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  1. Shrek actually was a Broadway musical back in 2008. Although it received good reviews, the show closed after only one year, and a grand total of 441 performances. At the time, it was one of the most expensive musicals to ever open on Broadway, with an estimated price tag of $25 million dollars. When producers realized they wouldn’t recoup their initial investment, they decided to end its Broadway run. But it wasn’t entirely curtains for the show. The musical was revamped, with additional songs and special-effects being added, and then sent out on a US “National Tour.” I can’t vouch for how good the show was, but you can judge for yourself if you have a Netflix subscription.

    There weren’t any new clue words today, but David generously delivered four brand new anagrams for the second day in a row. HOMELY is the only one that I didn’t see right away. It looked like HOMILY at first glace, and a quick swap of the I for an E was all that was necessary to finish it off. It was also interesting to find all of the solved words in reverse alphabetical order. By my count, this is the second occurrence since the start of the New Year.

    The first thing I noticed about today’s cartoon was that it was absolutely packed with detail. In my opinion, Jeff doesn’t get nearly enough credit for the hours of work he pours into his panels. On stage we see Donkey, Shrek and Princess Fiona. And off to the side, and just out of view from the audience, appears to be their teacher. The smile on her face, and the dialog of the crowd let’s us know everyone is impressed with the show. With just about everyone in the crowd recording the performance, I pray there won’t be any ‘sharenting’ going on after the curtain closes!

    The final solve was a semi-cryptic anagram consisting of 10 letters. With an apostrophe in the layout, I decided to cross out the S and make it nine. Normally I’d assume an -LY suffix would produce an adverb, but today the P & L brought PLAY into view. CHILD was sourced from the remainder to wrap it all up. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and keep Jumbling!

  2. VIPER = Last used on 03/27/20 as IRPVE
    STAND = Last used on 09/06/18 as TNASD
    HOMELY = Last used on 05/12/14 as LEMHOY
    CACKLE = Last used on 04/15/20 as ECCLKA
    CHILD’S PLAY = Used on 05/16/14, 01/27/97


  3. The homely witch would stand and cackle when her viper struck. Today’s anagrams and puzzle were child’s play. Still, a good way to get the mind rolling when it’s 8 degrees out at 5 a.m. Stay warm.

  4. Good Morning, Everyone ALL HANDS ON SHREK!

    👹 An Ogre, not a VIPER, he’s captured all our hearts,
    And Shrek, though pretty HOMELY is a hit right from the start
    We see him with Fiona, by his side she likes to STAND,
    With Donkey they’re a part of what we love ‘bout Disney Land
    And Donkey talks a blue streak, sometimes CACKLE you may hear,
    He’s lovable and the best friend that Shrek considers dear…
    So watching these kids act on stage, with praise coming their way
    It’s easy seeing why Shrek is more than just CHILD’S PLAY! 👹


  5. 🔠 Considering a game with them CHILD’S PLAY, he spelt out CACKLE on the Scrabble board hoping it would STAND against the play of VIPER, only to wish he’d held back the L to spell HOMELY….🔠

    🐍 He had the same recurring dream, a VIPER slinking ‘round,
    A HOMELY looking creature held it, making CACKLE sounds….
    It’d STAND there looking menacing…and he’d look for a way
    To waken from the nightmare…these dreams aren’t CHILD’S PLAY! 🐍

  6. Indeed today’s puzzle was “child’s play” in more ways than one,being a quick solve for both the anagrams as well as the cartoon solution.I thought homely was homily at first,but otherwise today’s Jumble was an easy day,

  7. Good morning. I did yesterday’s late and flew through both parts with ease today’s words were again simple but the cartoon answer eluded me. Can’t understand since it was child’s play. Maybe that is the answer. It was too simple for a man of my intelligence to grasp. I’m beyond that. Hey that sounds good…… I’ll stick to that story. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe

    • It’s probably due to a blueberry deficiency from your weekend in AC! I have faith you’ll solve the next one, Paul. Enjoy your day! 🙂

    • I like your thinking, Paul, some folks just belong to a higher order of human being. Good for you!!

  8. I too saw homily at first but once I got that straightened out, everything fell nicely into place. I totally agree with you, Mike, Jeff does a masterful job drawing these cartoons. As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Wishing all of you a good Wednesday.

  9. Whew! Got the anagrams without problem but just didn’t see the answer. Fun Jumble with a clever solution and cartoon.
    For the first time I got 100% on Mike’s test, Dean’s list for me….
    Quite a few years ago I went to my son’s elementary school Halloween party as Shrek. I shaved my beard, painted my face green and dressed like he dresses. The kids loved it and a few actually thought I was the real Shrek. A couple came up to me with tears rolling down their cheeks! For the only time in my life I knew what it was like to be famous….. Then I went home, cleaned up and realized I still looked like Shrek, just without green skin.

    • I aced the quiz too, Mig, with just one good guess, at #5. …but I’m a Broadway Baby. And how I miss it. We turned in a lot of tickets since the virus hit…And I love your Shrek story. I’ve embarrassed many of the kids by doing the like…😂 Have a good day, Mig…and stay safe out there. 🙋🏻‍♀️

    • What a funny story, Mig! I don’t get a Shrek vibe from your avatar, but I’ll take your word for it.

      Congrats on the quiz — here’s your prize: 🏆
      Just keep the sharenting to a minimum, please. 😂

      • Nice to finally get a prize! Be sure to get me to tell you about the Halloween when I was 7 or 8 and dressed up in my mother’s clothes to trick or treat………….

  10. Hi all – Not a personal best today, but no trouble with the words or answer, even with the double-letter trick not applying to CACKLE.

    You made me chuckle with “not entirely curtains for the show” Mike, and showed me a new word in “sharenting”; hadn’t heard that one. I did notice and enjoy the teacher offstage in the shadows.

    Nice link to the musical, Angela; thanks.

    With some guesswork, I managed to fail the quiz, but with 60% – I think that’s a new record for me. Missed 1,4,5 and 7. The most agonizing question was #1 – which side of the Phantom’s face did the mask cover. That’s an evil question, something like when my grandfather said you could probably give a guy insomnia if you asked him whether he slept with his beard inside or outside the blanket.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “The VIPER could STAND to wait and quietly CACKLE to himself when the careless handler described him as HOMELY to the class reptile demo, since he knew it would be CHILD’S PLAY to exact his revenge when being returned to his cage.”

    • I’ve never heard that question about a man’s beard before, Steve. I’d say thanks, but it wouldn’t be entirely sincere! 😉

      I’m glad you learned something new, too. I’ve been toying with the idea of adding a small post, most likely a comment, about the one thing I learned from the day before. It would be similar to the newel post conversation we had last week. My only fear is that it wouldn’t be interesting for others to read.

      Thanks for the kind words. Maybe those Ostler articles are rubbing off on me!

      • Hey Mike…The beard question has been bouncing around Reddit for a few years. Every once in awhile it pops up again…but I don’t think anyone loses any sleep over it! 😉 And as far as the “What I learned yesterday” thing goes? It’s a good idea. We did that each night at dinner when we were growing up. It was fun and interesting. And nowadays? There’s plenty of things out there to learn…Plus I think it’ll prompt others to join in too…🙋🏻‍♀️

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