Jumble Answers for 11/06/2016









Good morning everyone and happy Sunday!  A special thanks to Geraldo for emailing me the puzzle — thank you my friend!  I read the cartoon before starting the puzzle and the answer came to me with no trouble at all.  The Sunday puzzle is usually a bit more difficult and I think David and Jeff took it easy on us today.  ATRIUM was my first hiccup but a little rearranging of the letters and I had it.  LAPTOP had me stalled as I thought the answer would have the two p’s together.  As soon as I couldn’t find a word with them together, the word jumped right out at me.  Moving on to the cartoon, it looks like the Knurek family is having a wonderful day at the beach.  I live at the beach and have tried my hand at metal detecting a few times.  I could never understand the beeps and boops the detector made so I gave up after finding 15 soda tabs.  I mentioned the other day that I saw Doctor Strange in the theater on Thursday evening and forgot to say that I really enjoyed it.  I’m a HUGE fan of comic books (guilty pleasure) and the movie was spectacular.  Let me know in the comments section if you read/collect comics.  I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday and I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning so don’t be late!  😊


4 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/06/2016

  1. I too saw the answer right away, I was stuck on FORBID. Then ATRIUM had me “puzzled” but finally. solved by process of elimination of letters in puzzle answer,.
    Is anyone as tired as I am with political ads. Just 2 more days .

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  2. Glad you are back with your usual cheerful greeting and interesting commentary. The word I looked at the longest was atrium, partly because I never trust my spelling. My husband, who does not share my enthusiasm for the Jumble, had a satisfied grin on his face when he got the answer to the comic instantly, but as usual would not look at the words with me. No worries. I have my friendly website.
    My youngest grandchild excitedly told me the whole story of the Dr. Strange movie. Because it’s a Marvel movie, I began thinking again about my stacks of comic books from the mid and late 40’s that my mom threw away before we moved to Arizona. Then I remembered my collection of Elvis records that someone (my younger sister, maybe?) got rid of while I was is college. Oh, well. It’s just stuff. Now the truth: I would like to have those comics to share.
    Hope you have a very happy, restful, slow paced Sunday.

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    • Hi Lelia. My wife and I decided to take the kids to an indoor jump park for the rest of the afternoon. They can get some exercise and expend some energy and we can talk a bit without constant interruptions. I sure would have loved to look through your collection. It’s a shame that they were tossed out but such is life. I hope your getting some sunshine today because it’s rainy and cold up here. Be well and see ya tomorrow!


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