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Good Morning, Everyone!         💊 A BITTER PILL TO SWALLOW 💊

🎶 Don’t go to bed, with no PRICE ON YOUR HEAD no, no (Don’t do it), no, no…
Don’t do the CRIME, if you can’t do the time (Don’t do it)…Keep your eye on the sparrow when the going gets narrow…(Don’t do it) Don’t do it. Don’t roll the dice if you can’t PAY THE PRICE, no, no (Don’t do it), don’t do it…Don’t run your feet down no dead end street, no, no (Don’t do it)…Just keep your eye on the sparrow when the going gets narrow….(Don’t do it) Don’t do it…🎶 “Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow”-Baretta’s Theme – Sammy Davis, Jr. 1976 

💊 This subject’s sad and serious, it’s happened in “real life”
It’s caused heartache and hardship, a story full of strife…
You wonder how the DEITY will deal with such a man,
Devoid of GLINT but GLOSSY-prone to get all that he can.
A TENANT of the prisons, he now is serving time…
You wonder if the sentence really serves to fit the crime.
HIs greed and smug indifference has caused a lot of pain,
And now he gets no pleasure from what was ILL-GOTTEN GAINS 💊

So, we’ve made it through another week of Jumble Jewels. And it looks like we have another new word today, in DEITY. Our others? All Sweet Repeats, with TENANT, having appeared here as recently as June 13th. But with its’ double-double consonant offering, it may still be the stumper of the day…although DEITY has a good chance to hold that HIGHER POWER. Overall, a good way to close out our WORD WEEK..So, on to our solution. Today’s cartoon deals with a subject matter a lot more serious than what we’re used to. Having been headline news in the recent past, we’re brought into a COURTROOM, where the trial of the PHARMA BRO is taking place. Jeff’s likeness of him is uncanny. He’s somehow managed to capture the man’s arrogant look overshadowed by eyes devoid of any sense of humanity. I’m not even going to mention his name. You, our dear readers are free to look up “THE MOST HATED MAN IN AMERICA” should you care to. Bottom line here is that we’re WITNESSing a trial of this man, who MANAGED to GAIN a ton of MONEY and it was mostly GOTTEN because there were people ILL with AIDS, who needed the MEDICATIONS that his company provided…and he RAISED the PRICES drastically…Mostly…Because if that wasn’t enough, he also DOCTORED the books, and smugly TROLLed the Internet after it. And we see that the dialogue quotes him as saying he needed a new Yacht…The word INSOUCIANT may have been COINed just for him…So, with our question asking what his PROFITS were? They were ILLGOTTEN GAINS. Good one, David. Right on the MONEY

And eye candy? The looks of pure disgust on the faces of the JURY tells it all…There’s nothing sweet about this today, it’s just a BITTER PILL to swallow. So, There you have it, Folks, Done…Have a great day, Everyone…And I’ll leave you with this old proverb…”GREEDY eaters dig their graves with their teeth”. Chew on that, PHARMA BRO…💊🙋🏻


24 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 07/13/2018

  1. The new TENANT wanted super GLOSSY paint in his foyer to emphasize the GLINT from the golden DEITY across the avenue
    No problem with the clue words and in your archival checking Angela, I think deity has appeared before–not sure. The solution took some time but once ILL was separated from all those letters, Voilla–“Ill-gotten gains” Very clever
    Interesting song choice Angela and one that I shall check out later.
    Your poem and post says it all about the scum you call “pharma-bro” Enough said about this sad and pathetic misuse of power and overwhelming greed.

    • Good Morning, Earl. I thought DEITY seemed familiar also, but I couldn’t find it. But since I do a lot of puzzling on the Jumble App, I sometimes think I see the words there also, so it’s easy for me to blur the lines…I’ll know better later. Nice sentence..great imagery! Thanks for the Shout Out and the Poem Nom. The song is from the old TV show, “Baretta”, and it creeps into my mind every once in a while…This morning it just seemed to fit. As for the solve, the key for me was the mention of PROFITS in the question. And since I recognized him right away, the clever answer, being an oft-heard phrase immediately came to mind. I then went back to do the words, which I agree were easy, breezy. But please note, I didn’t dub our featured character Pharma Bro, that was the media. The names I’ve dubbed him would never get by the censors…Wishing you a great day, Sir! The weather’s beautiful down here, I trust it’s the same by you…💊🙋🏻

    • Earl. I pulled this up for both you and Paul. Sammy sings the song here, but before he goes into it, he’s shown speaking with an audience at a live performance. There was just something so special about this man. Not only could he do it all…Sing, dance…(God, could he dance)!, dramatically act, deliver comedy..etc., he did it all with such grace, warmth and dignity..Despite at the time living with the indignity of some pretty blatant racism. And he dealt with the ugliness of segregation then too, among other things. He really was one of a kind. Anyway…(Can you tell I’m a fan)?..I just thought you might enjoy this. I didn’t look the song up this morning, because I knew the verses I’ve posted, but I’m glad something prompted me to search just now, because I almost forgot what a treasure Sammy really was..I hope you enjoy this as much as I did…

    • EARL and PAUL…Uh oh!! This didn’t happen when I sent the link to myself as a verification before posting! I didn’t think it would transpose like this! To you both, let me know when you’ve seen it, and I’ll take it down…🎶🙋🏻

        • Earl..? I’m hoping you’re not at home, and that this is you. I’m going to pull the link down…I’m working on something else anyway…Any you’re very welcome. It’s always my pleasure…

  2. Good morning. Thank you ever so much Angela for that great piece. That man was a prince and what talent. You never heard a bad thing about that man one of my favorite performers. Don’t you find it odd that in that song “don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time” fit the star of the show in real life. What’s that about—–Life imitating art. Enjoyed your poem and puns as well as Earls use of the words. I had the first word with i befor e. You know the rest, except after c. Did it again Angela. No problem with the other three words but after ten minutes on the cartoon,I just gave up. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! You’re very welcome! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! And yes, Sammy was a prince! I’m smiling because you’ve read my mind with the story that ended up developing. Robert Blake’s got one colorful past. You should read up on him when you get a chance…His life from beginning until now is a story in itself. He even got married again earlier this year to a 55-year old woman who had never been married before…He’s now 83. Supposedly they knew one another for decades, and even dated back in the 90’s. So what’s her story? She carried a torch all this time? Hmm. One wonders! 😂 😂 Thanks for the Shout Out and Poem Nom. I truly did this one with a rope around my neck, since the theme really struck a nerve, but it’s done. And the I before E? ROTFL! Did your ears ring sometime last week? I was trying to teach it to a couple of the Little Ones, and I was reciting the “poem” and one of them said…”Aunt Angela you try to make a poem out of everything in life”! ROTFL! I had to tell him this one wasn’t mine! …And I mentioned you. I told them that it’s something important that they’ll need to know even when they get older…They just give me those “looks” sometimes..You know like..”Yea, ok, whatever”! LOL…These kids crack me up! And as for the solve…The clues, Paul. You have to look for the clues…You can’t give up that easily …It’s not always “in the letters”! Anyway, always a pleasure, Brooklyn. You know you help set the tone for my day! Have a good one, Bud! Don’t forget the Sunscreen! 💊🙋🏻

  3. Origin
    This idiom used ill in the sense of badly or wrongly and has been used since at least the early part of the 1800’s. It is used in some Bible translations…New American Standard Bible
    Ill-gotten gains do not profit, But righteousness delivers from death. Prov. 10:2

    • Good Morning, Clay. Yes, it is a tried and true old phrase. I’ve known it forever; where I first heard it though, I couldn’t tell you. But it immediately popped into my head this morning. If I’m not mistaken, it may be used in “sports speak” also. I wonder if I may ask a question of you? I’m trying to remember if you’re a retired academic. You have the bearing of one. I’m just curious,..Of course you don’t have to answer if it makes you uncomfortable to do so. Wishing you a good one, Sir! 💊🙋🏻

      • Nope, retired but am an Individual Investor, but I do have a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary. Studied to become a History teacher but then found out I really didn’t want to work with kids! lol Watch Jeopardy and play a lot of Live Trivia at sports bars! Never heard of ill-gotten gains in sports unless we are talking about the former owner of both the Expos and Marlins who scammed both cities and made off with his ill-gotten gains! Ha

        • Sorry, I’m confusing you with someone else….Ah yes, the owner who shall REMAIN nameless…(I’m putting that out there for anyone else…just in case. I don’t feel comfortable naming some names here). I too play a lot of trivia at Sport Bars. Don’t you love it! I also have a group of 4 friends, who I call the Lous, who together with me call ourselves the Luigi Board. (Was that sentence proper English? Sounds a little odd). We hold “Round Table” meets, where we go at it like fiends. We usually do a 6 Degrees game, and the puns become totally irreverent. The best of the night drinks for free…it’s ruthless, and more fun than you can imagine…
          I’m ROTFL with your “not wanting to work with kids”! At least you’re an honest man! Just now, I’m reading, and I got up to the Theological part? I cringed a little. I thought for sure I’m ending up in hell…LOL😂..But then I came to the History part, and did a “Phew”! ROTFL…I think you may have given me a gray hair or two…For a moment there, I thought you might be a man of the cloth! I’ve been told that there isn’t enough penance…😂😂
          I’m out on the water, and everyone’s phone and iPads just starting pinging like a symphony that carried through the open air…with this breaking news about the Mueller investigation and the DNC hacking…There’s just no end…Anyway, thanks for answering me. I hope I haven’t overstepped…🙋🏻

      • FYI
        I’m a retired academic( math prof) ,avid golfer( only play golf on days of the week that end in a ‘y’ ) and amateur musician( accordion player).

        • Hey Chuck! Good evening! Where’ve you been all day? So…FYI…How could I forget your academic background? Haven’t I called you Professor? (It’s the Math part I ignore)! 😂 No, I don’t know who I’m thinking of…For all I know it may not even be someone here. I just have this thought in my head of someone living in a rather remote area and being a former academic…Maybe it was a movie I saw! 😂😂 Trust me, with me, anything’s possible! And I remember your golfing prowess, your 4 yr old twin girls, the musical talent, and the fact that LeBron broke your heart….(Now ask me what I had for breakfast..Uh…)!! .😂😂 Hope your having a good night, Sir…Your Indians are shutting out our Yankees as we speak…so I’m figuring you’re doing just fine! ⚾️🙋🏻

  4. DEITY took a bit longer but once again no answer words came to me right away. I saw a number of double letters and tried working with these, which helped me find ill and then the rest of the phrase.
    So nice to be reminded of the great Sammy Davis. Wishing all a great day.

    • Hi Caroline. I’m pretty sure that DIETY will show up as new. And it’s hardly a common word. For some reason, the answer popped right out for me. A very clever pun, I think. Sammy? A gem, right? Glad you enjoyed it! Hope you’re having a great day, Caroline! Be well…💊🙋🏻

  5. No problem with the clue words again today but the answer was another matter. Had to put the paper away and then come back to it. Finally found gains and then the rest fell into place. It was a good challenge this morning but I got it ! – eventually. Just love it when I’m stumped but finally do figure it out. Have a good Friday. By the way, where is Mike? Hopefully he’s on vacation. Seems like a while since we’ve heard from him. Happy Friday everyone.

    • Hey Betty. The challenge! I love it too! Definitely a good pun, with a fantastic drawing, right? Too bad the subject matter stinks! 😉 Mike is fine. He was on an away vacation, and then after he came home a few things transpired. Nothing earth shattering, just unexpected. So he figured he’d take a staycation besides. He’s fine, and I’m in constant touch with him. And you’re right, it has been a while now! I think I spoiled him! 😉😉 I’ll be happy to see him back here also…God knows the complaints that may be piling up!! 😉 LOL…I’m pretty sure he looks in and reads the comments every once in a while, but if not I’m going to tell him to take a look at this…Happy Friday to you too, Betty! Ciao! 💊🙋🏻

      • You do a great job, Angela. I was just concerned by what seems like a prolonged absence. Keep up the good work. I don’t know how you can be so clever day after day. Cheers!

        • Hi Betty. Thank you so very much. But please don’t think for a moment that I meant to infer/and or thought that it was any of “us” who would complain. You know how it is, “family puts up with family” 😂😂 But I remember each time Mike had left for a while in the past, upon his return, comments would be posted about how people couldn’t “take one more day of that girl”! 😉 Let’s face it, Mike and I do have very different styles! And trust me, I miss him here too. But as I said, you’re right, it has been quite a while. The last time he posted was June 21st!.I remember it well!’ I better tell him to give a Shout Out…And thanks again for your kind words. I try! Have a great night, Betty! Saluti! 🍷🙋🏻

  6. Hi all – That was a fun puzzle; a TIDY DIETY, a LIGHT that became a GLINT, a GLOSSY SYSLOG which looks like a perfectly good word to me, and “No, no, NANETTE”, which is what I say when my doctor’s nurse approaches me with a needle (and how I remember her name.)

    I must say, the defendant is at least refreshingly honest. I hope it doesn’t help him. (I see after reading the comments, it didn’t. I didn’t realize it was the actual person.)
    Having gone to the pharmacy three times in the last two days makes me even more sympathetic to those who suddenly couldn’t afford their medications.

    And Angela, you know what Sammy and I have in common. 😉😂

    Nothing to add to the puzzle, so have a great Friday everyone!

    • ROTFL! Poor, Poor, Nanette, you mean! SMH! 😉 And I thought of Light this morning too. Not in place of GLINT, just because of its definition…I’m surprised you didn’t recognize the defendant. And trust me, the honesty shown here is the “joke”. I doubt very much anything even remotely resembling honesty ever crossed this guys’ lips. He wouldn’t know it if it hit him in the face…This was just Jeff giving us a little gift…And Steve..I’m starting to create a dossier 😉There’s just TOO MUCH information! 😂 Maybe this is why I can’t sleep nights? 😂😂 Have a good one, Bud! 💊🙋🏻

  7. Hi, all!

    Steve, I couldn’t get the first word, but it was time for me to take a pill and the second I got up to do it, your “fermenting brain-bilge method” gave me DIETY immediately. Thanks.

    Jumble Mike, I used your method of “self-jumbles” to get GLINT. Thank you!

    Clay, I used your “double letter” rule to finish up with GLOSSY and TENANT. Thanks 3 times.

    The first word I saw in the answer letters was ILL, which led to ILL-GOTTEN GAINS rather quickly.

    The TENANT thanked his DIETY for helping him find an apartment that had a GLOSSY shine on the clean kitchen appliances and a well-scrubbed GLINT in the kitchen sink.

    • Please excuse me, I now have to go to the chalkboard and write the word “DEITY” one hundred times.
      When we returned from the Holy Land trip, I wrote a poem to share with everyone and accidentally spelled a word in the title “mosiac” rather than MOSAIC.
      I am a very fast reader but a relatively poor speller.

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