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  1. Good Morning, Everyone ⏰ PROJECTION….DEFECT…ION?

    🎶 We felt that we had it all…Never dreaming love could fall apart…IN NO TIME AT ALL…So when the ending came it took me by surprise…’Cause IN NO TIME AT ALL…you told me goodbye…🎶 “In No Time At All” – Ronnie Milsap 1979 https://tinyurl.com/brxhzkfz

    ⏰ Whatever is the MISHAP, this ain’t no BANNER day,
    The guy just opened up the box, and there is no display…
    Maybe he bought a cheap clock? The prices somewhat vary,
    Each one a separate ENTITY…but this one’s getting hairy…
    He’s upset now, I think perhaps a LIQUID dose would help,
    Same for his wife…’cause look at her…she’s letting out a yelp
    (And NOZZLE just ain’t cutting it…I tried, it won’t get better…
    For that matter, let’s make it two…’cause how would I use WETTER)??
    The bottom line, buying this clock, just looks like a bad call…
    It’s going back after that drink…Def IN NO TIME AT ALL! ⏰

    Projection Clocks… https://tinyurl.com/3aykmja3 Face value? They are what they are. I mean we could go around in circles, and talk about clocks time and time again…but let’s be honest, Folks…the bottom line is always going to be the same…24 hours…and we call it a day…

    So, for the second day in a row, we have a puzzle with words that hardly took any time at all…There was no hitting the ceiling, no need to look up anything, and definitely no cause for alarm…There were simply no ticks for the Early Birds today…And as for the solve? Well let’s just say that there was no need to turn back for a second look…

    Today we find our Jumble couple plugging in their new projection clock, https://tinyurl.com/y3ne7yb9 only to find out that it’s a lemon. And in a split second, we see our man of the hour projecting his dismay, with no turning back his anger… So having no reason to illuminate any further on the subject, he’s decided not to waste any time…He’s bringing the lemon back…toot sweet…And with the dialogue giving us “quick”, and the theme giving us TIME…Let’s face it Folks..The clock broke…IN NO TIME AT ALL…

    Jeff’s Gems? The flames and the resulting smoke rising from the clock? Guess you can’t blame our guy for getting steamed up…And that unhappy face that’s being projected? Well…ironically, it definitely looks like its number is up…and it’s surely been clocked…

    So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a good one. Be well, stay safe. And keep in mind that when it comes to clocks you really can’t put all that much faith into them…After all, they are giving you a lot of second hand information….⏰🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 💦 When turning the NOZZLE on the hose produced no stream of LIQUID, he thought there was a kink in it, but then suddenly the MISHAP…and IN NO TIME AT ALL, he became WETTER and wetter, as another ENTITY presented itself…the hose burst…definitely not a BANNER day for him….💦

    🙇🏻 The spelling word was NOZZLE, but to him the ENTITY,
    Was that he spelt it “E-L”…not correctly as “L-E”…
    And the error, slight a MISHAP, but of course the Bee was lost,
    And he got mad as a WETTER hen, as first place it him cost…
    Then LIQUID started forming, in his tiny eyes of brown,
    As he realized that the BANNER wouldn’t be his shining crown
    But being only 6 years old…the boy, still oh so small…
    Broke down in tears…and sadly ‘twas…IN NO TIME AT ALL…🙇🏻‍♂️

  3. The puzzle went well except I had to back into Mishap. I keep forgetting to look for the Mis prefix.
    Got a kick out of your clock joke at the end, Angela.
    Wishing all a happy spring.

    • Good Morning, Caroline. Thank you…And Happy Spring to you too! Be well, stay safe…and here’s hoping you have a wonderful day! ⏰🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. Mishap also gave me reason to pause.As usual on a Sunday too many letters and words for me to get the cartoon solution.After cheating and seeing the first 2 words and obviously having time as the 4 letter word,at all popped into mind for the complete solution.On the vote,there was no ballot for the cartoon solution just the anagrams .1 more thing,upsets sure have prevailed in the March Madness NCAA basketball tourney,with my Buckeyes,the Tx Longhorns and other top seeds being defeated by 13,14, and 15 seeds.

    • The sound of so many brackets being ripped up by so many fans, so early in the game…has definitely been deafening, Prof! 😱 It’s definitely been a wild start…And thanks for the heads-up on the voting. I hadn’t looked until you mentioned it. Enjoy your day, Prof. Be well and stay safe out there…⏰🙋🏻‍♀️

    • 👏🏻👏🏻 Betty. And Happy Sunday and 💐Spring to you and yours! Hope it’s a good one…Be well and stay safe! ⏰🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Hi all – I was glad to be able to see the answer from the letter layout and the word TIME, because I needed the letters to back into MISHAP. (Tried ISM as a suffix first.)

    Good wishes to everyone, and I’ll also join in with a happy belated Spring that I meant to mention yesterday.

    I had to smile at the song, Angela, because it almost looked like it was performed by Ronnie MISHAP. I also liked the clock joke, just like the guy who walked into the secondhand store to buy one for his watch.

    • Yea, poor guy…his TIMING was off! 😉 And I’m glad you enjoyed mine…just a MINUTE little joke to make you smile…Enjoy your day, Steve. And wishes for a Happy 💐Spring to you too! Be well, and stay safe out there…⏰🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. I usually glide on Sunday and this was no exception, only a pause at MISHAP like several others. Pretty straight forward, easy J to start the week the right way! Nice spring weather in Cally, it will gradually warm up.

    • It is a easy one today…and of course, clever as always. Enjoy your day, Mig. Be well and stay safe…⏰🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Good morning. Just a tad late. Completely forgot to post Sunday. No problem with the words or cartoon answer. Until later in the morning take care and stay safe.

    • I wondered what happened to you! Glad to see that all is well. Pleasant dreams, Paul. 💤🙋🏻‍♀️

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