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  1. Happy Tuesday everyone! Approximately 1.9 billion adults in the world are overweight — that’s nearly 39% of all people. When it comes to the United States, just over two-thirds of the population find themselves either overweight or obese. Having been one of those folks, I know all too well how hard it is to shed those extra pounds.

    All of today’s clue words were standard fare. None of them returned as being new, but two of the anagrams did. NEPDU and WLIPOL were the two that we’ve definitely seen before. CEOBNK took a few extra seconds to see, but other than that I thought they were a cinch!

    Today’s cartoon introduced us to a gentleman having trouble getting his belt fastened. The action lines around the buckle and strap indicate that he’s pulling the ends as tight as he can, but there’s no slack left to get it secured. Whenever I ran into that problem, my solution was to poke another hole in the strap! Since they’re both in semi-formal attire, they’re probably headed out for a night on the town. Some of the details were two pairs of pants and a shirt on hangers in the closet, the hinges on the folding door, the loops of the woman’s necklace and the small hole in the mirror where it was fastened to the wall. I also happened to notice that his shirt was staying together without any buttons. Cartoon magic!

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of 10-letters. The layout kept the solution well hidden, but the action lines near the belt buckle and the leading nature of the sentence made this one an instant solve. BUCKLE DOWN is a common phrase, and I was surprised to find it hasn’t been used in a Jumble before. I’ve also heard KNUCKLE DOWN which means the same thing. On to tomorrow! Until then, be well and enjoy the day.

  2. Got everything today without issue.
    UPEND caused a ‘s brief pause. I will lay my head on the PILLOW and hope to BECKON sleep!
    Pretty easy today, let’s see what tomorrow brings…………

  3. Good Morning, Everyone. 🤦🏻‍♂️ THAT QUARANTINE FIFTEEN 🤦🏻‍♂️

    🎶 BUCKLE DOWN down, Winsocki, buckle down…You can win, Winsocki, if you knuckle down…It you don’t give in, take it on the chin…You are bound to win, if you will only BUCKLE DOWN…🎶 “Buckle Down, Winsocki” – Rosemary Clooney & Bing Crosby 1943

    🤷🏻‍♂️ With so much free time on his hands? An UPEND to that diet,
    He went hog-wild, no pun is meant…but that belt?…it don’t buy it…
    The diet’s gone into DECAY, a PILLOW’s formed we see,
    Where once before we saw some ribs…(again, no pun by me)…
    Reflected in the mirror though, it’s looking pretty clear,
    The brunt of weight? His stomach is the burden that he bears…
    He stands before us shoeless still…will it be hard to bend?
    That time spent at the table, yes, it’s cost this bitter end…
    The food that did BECKON to him, causing willpower to drown?
    He needs to turn a blind eye to…and definitely BUCKLE DOWN! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. 🧹Finding DECAY at the lake house, they were forced to UPEND their plans for the night, grab a PILLOW and a blanket and sleep in the car…and in the morning when the mess would BECKON to them, they would BUCKLE DOWN and clean up…🧹

    🗣 He saw the kids UPEND the cart, and run from the DECAY,
    Torn PILLOW here, shred blanket there…upon the ground they lay
    He thought to BECKON the police, but ‘stead went into town…
    And brought them back to clean up…warning, “Boys, go BUCKLE DOWN”! 🗣

  5. Good morning. I found Beckon and the cartoon answer a little difficult with the final solve taking the longest to get. It should have been a quick read with the focus on the belt buckle. Oh well, at least I got it to start the week. Angela, your song choice was cute. What was nice about it was that you could understand every word both sung. Until tomorrow stay well and stay.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Tks…Hoping you stay well and safe too. 🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. It was a blind solve this morning, although not a really easy one. I had to study the picture for a minute or two…until BUCKLE somehow emerged. Glad it happened that way because I had to back in BECKON. Angela’s song comes from 1943’s Best Foot Forward, another of one of those thoroughly mindless, yet enjoyable, old Hollywood Technicolor Musicals !!

  7. You can imagine how he felt,
    When he couldn’t fasten his belt
    “In an effort to lose.
    All that food I’ll refuse
    If I want to be skinny and svelte!”

    • Hi Helen…Good Morning! 🙋🏻‍♀️

      🧀 The pandemic has added to this,
      People eating to conjure up bliss…
      This guy’s put on some weight,
      And now sees that his fate…
      Is a belt that’s resembling Swiss! 🧀

  8. Hi Everyone – Upend stumped me until I tried the Up prefix, and Beckon was tougher. Even after I had the answer, I still had to jumble a lot on paper to get it. The definitions of overweight and obese. have changed over the years, putting more people into these categories.

  9. Today is NATIONAL FRENCH FRY DAY…The irony! The humanity! …
    …But my oh my…the taste! 🍟🙋🏻‍♀️

  10. Final day on the road,but online I got the anagrams and then even the cartoon answer rather easily .Fortunately I don’t have an overweight problem,which may be the new normal weight as opposed to being an over-weight problem,

  11. And don’t forget the French tomorrow le 14 juillet. It’s their special day so you’re allowed to eat a French fry (just one) in their honour. I know that you Americans have a great affinity for France. Perhaps you’ll be able to travel there again soon as restrictions are gradually lifted.

  12. How appropriate to have a puzzle about weight on National French Fry Day. This past year has really been a Poundemic for many folks. There was a sourdough baking craze here in the Bay Area. Didn’t have to waist any time on the anagrams and cartoon answer, everything fit perfectly into place today. Happy Tuesday all!

  13. Hi all – Got all the words pretty quickly – just recognized “decay” from previous uses. I couldn’t guess the answer, but got it from the letters.

    🎵”All ya gotta do is put your mind to it
    Just knuckle down, buckle down, do it, do it, do it
    Well, ya can’t roller skate in a buffalo herd…“🎵(Roger Miller)

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “As he began to UPEND the boards on his deck and got a look at the DECAY that had occurred, he suddenly heard his PILLOW BECKON.”

    • You found a song with KNUCKLE DOWN!!! Mighty impressive, Steve. Hope it didn’t take you OHTANI time!

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