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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…


    🎶 BONEY BONES is what they called my Sweetheart….Boney Bones, my Darling she was called….Boney Bones, because she had no meat on,…BONEY BONES, was the only name she owned…🎶 “Boney Bones” – Louie Prima & Keely Smith 1951 https://tinyurl.com/ay83awb4

    💃🏻 The industry brought out the GUILT, whenever weight AROSE,
    Like dogs within a KENNEL…there were times one felt morose…
    A model’s life all WHIMSY? Sad to say that’s not a fact,
    One needs work hard to stay so svelte, if not one may get sacked
    It’s not all glitz and glamor…not all smiles and sly grins…
    The regimen? Exhausting…and ‘oft times it’s WEARING THIN…💃🏻

    As one of the most competitive career choices out there, one has to be lucky…and have the right agent, to become a successful model. And of course, have the look…And as someone who’s past the half-way mark of the “Quarantine Fifteen”?…I salute them. And that’s all the time I’m going to WAIST on that…

    So, this morning we adDRESS all old favorites, with fresh FACEd anagrams. And while one of the Early Birds barked at KENNEL, the rest all reLEASHED their Jumble prowess, and made quick work of today’s words. And as for the solve? Suffice to say it was a RUNWAY…I mean a runaway…They didn’t have to THINk much at all…Ok…now here’s the https://tinyurl.com/jw7futmn SKINNY…

    Today, finding ourselves in the city apartment of one of our three winsome women, we overhear two of them questioning the third, a fashion model. THINking that her chances of enjoying the night’s meal are SLIM to none, they can’t understand how she could be satisfied with just that sliver of pizza on her plate…And our main character, a MODEL of decorum, is nicely saying that they’re right…she’s definitely HAD HER FILL of the constant dieting. She’s tired of it, and she’s HUNGRY for a change…Because this whole dieting thing? …It’s FASTly just WEARING THIN!! https://tinyurl.com/vh9fajtz WEIGH to go, David!

    Jeff’s Gems? There’s a cat asleep on the couch under the huge window, that must afford the apartment dweller some great LIGHT. And there’s a big salad being served with the pepperoni pizza…And if you look very closely at the pizza, starting directly under the salad bowl, and counting clockwise, you can see between slices two and three, where our girl cut out that little sliver. It’s so tiny! IMO? Why WAIST your time…But the two things that are whetting my APPETITE this morning? Firstly, I only see two napkins on the table…One by the middle woman’s plate, and another to the left of our model…So where’s the third? I guess we can say it’s SLIM pickins when it comes to napkins…but at least it’s not a total WIPEout…And secondly? Where are the forks to eat the salad? I mean it might be a TINEy oversight…but I had to POINT it out…

    So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a good one…Be well, stay safe, and I’ll share with you what transpired when I spoke to my Doctor about this pandemic weight gain…He recommended exercising to slim down, as well as drinking orange juice for vitamins…Who knows…I guess it’s the WEIGHT and “C” approach 💃🏻🙋🏻‍♀️


    The puzzle of 01/16/15 – The question: “For the fashion model, always being on a diet and counting calories was”… The solve: WEARING THIN…

  3. 🤷🏻‍♂️ There was no sense of GUILT that AROSE when he fired the employee who had been hired to clean the KENNEL, since his irresponsible idea of WHIMSY was WEARING THIN…🤷🏻‍♂️

    🦮 She hated leaving her sweet pup, and growing was the GUILT,
    She’d found a real good KENNEL, lots of air and light…no filth…
    They showed a sense of WHIMSY there…the dogs all did look well,
    But still sadness AROSE in her…which she tried hard to quell
    The feeling of uneasiness, she’d hope it’d go…but when?
    She leaves soon and she’s well aware…Excuses?…WEARING THIN…🦮

  4. AROSE would smell so sweet but was the hardest for me.
    Solution took a few minutes.
    Currently living on the beach with waves crashing into the building. The waiters literally had to close the windows and mop the floor in the bar.
    Dodgers up 4-1 and my Bday is tomorrow…

  5. It’s partial credit day for me…..Figured out the THIN….and thought the first word would end in ING….but that’s all folks. Went speedily through anagrams for the final solve. Don’t know that particular song, but love Louis Prima and Keely Smith recordings…so I will take listen to Angela’s fine choice. See you Saturday.

    • Good Morning, Terry. They were quite a pair! I hope you enjoy it…Have a good one. 🍕🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. I’ll start us off today Angela. No doubt you have your own angle on this!

    It’s the same thing day after day
    So little food that I’m fading away
    But I have to stay skinny
    With a look that is mini
    It’s just part of the game that I play!

    • Hi Helen…I like the “fading away”!…I wrote up a few, from both sides of the fence 😉…but I’ll go with these two…

      🤦🏻‍♀️ A model’s life isn’t all glam,
      There’s no dining on ice cream and ham…
      So a lot of them smoke,
      Because with each toke…
      It helps keep up the “no hunger” scam…🤦🏻‍♀️

      🍕A sliver of pizza won’t do,
      Nor just salad…so this woman’s through…
      She longs for a meal,
      With some calories real…
      And is thinking perhaps of beef stew! 🍕

  7. Good morning. Not much of a problem with the words this morning. As for the cartoon answer, that took a little time to get. I put ING aside and played around with the 8 remaining letters and finally solved it before my patience began wearing thin. Loved your song choice Angela. I have a tape of his songs but never heard this particular one. They were appreciated better live because of their shtick. They had a lot of energy. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Great job on identifying the suffix first, Paul. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get the job done. Have a great weekend! 🙂

    • “Before (your) patience began wearing thin” 👏🏻👏🏻LOL! Nicely stated! 😉 Good Morning, Paul. Glad you enjoyed my song pick. Wishing you a good one…Be well and stay safe…💃🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. Top of the morning to you all,anagrams went well,even whimsy,but wearing in the cartoon answer stumped thus newly 78 year old!

    • Top of the morning? Did I miss something? 😉 Not to worry, Professor. I’m sure you’ll redeem yourself tomorrow. It’s a good one! Enjoy your day, Prof…and your extended Birthday weekend…🍕🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Ditto on all three, Betty. And wishing you a good day, too. Enjoy! 💃🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

      • It looks like “WEIGHTING” has been used a couple of times before, LA. “WEIGHTING” AREA was used on 12/14/13 and featured a gym. (A) WEIGHTING ROOM was used on 01/01/95 (New Years Day) and showed some Doctors at a gym.

    • Hi LA…The model being so painfully thin, the talk about not eating, and the word diet, all added up to THIN. And then the idiom…WEARING THIN was pretty evident…Plus it had a very clever double meaning here too. She’d run out of patience, bit also the fact that model’s WEAR the clothes…The clues are always there…in the dialogue and the drawing…you just have to seek them out. Thanks for commenting, and I hope we get to see you again. Have a great day! 🍕🙋🏻‍♀️

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