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Good Morning, Everyone!            ⚾️PLAY BALL!⚾️

🎶Got a beat-up glove, a homemade bat, and brand-new pair of shoes..You know I think it’s time to give this game a ride…Just to hit the ball and touch ’em all, a moment in the sun..It’s gone and you can tell that one goodbye!
Oh, put me in, Coach…I’m ready to play – today…Put me in, Coach..I’m ready to play- today…Look at me, I can be Centerfield..🎶 “Centerfield” –  John Fogerty 1985

⚾️The Boys of Summer start a game with hopes that they’ll do well

But also they are hoping that they won’t hear midnight’s bell…

Under MAIZE like colored flood lights they play a prime time game

And hope their CACHE of strength and will not go down  in flames…

They hear the shouts in STEREO while playing the outfield…

They run around for the long balls, their gloves acting like shields.

A bobbled ball can bring the STENCH of fans showing disdain…

And fans approval is a thing a player wants to gain…

So carefully they wait it out, and always aim to please…

But after 15 innings? How they long to CATCH SOME Z’S! ⚾️

So…I blinked at CACHE, and STEREO did not come through loud and clear! I stared at it until I HEARD the little voice in my head say “STEREO” in very MONOTONES! .Our cartoon…🎶Take me out to the ballgame…take me out to the crowd…🎶…And our Jumble Boys have done just that for us today! We see two OUTFIELDERS, on a BALL FIELD,  playing for the JUMBLE TEAM. And according to the old clock on the Scoreboard, it’s 1 AM! 1AM! No ONE, and I mean NO ONE wants to be at the BALL PARK at 1 AM! We see that the game went into EXTRA INNINGS, 6 extra to be exact, and the OUTFIELDERS’ CATCH finally ended the game. We see him saying how TIRED he is. Can you imagine how EXHAUSTED they all must be? So, with our question asking what was he ready to do? CATCH SOME Z’S! Now how cute is that? 💤💤’s! Good one, David!

So, eye candy…FIRST we have the ad for Jumble.com on the Scoreboard, SECOND, there’s the “J’s” on the players Jerseys and caps, THIRD…we see some silhouetted fans cheering. Nice touches, but not FAN FAVORITES. We see the 410 MARK on the back wall…but that’s a LONG SHOT...And  there are the MOON and STARS illuminating the night sky, but I’m not taking a SHINE  to it….So. you want to know what Jeff hit it OUT OF THE PARK with today? The OUTFIELDER’S sporting a FIVE  O‘CLOCK SHADOW! Already!!…Now that’s a HOME RUN! So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone! Get OUT there and SWING for the FENCES! ⚾️🎶


10 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 07/14/2018

  1. The STEREO blaring heavy metal music could not cover the STENCH coming from the rotting MAIZE around the vegan’s CACHE of home-grown food.
    Not sure why, but STEREO gave me the most difficult time this morning. I had the solution to the puzzle first and then “backed into” the word I needed using the three circled letters. The Z certainly helped in solving.
    Interesting song Angela and again one that I have never heard. I know you are a baseball fan and must have had a ball with today’s cartoon and post. Great job and I am not stretching things when I say that your “eye candy” was outstanding today. I did not notice the 5 o’clock shadow on the outfielder—-couldn’t be Aaron J.—he has such a baby face and not a sign of whiskers. Maybe Giancarlo??
    My sentence is rather macabre but had a tough time trying to toggle those words together.

    • Good Morning, Earl..I needed to LISTEN closely to my inner voice at STEREO also..I do think it’ll be the one to break the RECORD today! Macabre? Hardly. Your sentence is a winner as always! Funny, whenever I see or hear the word MAIZE, I automatically think of my Jamaican friend, Priscilla…I’ve added a sentence of my own, for you, inspired by her…Judge? ❤️ You’re right..😂.that Baby Face! No, I didn’t think of him…the guy here is no Aaron Judge! Nor a Stanton,,,This poor guy looks so weather-beaten that you can truly believe he needs those 💤💤💤’s! And the Shadow really had me laughing! Tip of the cap to Jeff and his whimsy! Thank you so much for the Shout Out, and know that I CAUGHT your STRETCHing reference! Hope you have a good one, Earl. Be well…⚾️🙋🏻

      Using her Jamaican Grandmother’s special CACHE of spices, (that the family often said created a STENCH), she happily prepared the MAIZE dish, as she sang along to the Caribbean music on her STEREO.

  2. On the road again for the 4 yr old twins Bday party tomorrow.My newspaper carrier agreed to an early delivery so I was good to go on the puzzle.Stereo seemed to be a repeat.I solved the puzzle and enjoyed the baseball theme with the MLB All Star game approaching,but had to back into the cache unscramble.Go Tribe and beat those D___ Yankees.

    • Good Morning, PROFESSOR! You’re correct -STEREO has reSOUNDed before. A few times, in fact. And for the strangest reason it seems to stump almost everyone each time! We last HEARD from it on 11/17. Cache is COLLECTing a number of votes also…So, behind the wheel again, huh? May I be so bold as to ask…Whilst (whilst? Look at me…whilst)! 😉..ahem, whilst you’re away, what happens to your daily golf game? Do you.🎶Love the one you’re with…🎶 and just PARk yourself at any old COURSE? Do you just watch from afar and turn GREEN with envy, or do you APPROACH and hope to BREAK in with strangers? Do you FOREgo it altogether…and CHOKE UP over those DEAD HANDS? So many questions😂. Seriously, I have so many more…😂😂! Anyway, I hope you’re not DRIVEing whilst..(I couldn’t resist)! reading this…I’d hate to PUTT you on the SPOT while you’re STEERing! Ok, ok..Sorry..I just have such a WEAK GRIP when it comes to GOLFing puns! …And as for that Tribe of yours? C’mon Chuck, don’t be a HEEL…Let’s not go down that PATH, and DRAW any conclusions…We’re 1 and 1…And still in good SHAPE! Ok…That’s it for now.😂😂😂 .I think I may have PULLed something…Have a good one, PROF..And Happy Birthday to those Little Ones! Enjoy! 🎈🎂🎈🙋🏻

  3. Hi all – Got the first three words, then paused at the fourth, then saw the answer right away. Only problem – I didn’t write down the letters, so I missed the fact that I missed that last word. Something tells me I might have done this before, but I first saw SORTER, which showed it was SORTEE, which I now know is actually SORTIE.

    I wish the colorist had picked a different shade, so that we could call the team the “Jumble Blue J’s”. And only 15 innings? Although he would be out of position, that outfielder looks a little like the Giants’ Brandon, 3 innings from deciding a game against the Nationals with a BELT in the 18th!

    About that first word – (don’t remember if I’ve said this before) – we had an early locally-built computer at work that could have been designed a bit better. My co-worker said “Well what do you expect from a computer built in Berkeley?, and I replied “Hey, man… got any spare CACHE?” I think I almost made coffee come out his nose, so I‘m pretty sure he liked it.

    Have a great day and weekend, all.
    (Nice job, a-MAIZE-ing Gracie 😉)

    • Hey G…Yes, You’ve SOUNDed out on STEREO before…😉 It’s been anagrammed a few different ways, but I think today’s may be the most difficult. Brandon Belt? HAIR now? ..Hmm Perhaps, but BEARDly…😂 I remember years ago when I first read the word Cache, I was so hoping it was pronounced CA -SHEA..like Touche..And when I learned that it was CASH…it just lost all CREDITbility with me…Ca-Shea …I thought it was so CLASS-A…! 😉 And Thanks for the Shout Out.😉, Sam…😂 Have a good one, G. ⚾️🙋🏻

  4. No problem with the words or answer this morning. Thought it was a clever puzzle. Have a good Saturday.

  5. DONE! Got the cartoon answer immediately and the first 3 words but had to back into the familiar, recently used STEREO.
    Enjoy your day! Enjoy your day! (I said that in STEREO.)

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