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  1. It looks like the stakes are high for these fledgling lovebirds. Her idea of a relaxing weekend is spending time together in the great outdoors. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, is pitching her a line about how important the game is and seems in-tent on bringing their television set along for the ride. He really should stop acting like such a simple-tent and realize that it’s 2021. As long as they’re not somewhere in the middle of Canvas, he’ll have no problem watching at least parts of the game on his phone!

    GLINT and THRUSH looked like new clue words, but it turns out that it wasn’t in the cards for today. The only anagram returning as new was FNLISU, and it was also the only one that I didn’t see straight away. I tried to be clever by giving the UN prefix a whirl but it didn’t get me very far. Checking the poll results, it looks like it’s giving quite a few of you trouble as well.

    There were plenty of details in today’s cartoon to keep us diehard Jumble fans con-tent-ed. The one that utilized the majority of space within the panel is the tent that she’s rolling up. And it just so happens that it was also our biggest clue, so I hope you were paying attention! She’s finished getting the sleeping bags ready and has also packed a few items in the trunk of the vehicle. The cooler has a six-pack of ‘something’ sticking out of it, and by the way he’s foolishly acting, there soon won’t be any left! My favorite detail to spot was the piercing on her ear. Jeff didn’t give us a standard lobe piercing, but opted instead for a helix piercing in the top of her ear.

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of 10 letters. It was comprised of three vowels and seven consonants. We’ve had countless “tent” puns over the years so it was quite obvious (to me) where the guys were going with this one. With TENT removed from the equation the rest fell neatly in place after a moment or two. Have a terrific Thursday, and keep Jumbling!

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    1. The 1927 Girl Scouts manual featured the first official recipe for S’mores.

  3. I thought the first word in the cartoon solution was “resent” rather than resist which threw me off. The anagrams were a relatively quick solve.Have a warm and safe day.

  4. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well….🙋🏻‍♀️

    🤷🏻‍♀️ The backward thinking group, RESISTANT to change, deemed it SINFUL when the woman developed THRUSH, and with a wicked GLINT in their eyes would TEASE her mercilessly…🤷🏻‍♀️

    🐦 The THRUSH had built a tiny nest, it looked to be a TEASE,
    He really thought it SINFUL…would it withstand a slight breeze?
    And now the sun had angled, so upon it blinding GLINT…
    He wondered should he help…or would the bird be RESISTANT? 🐦

  5. Another comment regarding camping,similar to not ever having gone fishing,I’ve never gone camping.As the old saying goes,”my idea of camping is spending a night at a Holiday Inn.”

  6. Good morning. No jumble this morning. Instead of the Daily News this morning I got The Wall Street Journal and that doesn’t have jumble in it. Oh well now I can do some snow shoveling. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  7. Paused at sinful because I was looking for something with “un”. However, the cartoon answer was easy because I saw “tents’ right away. So all in all it was a successful morning. I’m with Chuck, I don’t do camping. Many years ago I went to Girl Scout Camp. Upon returning I informed my mother that I NEVER wanted to do that again. My heart goes out to all who are suffering in this bitter cold weather.

  8. Hi all – The UN trick didn’t work for the third word, but a couple of Jumbles did it. Figured TENT was probably at the end of the answer. Thought INCOMPE-TENT or HESI-TENT, but writing the letters showed RESIST.

    Good wishes to everyone, especially those in the bad weather.

    “It wasn’t SINFUL of the gent in the birdwatching competition to use a GLINT of sunlight off his watch to TEASE the THRUSH a little closer, just a bit of gamesmanship.”

  9. A little more challenging today. Cute solution. All quiet on the Western Front where I am, beautiful clear sunny day! Thanks for your info Mike….

    • I tried making a quiz for everyone to enjoy, but lost interest creating it after question #4. “In what year was the Sibley tent invented?” is not my idea of fun. The answer is 1858, and the chap was Henry Hopkins Sibley in case you were curious.

      I’ll trade locations with you any day, Mig. Think of all the bespoke snowballs you could make out here!

      Enjoy your Thursday. 🙂

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