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  1. Happy Tuesday everyone! Now that was a creative solution that I never saw coming. If “THE” hadn’t been given to us it probably would’ve been a night-mare to solve! I don’t recall solving a Jumble where the past tense form of a word was used as part of the solution. Sure, It did look a bit clunky, and wasn’t technically grammatically correct, but I think that was part of its charm. I’d definitely enjoy solving more of these in the future!

    It was all tried and true clue words this morning. RATIFY was the only scramble that wasn’t instantly recognizable. My saving grace was the fact that it had a Y in it. It’s always a good idea to place the Y at the end of the layout if you’re unsure of the answer since that’s where it’ll end up the majority of the time.

    SCRAMBLE RANCH sure looks like the perfect place to live — that is if you’re the type that enjoys the quiet country life. The log cabin home and the stable to the right of it were my favorite details. I noticed some curtains in the windows of the dormers on the home, and a horse-shaped weathervane atop the cupola on the stable. If you looked closely at the weathervane, you probably saw that the horse appears to be galloping! I bet these folks have worked up quite an appetite after riding all day. All that’s left to do is stable the horses, wash up a bit and grab some chow!

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of nine letters. Five of them were consonants and four were vowels. Since F was the last letter I wrote down, OF immediately sprang to mind as being the two letter word. END came into view next followed by RODE for the finish. I must admit that I did go back and check to ensure that I wrote the letters down correctly as the solution didn’t look right to me. Turns out it was a foal’s errand. Have a terrific Tuesday everyone, and keep Jumbling!

  2. ONION = Last used on 03/27/21 as INONO
    EAGLE = Last used on 10/27/20 as ALGEE
    CUDDLE = Last used on 03/01/20 as DULEDC
    RATIFY = Last used on 01/26/19 as TAYRIF

    INNOO = Used on 06/08/17, 03/20/15, 11/08/14, 10/22/07, 02/04/03, 05/12/98, 01/29/94, 06/06/89, 07/12/86, 07/24/78, 05/09/73, 11/04/68, 02/15/64
    LAGEE = Used on 11/01/18, 08/18/10, 05/12/04, 02/28/98, 09/07/92, 04/25/88, 03/14/83, 02/01/78, 09/25/67, 12/23/61, 10/18/60, 01/10/59

  3. Good morning. Breezed through everything today with just a slight pause on Ratify when the light bulb went off. Not enough to claim it as difficult. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  4. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well…🙋🏻‍♀️

    🐴 It’s RATIFY, not gratify, that’s given us today,
    Although we see the ride was great, and that it made their day…
    No EAGLE flies, no waft above…like ONION scent does rise,
    (And I’m trying my hardest with this rhyme…as you’ll surmise)…
    These owners love their horses…sure they CUDDLE them at times,
    This poem today, working these words? Pulling teeth to get a rhyme
    Approaching Scramble Ranch though, there’s no reason need a goad…
    The solve? You see the road end? It’s def the …END OF THE “RODE”! 🐴

  5. 🧅 She was sure she’d reached the END OF THE ROAD trying to RATIFY the recipe using EAGLE brand milk and an ONION…but just reading it upset her stomach so badly, she needed to sit and CUDDLE it…🧅

    🦅 She saw the swooping EAGLE when it hit the ONION patch,
    The baby she would CUDDLE, double-checking the shed’s latch…
    No way now would she RATIFY using this stretch of land,
    The presence of the Eagle proving it got out of hand
    She cowered in the shed, knowing she now had to forebode…
    This site for sure, for plans had now reached the END OF THE ROAD…🦅

  6. Startled to realize this morning that I did not do the Jumble on Monday. How did THAT happen?
    So I Cuddle up with the newspaper and turn my Eagle eye on the anagrams only to Ratify my answers that are layered like an Onion. It’s the End Of the Rode for today’s trip to Jumble land. Enjoying lovely Spring weather on the Great Plains and hope you all are doing the same.

    • All that means is that you had double the fun this morning! We missed you yesterday, OO. Enjoy whatever the day may bring. 🙂

  7. This one does not seem to make sense as it is ungrammatical. This of course results in plenty of shadow solutions, none of which make any better sense; for example, END OF THE REDO. I suspect this Jumble was an ODE OF THE NERD. Maybe one of the horses was an ODD ON THE FREE. Or maybe a storm blew the roof off. END, ED, THE ROOF. Were horses the only animal involved? Or was there a NOD OF THE DEER? And so forth.

  8. Easy puzzle today. I look forward to reading all the comments that folks take the time to write. Makes my day. Thanks everyone

    • Just speaking for myself, thank you for taking the time to say this, Marlene! I’m sure this might encourage someone who is hesitant to post or feels unappreciated, and that’s a great thing!

  9. Easy indeed w double letters in onion,eagle,and cuddle,which looked like dulce-d to me at first.Then the cartoon solution looked like “end of the ride” but w the quotes and lack of an I led to the end of the “rode” solution,

    • I saw CUDDLE as CULLED at first, Chuck. And, yes, I think we were all seeing double today. 🙂

  10. No horsing around here this morning. Anagrams and cartoon answer were easy solves. Happy Tuesday to all! 🐴

  11. Ratify wasn’t easy for me. I needed the answer to back into it. Otherwise, all went well, including the word in quotes. Wishing everyone a good day.

  12. “Den re food” was definitely not the answer, but that’s where my brain got stuck. 😂

  13. Hi all – I took me extra time to unscramble the last two words, even though the double-letter trick combined the D’s in CUDDLE and the Y was at the end of RATIFY (and I did write this before seeing “Scramble Ranch” in the cartoon.)
    I though “End of the ride” for the answer, but didn’t get the pun until I looked at the remaining letters. The first thing I thought when I looked at the cartoon was that I probably wouldn’t want to sleep or eat quite so close to the stables, so I had to smile when I misread the remaining letters at first and saw “End of the odor.”

    Good wishes to everyone.

    I got a good laugh from “foal’s errand”, Mike.

    Angela, I’d like to give you a HAND for the “pulling teeth” and getting these words to fit into a poem.

    “None of the judges would RATIFY the would-be EAGLE scout’s cooking badge when he read the recipe carelessly and attempted to splice an ONION and CUDDLE an egg.”

    • The key was noticing how Jeff drew the cartoon to note that the riders were coming to the “end of the ROAD” that they were on. And it was further DRIVEN HOME by the woman saying, “just a little further” to the horse. But as far as being SADDLED with the rhyme? Tks! Funny thing was, the words were no problem getting them into the generic one, but getting them to RIDE along with the horse theme? It wasn’t easy getting SPURred into action! 😂 …And I like your sentence…that ONION definitely had apPEEL! Good wishes to you too, Steve! 🐴🙋🏻‍♀️

    • That was me too, Steve. I had to look at it a few times before I felt satisfied with my answer.

      I’d be interesting to know which one of the guys came up with it. I’m thinking it was Jeff because this doesn’t seem like the sort of answer David would offer. Very clever!

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