Jeff and David give their numbers, letters, animals, etc. so much personality.

    • Hi Caroline. Poetic is proving to be a thorn in everyone’s side today! Who knew? And I’m with you…love seeing the inanimate objects “come to life”…Hope your day’s going well Caroline, and that you won’t get hit with the Nor’easter that’s coming…7️⃣🙋🏻‍♀️

  10. Another easy Monday w all 4 anagrams being a snap,quickly followed by a blind solve of the cartoon on a rainy Monday morning!As soon as I saw those numbers,I thought it would be an easy day for this math guy!

    • Definitely a piece of cake, Professor. And fun to boot. Enjoy your day and stay safe out there…8️⃣🙋🏻‍♀️

  11. Easy solve with the anagrams. Unfortunately I misspelled DRAWN and was stuck with a W. Couldn’t come up with anything after EVER. I finally solved the answer after correcting my mistake.
    Take care

    • You’re not alone, Christian…it happens all the time. Glad you succeeded in straightening it out….Have a good one, Sir. 9️⃣🙋🏻‍♀️

  12. Great Monday puzzle. I just love the ones with numbers . Other than pausing at poetic which I always seem to do, it was an easy solve. Good grief Charlie Brown we had a wild day yesterday in the Bay Area. It was the wettest day in San Francisco in 170 years. Heaven knows we need rain but an entire winter’s worth in one day? Happy Monday to all.

    • I thought of you as soon as I saw the puzzle, Betty. I knew you’d enjoy it. And I hope the worst has passed for you, weather wise. Please be careful….And Happy Monday to you too…6️⃣🙋🏻‍♀️

  13. Read the cartoon. Solved the puzzle. Then on to the words…. Poetic took the longest and got my vote. Saw Gloria in Pittsburgh, Twice! Once before the accident and once after. High Energy! Danced in our seats💃🏻, singing to the tops of our lungs! Hoarse and Deaf after those concerts!! Forgot about how special those times were. Thanks for reviving those wonderful memories, Angela!

    • I agree, it’s great music. You definitely get your money’s worth seeing them perform They never disappoint…Have a good one, Kimberly…🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Yes! You are so right! Worth every penny! It was 30 years ago, and I remember it like it was yesterday! That music made an impact! Have a great day Too!!

  14. And at one of those concerts, (perhaps the Into the Light Tour) Gloria introduced her back up singer, saying he’s about to go out on his own. He Blew us away with his voice! It was Jon Secada! Keep 💃🏻dancing 🕺 everyone!

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