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Good Morning, Everyone!       🏃🏻🔫 CHASE, RATTLE AND ROLL 🔫🏃🏻

🎶There’s fear and darkness all around you…The criminals are on the run.
No use in hiding in the dark, I’ll hunt you down…’Cause I’m the dog….I’m the dog…The big bad dog…THE BOUNTY HUNTER…🎶 “Dog, The Bounty Hunter” – Ozzy Osbourne 2005

🏃🏻🔫 A Bounty Hunter’s job involves the chase to get the money,
The man who is a HIKER to these guys is far from funny…
Run from the law? No it won’t do – Jump bail? It’s quite ABSURD,
They’ll PUSHUP every obstacle…by money they are spurred…
A flair for the dramatic, an EMCEE of a kind…
They can be quite flamboyant, once they have someone to find.
These criminals who are at large, they think they have a scheme?
The Bounty Hunter’s chase is on – Watch him PURSUE HIS DREAM…🔫🏃🏻

And…So It begins…Thursday, WORSE-day? And here we were doing so well, right? RUNNING along, easy, breezy, maybe a tic or two…And then, today? A few words to CAPTURE our attention! We have three Sweet Repeats, and another new word in PUSHUP. RECORD breaking in my opinion. So many new words. And how funny is it that the Auto-Correct gave me a RUN FOR MY MONEY trying to type it? It kept hyphenating the word. PUSH-UP! So, I Googled it…and lo and beHOLD, there it was, both ways. And being one of those Combination words that so many of us try to AVOID, I’m choosing it as the word that’s BOUNTY give us some grief today! And BY THE WAY, yesterday’s JIGSAW? It was also a new addition to the Jumble Vocabulary, which if my figures are correct, now brings our total to 3,217 words. Anyway, enough of this wordplay…Let’s TACKLE our solution…Today, Jeff’s brought us to the office of the “GOTCHA BOUNTY HUNTERS“. We see our Man of the COWER, who I think I’ll call PUP, shown interviewing a new recruit, SKIP, who’s voicing his life-long DREAM to PURSUE criminals, and become a BOUNTY HUNTER. PUP is obviously very TAKEN IN by the guy, so he hires him right on the spot. I mean let’s face it, anyone with this kind of enthusiasm, you can’t let GET AWAY, am I right? So with our question asking what SKIP’S planning to do? PURSUE HIS DREAM! Good one, David! Take ARREST after this one…you’ve EARNED IT!

OK, eye candy…We have a few angles to PURSUE today…There’s the WANTED POSTERS on the wall. Two men: David, on the right, and perhaps Jeff at left? Looks like him, but it could be a case of MISTAKEN IDENTITY. SKIP’S shirt is emblazoned with a Star, but that remains to be SEEN…We’ve got PUP, outfitted with those Spiked HANDCUFFS you may have seen AROUND. Oh, it’s called ARREST cuff? Sorry, my bad. He’s also sporting a hanging earring, HOLDING a Wanted Poster, and wearing an odd pair of boots…TRACKING boots perhaps…But what really CAUGHT my eye this morning? PUP’S TATTOO…It’s Monopoly’s UNCLE MONEYBAGS, in character as JAKE THE JAILBIRD, being dragged off TO JAIL, by the truncheon-wielding OFFICER MALLORY! Now what are the CHANCEs of that? Way TO GO, Jeff! You’re a real CARD! And I’d say you COLLECT major Kudos for this one! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! GET OUT there and CHASE your DREAMS🔫🏃🏻🙋🏻

27 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 07/12/2018

  1. After the HIKER became a professional EMCEE, it may sound ABSURD but he could no longer do a single PUSHUP.
    No difficulty this morning, even with PUSHUP which I thought needed a hyphen but I tried it out and after getting the solution fairly easily, knew I had the right word. I think I’ll still use a hyphen when I write that word, if ever.
    I’m not a big fan of Ozzy Osbourne or his music but your choice was certainly right on the mark with the cartoon, well done Angela.
    I also appreciated your drawing my attention to details which would have otherwise been skipped over. These cartoons have so much more than a cursory glance will reveal—wonderful work.
    Off on a busy day of personal errands and other “stuff” that has to be done.
    Tranquil Thursday everyone.

    • Good Morning, Earl. Same here, no fan of Ozzy. But I bit the BULLET, and for the first time ever went with what worked, without liking it…(threw a few “W’s” in there for ya). 😉 Thanks for the Shout Out, and your sentence is a LOCK! UP there with the best of them! Found the puzzle to be a gift also..Let’s see what the others think..It’s good to be busy…Boredom tends to cause ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT! 😂 Have a good one, Earl! 🏃🏻🙋🏻

  2. PUSHUP slowed me down before I came to a stop on the answer. But I saw his and eventually pursue, which just left dream to unscramble. I missed all those fun puzzle details, Angela, so thanks again.

    • Good Morning, Caroline. You’re very welcome. It’s fun searching for them. And you’re not alone, PUSHUP Is masterfully anagrammed. Hearing from a lot of people though, that they’re finding the answer to be a NIGHTMARE! I found the KEY to be in the dialog…We shall see I guess. Hope you have a great day! 🏃🏻🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Angela,great job as always and I’ll take your word on the song for the start of an interesting and informative post. Not and I do mean NOT a fan of either the show “Bounty Hunter”or Ozzie Osborne,I’ll accept it as gospel truth. My ears are not trained for whatever comes out of Ozzie’s mouth. Sorry about that. Earl,nice job again. Did you purposely tweak our interest by saying errands and “other stuff” to do. It’s the other stuff that has us guessing what it could be. I hope you know it’s all in good fun. I’ll go off script and give you my sentence. It was Absurd to think we could get a well known sportscaster to Emcee our dual Push-up and Hiker contest. No problem again with today’s entire jumble. My only problem is that I think it is absurd to say that absurd was not the hardest word among the four. Have you guys noticed that since it’s summer, Jumble has been a lot easier. Could it be like summer classes in college. I looked at it that the teachers didn’t want to be there just like me and therefore were a lot more lenient in the work. It worked for me. For a guy that really had to study to get As or Bs (mostly Bs ) it was nice to see it through. Hey,I think the curtain just came crashing down on me. So,it’s time to say……until tomorrow,stay well.

    • Hey Brooklyn, Good Morning. Thanks for the Shout Out, but I gotta clear the air….just for the RECORD. I made a point of mentioning that I’m NOT an Ozzy fan. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just never was, never will be; I’ll hook my ears up with yours on that. And I’ve never seen the show either. So, there’s NO GOSPEL at all being preached here. And if you notice, I DIDN’T mention the show, at all in my poem or post. I “saw” a Bounty Hunter, and I named him PUP. Just Sayin’! 😂 Ok, we’re good. Love the sentence, it gave me a smile. Love the analogy…Could be like Summer School..And as far as ABSURD goes…I’m getting feed back on that too…So, I hope the curtain never comes crashing down on you😘, Bud, and here’s to a good one….Ciao, Bello! 🏃🏻🙋🏻

      • Oh I did get that feeling Angela that you as well as Earl and myself were not a fan of his music. Hey,you can’t please everybody all the time. If he wasn’t so high on drugs all the time maybe I could understand what the heck he is singing. Then again if you don’t speak Brooklynese,my ears have trouble making out what’s said.

        • 🎶WHOOMP! There it is🎶! That’s what I was waiting for! That Morning laugh! And you’re cutting it close today! 😂!! And same here…I have cousins way out in Pennsylvania…They think “I” sound funny? They talk to me and I’m like …”Does the conversation come with one of those little translation books”??? 😂 Gimme Brooklynese any day! Yea, I just picked the song because, let’s face it, it was the one that belonged…But I’m not proud of it…! 😉🙋🏻

    • Paul—thanks for the compliment and I like your sentence–shows you know how to put those crazy words together. Today wasn’t as much a challenge as some, but still takes some thought.
      As for “the other stuff” I am under no illusion that people are even slightly interested in most things I do or see or hear and so I try to keep it short and to the point—not trying to be mysterious.
      Since you asked—the errands? Laundry, car wash, walk to the post office with bills I still pay with checks and short stop at the hospital to deliver some items I am donating. The “other stuff” Off to the Lake Ontario shore where I enjoyed the gentle breeze from the water and the azure blue skies with some puffy clouds by the time I left. IMHO—a perfect day.

      • Thanks for the good laugh Earl and complement. Now I think I have some stuff to do myself before getting back to my book.

  4. Emcee with all the e’s was tricky,but the other words followed quickly as did the solution with pursue sticking out with the p and the u’s.

    • Vive le différence! The E’s have it on this one! Goes to show how we all look at things differently, right? Good Morning, Professor! That’s one for EMCEE! And I think PURSUE was the give-away also…Hope you’re having a good one, Chuck! 🏃🏻🙋🏻

  5. Great puzzle this morning. Pushup took me the longest to unscramble and the answer took me a bit of time to figure out as well. Found “his” first and then pursue, so dream just fell into place. Good mental workout. Hope all of you have a good day.

    • Good Morning, Betty. You’re echoing Caroline! It’s interesting to see how we all utilize different means to the same end! And I think today’s puzzle is a KEEPER too! Enjoy, Betty! 🏃🏻🙋🏻

  6. Hi, all! EMCEE was a given for me, spelled right out for us. HIKER was easy, making me think of our hospital volunteering, sentence writing, bicycle riding, beach hiker man, Earl.
    ABSURD took me a minute or two, but my hardest one at 3 minutes was PUSHUP.
    P.S., I think my solve sounds similar to Caroline & Betty’s.

    • Hi, Steve! In Arkansas I walked a mile to & from school in snow, sleet, rain, & hail, and I thought the tiny clusters of ice on my windshield yesterday looked & sounded like sleet but now, after what you said, I’m deciding that it must have been tiny hail because there was no preceding snow.

      However, I am surprised that such large rain drops made such tiny hail. Jerry said that we had what he calls “a heavy rain.” He said it blew across our huge deck up to the wall and doors and that a small “way back” portion of our back yard looks like a lake. It was like what you said about the windshield wipers not being able to keep up until we slowed to 15 mph or less.

      I had forgotten that sleet is frozen snow and occurs in freezing weather. Thanks for reminding me.

      • I think you must be right – sounds like hail. We get hail here very rarely in the winter, but not as rarely as snow, and I don’t remember ever gatting hail in the summer. Yes, there were a couple of times near Chicago when I was just driving along and suddenly the windshield was covered in water despite the wipers running at full strength.

    • Hey Lelia. Pushup proving to be the word most readers are visiting to check today. Seems like it caught a lot of people…Have a good one! 🏃🏻🙋🏻

    • Leila–always nice to be thought of and especially when it comes to words that have positive connotations.
      Thanks from beautiful Western New York.

  7. Hi all – My solution was just like everyone else’s. I wrote down and jumbled the letters but couldn’t get the last word, then had to run an errand. As soon as I walked back in the door and saw the newspaper lying on the table, my mind said PUSHUP! The fermenting brain-bilge method at work. Then, to sound like a broken record, I saw HIS, then PURSUE, then the answer.

    The cartoon gave me a nostalgic reminder of hockey during the long hot summer – the guys often seated right behind the Sharks’ bench wearing bright yellow T-shirts for “Bad Boys Bail Bonds” – slogan “ ‘Cause your mama wants you home!” “Mama” played in their commercial by the big burly owner of the business, in a MuuMuu dress.

    Angela, you want to talk long fingernails, check out the BBC this morning. 😱

    Poor Ozzy, no love here at all:
    🎵”Nobody wants him, He just stares at the world…
    Nobody wants him, They just turn their heads
    Nobody helps him”🎵

    Have a happy Thursday!

    • Hey G. I wouldn’t feel so bad for to Ozzy. He’s got an Iron Maiden of his own…Sharon loves him no matter what…And there’s a LOT of WHAT with that man! 😱 I saw that guy early this morning on the news…Talk about brain bilge…One wonders what he was thinking all these years…His, pursue, dream…Lather, rinse. repeat.😂 ..Have a good one, G! 🏃🏻🙋🏻

      • You mean she made him part of her QUEENSRŸCHE? She really picked her POISON with him. 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

        • How she stayed with him all the years without SLAIGHTERing herself is beyond me. Perhaps she keeps it all inside..and lives with a QUIET RIOT…Must be complete METAL Mayhem…🎧🙋🏻

  8. Scary…Bounty hunting originated in England hundreds of years ago. Back in the 13th century, bail was a person, not an amount of money. An individual was designated custodian of the accused, and if the accused did not return to face his penalty, the custodian could be hanged in his place.

    • Hi Clay. Sounds a little like my Catholic School upbringing!…😂.Hope you’re having a good one! 🏃🏻🙋🏻

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