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Good Morning, Everyone!   🌲WOOD YOU TAKE A LOOK AT THAT VIEW 🌲

🎶 I tried to watch it but it’s not there…I checked the schedule it’s just not fair. I’ll get your pillow and take off your shoes…’Cause I know it’s on PAY PER VIEW…🎶  “Pay Per View”  – Spendtime Palace 2017

🌲 While patience is a VIRTUE, I don’t always COMPLY,
To suffer fools…and easily? Don’t work..and yes I’ve tried…
It’s not that I’m a VIPER, the opposite is true,
If I had me a WAFER, trust…I’d offer it to you…
But these days life is trying…there’s pain and there’s the fright,
And I can’t just shake off the things that I’m feeling tonight…
But luckily diversion’s here…with puzzles and TV
And we can lose ourselves watching a “PAPER” VIEW MOVIE…🌲

For dedicated readers of this blog, you may remember that one day last week I mentioned how in light of our current situation, it’s getting harder and harder to pull off this Pagliacci-like facade 🎭 I’m kind of stuck between that proverbial rock and it’s accompanying hard place. Don’t get me wrong…I love the Jumble, and the poetry I post here just comes naturally. And even as we speak, I can’t help but smile just thinking of some random paper puns. But it’s a little after 11 Thursday night, I’m home, so of course I have the news on…And Boom! ..reality is a cruel mistress…(Plus I’m eating a grilled-cheese with bacon, lettuce and tomato and drinking a cappuccino…A N D…reality is a cruller, I mean a more cruel mistress…Quarantine and Food…I’m truly afraid to get on a scale)…But, anyway…Am I crying on your shoulders? No…I’m just letting you know that as the days go by, I’m finding it harder and harder to feel comfortable with the levity…(and harder and harder to stay away from food)!..

So…Enough of my barking…Let’s get my thoughts on paper…All new anagrams, all old words. And while the Early Birds had no problem cutting them down to size, they’re all in agreement that if push came to shove, and they had to pick a word, WAFER seemed to be the hardest to digest…(Note that’s digest, not ingest – Boy, what a can of words that opened up, huh? We’ll take a bite out of that later). And I’ll mention that tree of them pointed out that Viper’s letters resembled Virtue’s. I’m not exactly sure where or why that might come into play…but I just thought I’d throw it out there. Maybe a few of you saw the same thing showing

Ok…Show of hands…How many of you out there looking at your papers right now wood pay to view a documentary about today’s puzzle theme? Be honest…Two, maybe tree of yew? I mean, boring…or what? Well definitely knot me, nor any of my branch of Jumblers milling around here. But what we’re dealing with today is just that. A “PAPER” VIEW MOVIE about the production of Wood Pulp.  Sitting somewhere in a rustic setting, obviously a log cabin, we see our two main characters, Chip Offtheoldblock at left, and Tim Burr at right. Having logged in to their account, they’ve paid extra to screen the documentary. Chip is seen happily absorbed in the movie, while Tim seems a little more grounded. He’s striking a cord over the kraft itself…and inking that whatever he knew before was just Pulp Fiction…this is the reel thing…Who knew? Maybe it’s not as tearable as I thought…

Eye candy? Blazing red fire burning…the logistics there speaks for itself…The worker shown at the vat? I like his mottle..I mean mettle. As board as he seems, (and I bet it must be easy to do some dayreaming with a job like this), he is watching intently, pitchfork at the ready, in case anything’s not write…And once again, as yesterday, a generic Time’s the featured newspaper. But I think I’ll go with the headwear today. Chip’s definitely a logger, it’s written all over that hat. And Tim must be a Forest Ranger. He looks to be wearing a uniform, and if you take a peak at his hat, it’s just about elmementree. So, There you have it Folks, Done! Here’s to a peaceful day, Everyone…And I’ll leaf you with this…May the forest be with you…just conifer the heck of it…

Oh…The INGESTquisition?...Thank you, David for the video Shout Out yesterday. That was very kind of you. And while the puzzle was a piece of cake for some of us, it did proof to be food for thought for many others. But trust me…Yew definitely hit it out of the bark with that one! 🌲🙋🏻‍♀️

19 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/27/2020

  1. Paul. I want to thank you for your kind words yesterday, regarding the Ingest puzzle. That was very sweet of you. And I’m glad that my explanation helped. Be well, Brooklyn…♥️🙋🏻‍♀️

    • No, Ann, technically it’s not. But then again, David’s not trying for an Academy Award. Maybe the choice of word isn’t ideal, maybe film might have been a better fit..(?)…but it’s just a play on words, Ann…and more importantly…it’s just a game…🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. I thought it was more like a pay per view,rather than a pay per movie,but I guess the answer pay per movie prevailed.I had an almost instant solve for the 4 anagrams but not so for the cartoon solution,too many letters and v’s for me.

    • Good Morning, Professor. Again here today I think we have another case of not seeing the forest for the trees! 😉 it’s not Pay Per Movie, it’s PAPER View Movie. The “Pay Per View” is kept intact, it’s just that it’s punned into PAPER because the puzzles theme is the production of Wood Pulp…So…Are you thinking we have another “ingest” on our hands with the word movie? I don’t think I could take 2 in one week!!! 😂🙋🏻‍♀️

      • No, paper instead of pay per, was ok,just too many letters for me to put together the final solution.As for the ‘ingest” of the other day,even after seeing the solution,it took me awhile to get the meaning of the entire phrase.

        • Oh, ok. As for ingest, it’s definitely looking like the most talked about solution of the year so far…as challenging as it is clever. Be well, Professor. Stay safe. 🌲🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. Hi all – Got the words; interesting to see one ending in LY that wasn’t an adverb. Got “Pay per View” from the ‘on demand’ and ‘pay extra’ dialog, and the letter layout showed where ‘view’ had to go and the rest.

    Two thoughts – I don’t know how safe or smart it is to put your big screen TV directly over the fireplace like that whether it’s real or not, and once again, the cartoon has a newspaper named ‘Times’, but this time it looks like that’s the whole name.

    Actually Angela, as I read the cartoon I was thinking that I’d rather watch that documentary than “Pulp Fiction” any day, especially since there was a PBS documentary called “The Natural History of the Water Closet” that was improbably one of the best and funniest ones I’ve ever seen. Given the shopping situation these days, I think they’re due for “History of Toilet Paper.”

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “It was a tough choice whether to show his VIRTUE or act like a VIPER when trying to COMPLY with his wife’s request to leave her the last vanilla WAFER.”

    • Steve, my daughter and son-in-law ordered take out for dinner the other night and when they went to pick it up, the restaurant gave them a roll of toilet paper with their order. You want Fries or TP with that?

      • Very funny Betty; can I Supersize that? 😂 I presume you saw Leah Garchik’s “Public Eavesdropping” note in the Chronicle “Come to the Napa Valley, we have plenty of wine and toilet paper.” Actually I went to Whole Foods this morning, and they had plenty of paper products and tortillas, which both of my Safeways have been completely out of, maybe because WF does senior shopping every morning instead of just Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    • Hey Steve…There’s still seems to be a demand for TP around here…maybe that’s why everyone keeps sending me those memes that I’ve shared with you. Hopefully the crazy shopping frenzy calms down soon..although here now it’s become home delivery wildness. We put an order in last Saturday, and Eureka! We’ll be getting it tomorrow. And one of my brothers, out on Long Island was looking at a 3-week wait on a Stop ‘n Shop delivery. As I said, wildness. Stay safe, Steve…🌲🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Our Safeway has been pretty devoid of paper products too though Walgreens and some of the smaller grocery stores have had them. Are limiting the amount people can buy. 🧻 I suspect there will be a demand for the installation of bidets around here when all this is over with.

  4. Got all the words and cartoon answer without difficulty this morning. Ingest remains my stumbling block for the week. I thought the cartoon answer was rather clever. Angela, you don’t have to be punny if your don’t feel up too it. It’s just good to hear from you every day. Take care all.

    • Hey Betty. Yes, I thought it very clever too. I could almost picture David laughing as he composed it. And tks for you kind words…I feel the same towards you each day too. Stay safe,Betty, 🌲🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Ok it was a bit of a stretch but I got it hurray for mindless TV and pay per view. Thanks again for a stimulating hour😀

    • Hi Jane. Hurray is right. And kudos for sticking with it. 👏🏻 It was a bit of a stretch, but well-worth the effort. Be well, Jane, and stay safe. 🌲🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Hi Everyone –
    I was stuck for a long time on Comply, even wondering if Clompy might be a word. I finally got it and then struggled with the answer. My first thought for the last word was video but no d. After a few tries, I saw movie and was able to get the rest. I’ll catch up on posts later since my husband needs the computer.

    • Hi Caroline. Kudos for sticking with it. Another cute and clever one. Be well, stay safe. 🌲🙋🏻‍♀️

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