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  1. Good Morning, Everyone 🦇 A FLY BY NIGHT PUZZLE 🦇

    🎶 Get BACK, get back…Get back to where you once belonged…Get back, get back…Get back to where you once belonged…Get BACK. Jojo…🎶 “Get Back” – The Beatles 1969

    🦇 We see two bats..is that a tree? If so it looks like BIRCH,
    Of course they’re hanging upside down, ‘cause that is how they lurch…
    It seems that all the other bats have left so now in turn,
    These last two are left relaxing…and they’ll be no toss and CHURN…
    The Jumble’s given us the farm, the jungle, and the sea…
    We’ve had some pigs and fish and such, a JAGUAR, a monkey
    We’ve had a bat-based puzzle, in September two years past…
    I hid behind my NAPKIN then, during breakfast’s repast…
    I hate these bats, they creep me out…get me all out of whack,
    I’ve heard some horrid stories…David, bats? I’ll just HANG BACK…🦇

    While we have no new words today, we do have one Repeat Repeat. GRAAUJ, as is, was used in the puzzle of October 21st, 2017. As for the rest of our words, check back in a few hours, because Mike’s going to go BACK and look for when they last appeared…And with that off my plate, I’ll be able to FLY through this a little faster…But I will take a moment to mention that it was only NAPKIN that caused a bit of a FLAP…Actually, TBT? Two Early Birds completely FOLDED…

    Ok, our cartoon…The last time we saw Bats, it was BACK on September 2nd, 2018. A Sunday morning…And the Bats managed to CHURN my stomach then…as they’re doing now. I just can’t stand the thought of these little flying mammals…And today…with BATS again, I’m going to GLIDE through this as fast as I can…Ok…So..A lot of bats…But no belfry, so no chance of DINGbats today…And we can see that as evening draws nigh, and most of the CLOUD is off in the clouds on their BITE-ly rounds, two Bats refused to CAVE in, and decided to just stay PIT. Flipping the panel, and looking closely, I see that one may be a female, with a softly distinctive difference from the other as far as the eyes and ears and hair go…but with the absence of Jeff’s signature eyelashes…it’s UP IN THE AIR. Anyway…as a result of them not flying off…we get to see them…HANG BACK. So I’d say these two have definitely LEFT THEIR MARK! It’s FANGtastic!

    …And BATS all Folks! Have a good day, Everyone. Be well, stay safe…And I’ll share a little Bat Humor with you…When it comes to a place to roost …what’s a savvy Bat look for? Echolocation, echolocation. echolocation.. https://tinyurl.com/yxbspn98….What? You’ve HEARD it before? 🦇 🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🐆 Watching the video of a JAGUAR walking through the deserted Cancun resort, it made his stomach CHURN, and as he wiped his brow with a NAPKIN, he knew for sure that he’d be happy enough to just HANG BACK and spend his upcoming vacation time at the Poconos, relaxing under some BIRCH trees…🐆

    💍 They sat beneath a big BIRCH tree, a blanket on the ground,
    His nervousness caused such a CHURN, his heart..he felt it pound…
    He gave her a JAGUAR pendant, it was her Birthday gift,
    But in his pocket…a diamond…surprising her his drift…
    She asked him for a NAPKIN, she wiped her mouth, then said…
    “I think we need to take a break…I need to clear my head…”
    Startled he stared, he hardly knew…was he so far off track?
    Proposing? Not the right thing now…it’s best he just HANG BACK …💍

  3. Good morning. For all those Beatle lovers out there, Angela came through for you. Today was easy breezy from the words to the cartoon answer. My first thought without looking at the letters was “Hang Around”. Then seeing the second word was a lot shorter I realized the true word. Another clever one. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  4. A really easy Saturday puzzle.Speaking of bats we had a baby bat hanging from the ceiling post on our backyard patio.A friend of ours hit it w a shovel and disposed of it in the field behind our house.

  5. Another easy puzzle this morning. Anagrams and cartoon solution fell into place nicely. Have a good day all!

  6. Hi all – No problem with the words, and HANG was a given in the answer; the rest of the puzzle showed BACK.

    I wondered whether the bats were drawn with fewer digits than in real life like the people are, but couldn’t really tell from the cartoon (there may be hidden claws, etc.)

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “His NAPKIN wasn’t the only thing to CHURN through the air when the escaped JAGUAR dropped from the BIRCH tree branch onto the picnic table for lunch.”

  7. I tried to shoehorn HANG AROUND into the solution but I mostly wear sandals so it didn’t work. Might have been more interesting to work with the word CAVE for the solution (like CAVE IN). I never hit a bat with a shovel but I did trap a raccoon in a trash can and remand it to Animal Control for redistribution to the wilderness!
    Dodgers up 2-1 which correlates with a 2/3 chance of winning the whole shooting match. Go BLUE!!!!!

  8. Or is it BANG HACK? Some guy in a GRAAUJ BANGed into a CIBRH causing the engine to CRNUH, and he used a PNNKIA to clean up the mess after he HACKed his way back on the road.

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