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Happy Wednesday Jumble fans! There were no new clue words to report this morning. All of our anagrams just happened to be, with BRRAHO being the only one to require a few extra looks. My eyes kept seeing BURRO for some reason. I guess it was just my mind making it HARBOR than it needed to be! The double letter trick of separating the R’s took care of it in a flash and it was clear sailing all the way to the cartoon.

The setting for today’s panel was a bowling alley where Team Jumble was gearing up to take on Team Sudoku. Jumble Jeff obviously had a ball with this one as the caricatures of his teammates were drawn with exacting detail. The only person unfamiliar to me was Tracy, but a couple of good friends were kind enough to fill me in on her deets. She’s the current editor of the Jumble as well as an accomplished author. In the middle of the pack was cartoonist Jumble Jeff, and sitting on the bench was the kingpin of the Jumble, Mr. David L. Hoyt. Last, but certainly not least was Colin, and he’s the technical wizard behind their apps. Some of the smaller details were the Jumble “J” on Tracy’s bowling ball carrier, the word “Jumble” written in cursive on the back of Jeff’s shirt and the abbreviated names of the two teams playing beside them which were CRYPTO and XWORDS.

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 11-letters. It didn’t end up being an instant solve, but it was darn close. ROLL came first after noticing “LO” at the beginning of the anagram. With those letters crossed out, READY and TO were easily spotted in the remainder to seal the deal. On to tomorrow! Until then, be well and enjoy the day.


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  1. LOBBY = Last used on 08/05/21 as BOYBL
    WOULD = Last used on 06/17/20 as LUDWO
    HARBOR = Last used on 11/03/20 as RRHOBA
    TICKET = Last used on 10/12/19 as ITTCEK
    READY TO ROLL = Last used on 01/03/14 as OLLDOETRARY


  2. With the 20th anniversary of 9/11 it struck me that “Ready to roll” was not a great choice. Todd Beamer’s last words were “Let’s Roll!”. I doubt there is any real connection between when the J is done and when it is published.
    Easy one today….
    We are cooling down temporarily in SoCal. It’s actually really beautiful here at this time. Heat will rise in a week and fire season is on the horizon.

  3. Hi Mig. The puzzles are submitted about 6 weeks in advance of publication. But they are dated. And yes, certain words can trigger certain memories, but I don’t see a problem with today’s wording. And from what we know of David, we can be sure that he’d never be insensitive towards anyone. Just a coincidence…Enjoy your night, Mig…and your beautiful weather…🎳🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Hey Mig. Yes, I know. And I didn’t mean for it to sound as if I was judging you to be. I apologize if I came across that way. I still get triggers, after all these years, from 9/11 that flare my PTSD…so believe me, I’m sympathetic. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. I know the jumble had a word in it that my wife and I went to it tonight and it was rock n ROLL ! We saw the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band at our local county fair and it was a great TICKET! Had a great night with the weather perfect for an outdoor concert ! Came home and I did the jumble! ! Everyone have a good start to midweek fun ! Nighty Nighty not nitty gritty ‘

  5. Good Morning, Everyone….🎳 ROLLING WITH THE HUNCHES 🎳

    🎶LUCK will come and then slip away….You’ve gotta move bring it back to stay…You just ROLL with it, Baby…Come on and just ROLL with it, Baby …🎶 “Roll With It” – Steve Winwood 1988 https://tinyurl.com/barv538

    🎳 No waiting in the LOBBY…Tracy Clark came through the door,
    The Jumble Editor had a book signing to do before…
    But the team of Jumble Bowlers is real anxious to begin,
    And David, Jeff and Word Search Colin greet her with a grin…
    So WOULD the four be good enough to bring Sudoku down?
    And if Sudoku’s beaten, will they HARBOR ill and frown?
    The Cryptos and the X-Words, they too are on the bill…
    But the winning TICKET goes to one…the Jumblers know the drill
    They’re all psyched up and just can’t wait to see what will enfold…
    They’ll strike now while the iron’s hot…they’re def READY TO ROLL! 🎳🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. 🎟 Before they WOULD be READY TO ROLL on to the HARBOR cruise, they first needed to meet in the LOBBY and verify each TICKET…🎟

    🤷🏻‍♀️ When she agreed to LOBBY, she really didn’t think,
    That it WOULD be so much work…she felt her spirits sink…
    She didn’t HARBOR ill will, but being asked to picket?
    So not on her agenda…and she needs to leave the TICKET
    She’s seeing that the whole thing just don’t fit within her goal…
    It’s better she resign now…’cause she’s def READY TO ROLL…🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. To all our readers observing Yom Kippur tonight, I wish you a peaceful, easy fast, and a meaningful celebration with your loved ones. May you be sealed in the Book of Life. Gmar Chatima Tova… ✡️ 🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. Easy Wednesday puzzle, though not a blind solve….if the answer doesn’t come to me in a nano-second or two, I head straight for the anagrams. Though I must admit, another couple of nano-seconds would have retrieved the puzzle answer I am sure. No problem with anagrams today. Happy Hump Day, too. Will listen to song later, but unfamiliar with it.

  9. When I see mention of bowling in a cartoon, I start looking for words ball or roll and in this case led to a blind solve..for some reason had to spend a few extra seconds on anagram TICKET..but it came into focus and all was done. Have a swell day!!

  10. Good morning. This week continues on a good note. I rolled right through the words and cartoon answer although not a blind solve. I too go right to the letters if after a few attempts I have nothing. Another appropriate song for our daily jumble Angela. Another first on hearing it. You are opening my very limited choice of music which is good for me. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  11. Back from some much needed time off also Ready to Roll with newspaper and pen in hand. Got a kick today’s Jumble vs Sudoku bowling match. Not much else today because I can’t believe the number of emails that I have to sort out. Delightful weather on the Great Plains and so it goes.

  12. I also was “ready to roll” today through the anagrams w little to no forethought,and a quick blind solve of the cartoon,Not bad for this old time bowler,who won his first trophy at the age of 8 in a father/son doubles tournament with his Dad in an old time 8 lane bowling ‘alley’ housed behind a bar.

  13. With the team lined up at the gate.
    The last of the team rolled up late
    “C’mon! We’re ready to roll
    Let’s all start to bowl
    Behind the ball we need all your weight!”

    • Hi Helen…🙋🏻‍♀️

      🎳 The foursome we see here today,
      All so talented in their own way…
      They’re all ready to roll,
      And the win is their goal…
      Here’s hoping no ball goes astray! 🎳

      🎳 With a hope that Sudoku goes down,
      Jumblers’ excitement is knowing no bounds…
      They’re ready to strike,
      They’re all thinking alike…
      And they’re hoping to take home the crown! 🎳

  14. I’m with Alan. Paused at ticket but other than that it was an easy solve. At first I thought the cartoon answer might be Ready to Strike but of course didn’t have the necessary letters. Appreciate all the information about the individual bowlers, Mike. I think it’s great the way Jeff & David personalize so many of their puzzles. They’re so very clever. Have a good Wednesday all.

    • My pleasure, Betty. I’ve heard a lot about these folks so it was nice to finally be able to put a face to their names. Wishing you a wonderful rest of your day!

  15. Hi, ya’ll. I thought I had it solved even before I solved any of the anagrams …… Ready to bowl. So after solving the anagrams it could have been bowl if the W replaced the L in would, and B replaced the R in harbor.

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