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  1. Good Morning, Everyone. 🌳 PLAYING WITH A FULL DECK 🌳

    🎶 I’ve got a few good friends and all my bills are paid…I got the moon and stars above and I’VE GOT IT MADE…🎶 “I’ve Got it Made” – John Anderson 1993 https://tinyurl.com/26z2rskt

    🌳 The weather’s nice, and no one wants to do the HERMIT thing,
    And these Folks would be MADDER than wet hens out on a fling…
    If their hopes to enjoy fresh air were SUNKEN just because,
    The blazing sun was keeping them from spending time outdoors..
    But luckily a Maple tree creates an OPAQUE scene,
    By blocking out the heat and rays…to make things quite serene…
    Their HERBAL garden needs the sun, it serves as an EMBLEM,
    But in the shade they long to be…the cool air’s what suits them…
    This deck they built, a blessing…and now in their verdant glade…
    They’ve got it good, ‘cause with that tree…life’s def MADE IN THE SHADE! 🌳

    I think that I shall never see…A poem as lovely as a tree…A tree that looms above my deck…But those birds nests? Pain in the neck…Just sayin’…I have a friend who did something very similar to this…And I did tell him to consider “Location, location, location”…Now he spends a lot of his time tweeting about the whole thing…

    Anyway…Once again today, TREEmendous group of words, but nothing we haven’t scaled before. And for some strange reason, it was HERMIT and HERBAL that had 2 of the Early BIRDS drawing a PLANK, and clutching at STRAWs. A few of the rest, NESTled comfortably in their easy chairs figured it must be the “H”. But then Jose and Jesus swore that they were barking up the wrong tree…so I decided to just LEAF them to hash it out amongst themselves.

    Ok, so. A family of three, seen in their yard, commemorating the Memorial Day weekend as one should…quietly relaxing, contemplating the true meaning of the Holiday. Not out looking for bargains, or setting off fireworks that sadly trigger the PTSD that plagues so many of our veterans. Having just had a deck built under and around their majestic Maple tree, (which doesn’t come CHEEP), they’re soaking up the ambience instead of the sun’s rays. And with the shaded area drawn around them, plus the dialogue – (perhaps a bit SYRUPy) – so chock full of clues…it couldn’t get any sweeter…The Dad: “Nice to be OUT of the SUN”. The Mom: “We’ve GOT IT pretty GOOD”. The Son: “This is COOL”…And if we can’t get SHADE out of all that…well then maybe we should just be arrested for Jumble TREE-SUN, because it’s all ROOTed right there! They’re feeling cool, they’re comfortable, (both physically and financially)…they’re protected…they have it MADE IN THE SHADE! https://tinyurl.com/3va7e5ms

    Jeff’s Gems? I like the semi-circular bench and Adirondack chairs, but it’s the wind chimes that resonated with me. There are four rods…which are said to bring luck, harmony, wealth and prosperity into one’s life. Now how appropriate is that?

    So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a good one. Be well, stay safe, and if you’re lucky enough to have the shade of maple, elm, and cedar trees…you must be living in a pretty POPLAR neighborhood…🌳🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🙇🏻‍♂️ He figured he had it MADE IN THE SHADE, with the OPAQUE-tinted EMBLEM that he’d designed for the HERBAL salad dressing packaging, and after he’d SUNKEN a ton of money into it, it was done; …but he became MADDER and madder when it was rejected…and his resentment eventually caused him to become a HERMIT…🙇🏻‍♂️

    🚬 He used to be a HERMIT, his life was so OPAQUE,
    He wore his sadness on his sleeve, an EMBLEM…not so vague
    But tired of being MADDER than anyone should be,
    He shook his SUNKEN feeling and decided to be free…
    He grew an HERBAL patch out back, and smoked what he had made…
    And now that it’s been legalized? His life’s MADE IN THE SHADE! 🚬

  3. I read the cartoon dialog first and solved the puzzle, then I went through the anagrams and got 5/6.
    Fun Sunday J.
    Looking forward to the next one!

  4. Pretty easy Sunday Jumble…..solved Jumble answer before doing anagrams….then anagrams solved easily to confirm. I must admit, I do better with phrases compared to long words or sometimes those in quotation marks. All-in-all a good end of the week puzzle !!

    • Yes, very easy. And I don’t think you’re alone, Terry. Anyone familiar with – and a fan of – idioms, as David is, finds these puzzle answers easier than the one-worded longer ones. And the “Quotation Trepidation” is real! LOL! Although it shouldn’t be…The secret to those is to just think a little outside the box…and throw spelling to the wind! Have a good one, Terry. Enjoy! 🌳🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Agree w Terry,a pretty easy Jumble for a Sunday,where the multiple anagrams and letters usually give me trouble ,but not today.Maybe because,today is like a Saturday for us,w our leaving today for the Memorial Day Holiday,rather than our usual Saturday departure.The real memories of The Memorial Day Holiday are on our minds.Safe travels to one and all.

    • Or maybe you’re just becoming a pro at this, Professor! 😉 Enjoy the time with your family, Prof…Be well and stay safe. 🌳🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. I had MIRTHE (mirth) for my first word, which I may have done before. But I was able to get the answer and find my mistake. Wishing all a good day.

  7. Had an easy time of it here this morning too. Wishing all of you a good Sunday.

  8. Good morning. My paper returned. No problem with Hermit, Herbal took a few minutes longer but I was stuck on Opaque so I went to the cartoon and had an instant solve. Now knowing the two letters I needed I backed into the last word. Loved you song choice Angela, it reminded me of my wife and I going with the in-laws to a western bar in New Jersey a long time ago. They were dressed in the garb as a lot of people were. Square dancing and all those country singers, we had a good time. I read your info Angela regarding the paper on phone, I rejected that offer. I mostly use the phone for basic stuff. I’m not looking to have it crash. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Tks, Brooklyn, glad you liked it. I enjoy country music…and I too ventured out into the world of “country”…and line dancing a few times. Definitely not as simple as it looks…And I didn’t realize you were using a phone. I hear ya…I know I wouldn’t enjoy reading the paper on my phone…I use an iPad, it’s a big screen. Enjoy the day, Paul. It’s still raining here…has been…going on 3 days…and right now it’s dark as all get out…Hoping you stay well and safe, too. 🌳🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. Hi all – HERBAL should have been harder to see but it just happened to appear. I’ve had trouble with HERMIT in the past and had to write the letters to see it, and finally MADDER took a couple of jumbles despite the double letter trick.
    The letter layout of the answer made the answer a breeze.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    Got a laugh from “Poplar neighborhood” Angela, and it’s nice to see you gave yesterday’s neglected DASH some more screen time with TREE-SUN. But those wind chimes would spoil the whole relaxing scene for me. But I had never heard of their meanings; interesting!

    “The HERMIT thought he had it MADE IN THE SHADE, but got MADDER than a hatter when a previously OPAQUE EMBLEM over a cave entrance was washed clean by a rainstorm and gave away the location of his SUNKEN HERBAL garden.” (Really had to reach for this one 😱)

    • LOL! Yes, I can feel you stretching! 😂 But they weren’t the easiest words to meld..I had to play around with them too. So, Kudos! 👏🏻And just to keep myself honest..😉 We did TREES one night at the Round Table…and I had that one in the vault ever since! 😂 Have a good one, Steve. Enjoy! 🌳🙋🏻‍♀️

  10. The answer for the online version distributed by Andrews McMeel is MADE IN _HE _H____, with the letters ROPQKMB left over. Much more difficult. 🙂

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