Jumble Answers for 11/05/2016







Happy Saturday morning everyone!  NINTH and AFLOAT were fairly challenging for me, however I managed to get them with a little letter jumbling of my own.  The cartoon was great with plenty of detail.  Captain Hook sure looks peeved as usual.  The cartoon answer was well jumbled and didn’t give anything away.  I found DIDN’T first and the rest was easy to solve.  Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.  😀


6 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/05/2016

    • Hello my friend! It sure was a great puzzle and the cartoon detail was exceptional. It’s definitely chilly in New Hampshire today, and looks that way for tomorrow as well. Take care! 👍🏻


  1. The word upend was the most challenging for me, but I have learned from you to just keep staring at it and not give up so that is what I did. I loved it that Peter’s last name was part of the answer.
    Years ago I did the Jumble every day until my daughter, an auditory learner, began having me tell her the letters out loud and would sometimes say the word before I got it. Proud of her but discouraging for me, a visual learner, I began saying that I was not good at doing the Jumble words and then quit doing it altogether except for guessing the answer to the comic without attempting the words which of course was not always successful.
    Recently I discovered your website with all of your Jumble help, happy talk, and telling us what you are doing. Then I discovered the comment section with fun stuff to read from people like Rita and others. So now I again look forward to doing the Jumble first thing every day, but because I live out west my comments are late. Sorry.
    Missed your happy talk yesterday but hope you stayed awake for all of Dr. Strange because my grandkids say it’s a “must see” movie.

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    • Hi Lelia! I always enjoy reading what others have to say, and I encourage visitors to participate if they have a few spare minutes. I’m very glad that you found my website, enjoy my positive message and have time to leave comments. I try to keep my commentary light and refreshing and will NEVER mix in politics. You choose to come to this website for answers to a puzzle that you enjoy, so I want to continue with a positive and uplifting theme while you’re here. I do apologize for the lack of commentary on the Friday puzzle as my morning was rushed. All my best for a beautiful Sunday. 😀


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