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  1. Happy Wednesday everyone! Manuka honey is a type of honey that is native to New Zealand. It is produced by bees who pollinate flowers of the Manuka bush, and their honey is considered to be a superfood with antibacterial properties. It has traditionally been used for wound healing, soothing sore throats, preventing tooth decay and improving digestive issues. The Manuka bush generally grows at higher altitudes and helicopters are commonly used to transport the beehives in and out of these locations at a very high price. I found a 250 gram jar (just over one cup) of rare Manuka honey on the Harrod’s website with a price tag of $3,795! I swear I’m not pollen your leg!

    All of today’s clue words were returning favorites. Three of the anagrams were new, with POYRTH “bee-ing” the only one we’ve seen before. Since it’s the only one I didn’t initially see, it’ll be my pick for today’s hardest anagram.

    Sweet cartoon of a couple buying some Manuka honey. The name of the shop isn’t given, but we do see their logo on the product box and the sales counter. On the wall behind them is a framed picture of a person in a bee suit that appears to be inspecting a hive frame. I “ar-hived” at a total of 39 bee’s busily buzzing by on my first and only count. You could also see a smoker sitting on top of one of the hives and some mountains in the background. All of the characters in today’s cartoon were wearing unique items of clothing. The clerk had on a striped sweater, the female was wearing a bucket hat and her partner was sporting some Lord of the Rings merchandise. On his trucker hat was an image of Gandalf the wizard while his shirt said LOTR and had a scene from the movie on it. Since the movie was filmed entirely in New Zealand, it’ll serve as our pop culture reference for today!

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of 10-letters. With honey being mentioned in both the panel and the sentence, I guessed “BEE” for the word in quotes. The rest of the answer was no trouble to see with those letters crossed out. Fun characters and a cute finish made this one a keeper. On to tomorrow! Until then, bee well and enjoy the day.

  2. TENTH = Last used on 12/06/18 as NTTEH
    PIXEL = Last used on 09/16/20 as LIEPX
    BESTOW = Last used to 04/18/21 as SEWBOT
    TROPHY = Last used on 04/11/19 as PROTYH

    POYRTH = Used on 10/28/18

  3. Fun one today. No prob with anagrams or solution. I think POYRTH was my hardest.
    Warm and Humid here, not my cup of tea. Soon will migrate for a moment to the central coast of Calif which should coordinate well with the upcoming heat wave.

    • LA must look like a scene out of the Lion King! Humidity always gives me a Clark Kent curl. Some have natural air conditioning and can enjoy the show. Fun puzzle is right, Mig. I hope you enjoyed the HR Derby & All-Star Game if you happened to catch them. 🐝 well!

  4. Good Morning, Everyone…. 🍯 NO MONEY…NO HONEY 🍯

    🎶 HONEY, HONEY…how you thrill me, a-ha, Honey, Honey…Honey Honey, nearly kill me, a-ha, Honey, Honey…I’d heard about you before…I wanted to know some more…🎶 “Honey, Honey – Abba 1974 https://tinyurl.com/2x42prn

    🐝 A discount, even by a TENTH, would definitely be a boon,
    Manuka’s so expensive…one need measure by half spoon…
    It does BESTOW some cure-all’s, that’s why the price is steep,
    Manuka bees a special breed, TROPHY-worthy’s not cheap…
    Not sure where PIXEL comes in, I guess the word I’ll bar,
    And concentrate on the Honey…we see within this jar
    They’re buying it and hoping it’s reviews not counterfeit…
    For wounds, acne, etc…will it prove to “BEE” WORTH IT? 🐝

    Have a good one. Bee well, Bee safe…Bee kind. 🐝🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. 🔎 If you look real closely, there’s an inscription inside the Ring of the LOTR logo…Is it the “One Ring” inscription…” Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul,ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.”…“One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them”? You BEE the judge…🔍🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. 🏆 By the TENTH day, the class knew that the Professor’s curriculum of in-depth PIXEL instruction, though grueling, would BE WORTH IT in the long run, and in appreciation, they decided to BESTOW a TROPHY to him, engraved to read…”Now Dot’s The Way To Teach a Class”…🏆

    🤷🏻‍♂️ So now this is his TENTH attempt, this PIXEL work a bear,
    He needs someone BESTOW a trick to how they should appear…
    Not looking for a TROPHY, he just wants to make the grade,
    But so far with his failures, he sees that dream start to fade…
    Perhaps a second class at night…Would schedule permit?
    It would be tough but bottom line, it’d definitely BE WORTH IT…🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. Good morning. I think I had less trouble today compared to yesterday. Even Trophy was spotted fairly quick. Must have seen it before. The cartoon answer was a snap once I had the letters down. Thanks Mike for the info. You educated me today. I never knew anything about that honey. A little overpriced compared to my $10:00 jar. I’m sure a world of difference but at that price I’ll never know. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  8. At $3,795 a jar, it better Bee Worth It. My maternal grandfather kept bees and it was fascinating stuff. One way to help beekeepers is to plant a variety of flowers that bloom at different times of the year. No time for a sentence today. Hoping all are having a good summer. Enjoy it while it lasts!

  9. Like other Jumblers, figured out there must be a BEE somewhere along the way, which led to a blind solve. Stumbled with BESTOW for a few moments, but had to back in TROPHY. Another good Jumble Day….as I hope it will be for others.

  10. Anagrams went quickly even trophy.With the 3 letter words in quotes,I was worried I’d be stumped,but when “bee” popped into my mind,the entire bee worth it was a quick solve.

  11. Not an easy day for me. Both Trophy and Bestow were difficult, and.I didn’t think of “Bee.” My first idea was “their” for the middle word. After I gave up on that, I tried making words with TH, which led me to Worth and the rest. I never heard of Manuka honey before. Recently, I learned that honey is one of the most adulterated foods.

  12. The benefits Manuka will bring
    Is the hope to which they all cling.
    Yes, the very best honey
    Costs plenty of money
    But even this has a bit of a sting!

    (The money and honey line came to me from Edward Lear’s “The Owl and Pussy-Cat” – They took some honey and plenty of money wrapped up in a five-pound note.)

    • Hi Helen…🙋🏻‍♀️
      🍯 Bacteria don’t stand a chance
      Cause these bees, well… they’re very advanced
      Be it wound or sore throat,
      As the clerk’s heard to quote…
      “One’s life now this will truly enhance…” 🍯

        • Yes, it is. It’s a lot of fun…And I’d BEE willing to do more if you’d like! 🙋🏻‍♀️

          • Well, we might start to bore people with too many limericks. You see, I have a bee in my bonnet about limericks and it (the bee) stings me all the time!

            • Hi Helen…I’m obsessed with Limericks also, always have been. The lightheartedness of them is always such fun to work with. But you may be right…we wouldn’t want to drone 😉 on about them…So I’m up for whatever you choose…Have a good night, Helen. Bee 🐝well! 🙋🏻‍♀️

              • I’m getting on here late! Playing catch up with Tuesday and Wednesday. Just wanted to say, You girls keep up with your limericks! Not boring at all! They are very entertaining! ☺️

  13. Buzzed right through the anagrams and cartoon answer this morning. Thanks for enlightening me about Manuka Honey, Mike. I had never heard of it but then again at that price they don’t stock it at my local Safeway. Have a sweet day all.

  14. Hi all – TROPHY and BESTOW should have taken me longer, but I just lucked out recognizing them. BEE was obvious in the answer from the quotes, and the letter layout gave me the answer that the dialog confirmed.
    I liked that the honey jar is hexagonal, like a honeycomb cell. I suspect a lot of producers use it though.

    🎵”Honey honey, up in the trees
    Fields of flowers deep in his dreams
    Lead them out to sea by the east
    Honey honey, food for the bees“🎵 (by Feist)

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “He knew the tech industry judges would never BESTOW a TROPHY on his company when he saw they had rated his new monitors TENTH in PIXEL quality.”

    • Most of the jars do appear to be shaped like that, Steve. The brand carried by Harrod’s and a few others I found are in a hexagon jar. The brand that Safeway carries is square.

      • Thanks! I’m glad I clicked your link – I was just about the send you the same song!

          • Great song, Angela. I just found out Jimmy died in January of this year. He had a rough life after 1967 after being found unconscious in his car and not being able to remember what happened. Happy Bastille Day!

            • Tks, Chuck, I think so too. And that “accident” still sounds sketchy after all these years, doesn’t it? 🤷🏻‍♀️Hope you’re enjoying your night, Chuck. Always a pleasure…🙋🏻‍♀️

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