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Happy Wednesday, Jumble geniuses! All of today’s anagrams were new but their solutions were old favorites. NAPKIN took just a moment longer to decipher than WETTER so it’s my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. GOOEY was the oldest word in the group with its last appearance on 10/24/17 while HARSH was our most recent repeat back on 7/31/18.

If you’ve ever wondered what Jumble artist Jeff Knurek looks like, well today’s your day to meet him! We see Jeff strumming on his guitar while he’s using a hassock as a seat. His wife, Kathy, can be seen sitting in a comfy chair in the next room over while diligently working on her laptop.

The dialogue in today’s cartoon revolves around music and Kathy is asking her husband if he’s writing a new song. Jeff replies that he’s playing around with some new chords and we see he has a pencil behind his ear in case he hears something he likes. At his feet are his dogs, Fifi and Gizmo. Fifi is a Pappillon and is on the left side of the music stand and Gizmo is a chi-weenie and is laying on the right. Gizmo has something in his mouth which looks like either a leash or a toy.

There was so much detail in today’s panel that I’ll just go ahead and list what I saw. Kathy is wearing an Indiana School of Nursing sweater while working on her laptop. The laptop has a pineapple logo on the back which is common in tv, print, and movies so as not to infringe on Apple copyrights. Jeff, of course, is wearing a Wilco t-shirt and it looks like his residence is a no shoes zone as he depicts himself wearing socks. My favorite detail of the piece wasn’t visible to the unaided eye. If you look closely at the headstock of his guitar, you might see some writing. Zooming in on it, it says “Martin” which is a popular guitar brand for musicians.

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 11-letters which is the same amount as yesterday’s. The layout kept the solution very well hidden and gave nothing away. The cartoon sentence gave us “guitarist” and “melody” as potential clues which weren’t much help in guessing the answer. I started the solve by eliminating -ING which left me 8-letters to work with. WORTH was clumped all together and jumped out at me first leaving NOT to be found for the finish. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!

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  1. 🎶 Who draws the crowd and plays so loud, Baby, it’s the GUITAR MAN…Who’s gonna steal the show, you know, Baby, it’s the GUITAR MAN…He can make you love, he can make you cry…He will bring you down and he’ll get you high…Somethin’ keeps him goin’, miles and miles a day…To find another place to play..🎶 “Guitar Man” – Bread 1972 https://tinyurl.com/y72jt3u7

    🎸 For those out there not realizing, today we have a treat…
    And if the pleasure’s first time, here’s Musician Jeff to meet.
    Our esteemed Graphic Artist also plays guitar you see…
    And here he sits for us today along with wife Kathy.
    I won’t get mush and GOOEY, and talk about romance,
    But Google them and see success, if you can get a chance…
    Jeff’s trying out some new sounds, and HARSH he is on self,
    He shouldn’t be ’cause a CD’s already on the shelf…
    “Risk Taking Is Free” was released when Jeff’s ears were just WETTER…
    And I’m sure this new Album will be great…if not be better.
    We see his dogs, and Gizmo looks like walking may be due…
    (Or Jeff may need a NAPKIN…especially without shoes)!
    So while we see him strumming, I’m prepared to do my voting…
    I’m pretty sure the new album will definitely be WORTH NOTING! 🎸

    I had a challenge this morning trying to get the right RHYTHM for my poem. The words were no problem to solve, I ROCKed them easy enough, but getting them in acCHORD to WRITE as a PIECE of poetry wasn’t easy, and it gave me some TREBLE… But, as for the puzzle…READING the word CHORD in Jeff’s dialogue, and the Note-Worthy leading hint within the question…A NEW MELODY…I PICKED it right up! Jeff didn’t think it was WORTH NOTING! Good one David…or was it all Jeff? Either way, it definitely hit the right CHORD!

    Eye candy? A lot to NOTE today…The panel is shaded in a soft pastel Green. As I’ve already WRITTEN, today we see Jeff and his best DRAW, Kathy, sitting at home. So let’s start on a HIGH NOTE…With her! Relaxing in a light green easy chair, with her legs up on a matching ottoman, she’s leisurely keying on a laptop, (with Jeff’s whimsical PineAPPLE logo), looking as SHARP as always. She’s dressed in jeans, and a Black University of Indiana School of Nursing T-Shirt, displaying her alma mater with its great Hoosier logo in Gold. Being a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, among other things, Kathy seems to have her FINGER ON THE PULSE of Jeff’s music, since she’s heard saying that it sounds like a song to her…Jeff, (with a Music stand before him, holding blank Sheet Music), strumming his MARTIN GUITAR, on the other HAND, although smiling, seems to be FRETting a little, since as NOTEd earlier, although he’s not totally aVERSE to the new MELODY, it’s not exactly MUSIC to his ears… (Speaking of, as I mentioned EARlier, the poem got tricky, so I was going for being “WET behind the ears” for that first ALBUM, but I think it may have fallen FLAT..) Anyway, I’m sure Jeff’s hitting the right NOTES…he just aims for perfection, of course, and doesn’t want his music to sound SKETCHy…(That’s what the PENCIL behind his EAR is for…the Sketching)! Dressed in one of his signature T-Shirts, (An Olive shade), we can see the name WILCO, a favorite band of his, displayed across it. (Off the RECORD, if you’ve ever heard any of the MUSIC on Jeff’s first ALBUM, 🎶 Risk Taking Is Free🎶, which I HIGHly recommend you do, and you have an EAR for MUSIC, you’ll HEAR some of Wilco’s influence in it…not to mention what I feel is the Beatles)…Ok..RETURNing to the cartoon…Jeff’s sitting atop a Red ottoman, clad in jeans and stocking-feet, wearing two-TONEd Black and Teal socks…(No, they don’t match Folks, but we know by now that Jeff DRAWS the cartoons, but he doesn’t have a HAND in the coloring of them)…And speaking of feet, sitting by Jeff’s are his two pups, Fifi, Black to the left, wearing an adorable Heart-Shaped Charm on her Brown collar, and Gizmo, White, (not gray as shown), with his permanently bent ear, to the right. And here’s the candy…Gizmo’s gotta go! See the leash grasped firmly in his mouth? He’s definitely got to be making some kind of SOUNDS! RIFF, RIFF, perhaps? Jeff…Before you’ll be needing that NAPKIN, and really FRETting? Take NOTE of Gizmo! Grab your shoes and walk that sweet dog, Jeff! (And BTW, your HEAR looks great…Good CUT)! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And I hope today, we along with Jeff… all hear some Sweet, Sweet MUSIC! 🎸🙋🏻 “I Can Hear Music”- The Beach Boys 1969 https://tinyurl.com/ydfwknn3

    PS: Jeff: Gizmo is a he, right? I hope so…’Cause if not, I’m really BARKING up the wrong SHE! …🤔🐶!

  2. Napkin gave me reason to pause,as well.Worth popped right out to me for the solution with noting quickly following when I saw the ing ending.We’re at -15 actual temp this morning with everything pretty much closed up along with no mail or newspaper deliveries in WCentral Illinois.I accessed the jumble on the Ark Dem online site.Stay warm.

    • Now that’s COLD!!! The low tonight is expected to be 3 so I’ll enjoy my heatwave! My pellet stove keeps the house around 74 during the winter, but I turn on my oil heat as well when it dips into the single digits.

      • My family room is on the N side of my house with the furnace thermostat on the sunny S side of the house.Yesterday afternoon,the S side room was at 70 degrees,my room was 60 degrees.I turned on an electric forced air supplementary heater and got the room up to 65 degrees.

        • That’s similar to what we do at night in the bedrooms. The pellet stove heats the downstairs with no problem but it gets chilly upstairs so we use small electrical heaters.

  3. Good morning. Nice job guys. Lots of information that I didn’t know. I just had a slight pause on Napkin and on the cartoon like Chuck I saw Worth right away which left Noting for the finish. Until tomorrow stay well.

  4. I just heard the weather reports saying that CHICAGO is at -22°, with a wind chill hovering near -40 to -50°! I can’t imagine what that feels like.. So, while my heart goes out to all of our neighbors under this Polar Blanket, this is for DAVID…and DAISY. It’s not that hot, (no pun intended), it’s just off the top of my head…Sung to the tune of..🎶Chicago, Chicago🎶
    Please stay safe, Everyone. And stay indoors..Whatever it is can wait…Mother Nature’s not fooling around!
    DAVID, I hope you enjoy my tongue-in-cheek rendition, especially for you…😘🙋🏻

    🎶💨💨 Chicago, Chicago…that blustering town…
    Chicago, Chicago…best break out the down…
    Bet you’re really freezing there today in Chicago, Chicago…
    With 21 below…it just astounds!
    On State Street, that great street…you need stay away…
    The winds alone’ll take you away…Hey..
    Please stay indoors, and do what you might…
    Must Daisy go outside in this blight?
    In Chicago, Chicago..your Hometown!

    Chicago, Chicago…please forgo the walk…
    Chicago, Chicago…this isn’t just talk…
    There must be another place for that …in Chicago, Chicago…
    The wind chill below 40….you guys will balk!
    Skip State Street, that great Street…today’s not the day…
    Not worth it…please stay indoors and play…Hey…
    You’ll keep the warmth inside with you there…
    ‘Specially considering you have no hair!
    In Chicago, Chicago..your Hometown… 💨💨🎶

      • As I do …And funny you say that, Prof. I thought to add a disclaimer “apology” to my ❤️ Frankie..,but I’m sure he understands after all these years! 😂😂 I’ve got the man’s picture in both my den and my office…(I had one in my bedroom too…but it didn’t go over too well)!! 😂😂 Anyway, it’s a great song, and nobody ever did it like Sinatra (BMH) did! Keep that heat cranking, Prof…This cold is way too much! Stay safe! 💨🙋🏻

      • Thanks, Mike. It’s a little off tempo, but I tried to keep in TUNE. One of my nephews has a big dog like Daisy…In the real throes of the winter, he doesn’t take her walking…worried about not only the cold, but all the salt thrown around people’s property. In a corner of his yard, he created a little oasis for the dog..we call it the “Poop Loop”..and he brings her out there. She resists a fitted dog jacket, so he wraps a big fleece scarf around her, and fastens it…and that she’s ok with…Go figure…Anyway, it works out well for the both of them…She was fine today…Let’s see how trow goes when we’re on track to plummet…😱🐶🙋🏻
        PS: You know I’m craving🍕pizza now. 😉 Can’t take me nowhere!!! 😂

  5. It’s WORTH NOTING: The WETTER side of the NAPKIN is less HARSH on your face than the GOOEY side.

    • LOL! But why have I suddenly lost my appetite? 😉👏🏻👏🏻 Good one, Chuck! Hope you’re keeping warm! 💨🙋🏻

    • In the restaurant, he kept yelling at her….”The NAPKIN should be WETTER…” as she tried to remove the sauce he spilled on his suit…It’s WORTH NOTING here…that she walked towards the rest room, under the ruse of getting more water…and left through the back door! 😂😂😂🙋🏻

  6. For my fellow Beatles fans, today is the 50th anniversary of the Beatles last live performance, which took place on the rooftop of their Apple Corps in London. To mark the occasion, a Beatles tribute band here in Austin, the Eggmen, will recreate the set of that final concert on the rooftop of the library in downtown Austin. No word if the police will come in and close it down again. 😉Below is the link to an article on the event, which includes info on the coats John and Ringo borrowed from their wives for the concert. https://tinyurl.com/y9s67bme

    • Tks Mike! 👏🏻 Boy, good thing those Eggman don’t come from Chicago, huh? 😉 I’ll read it in a minute and let you know what I think. Very curious about those coats…🤔🙋🏻

    • I love the poster, Mike. The colors and everything..reminiscent of Yellow Submarine, right?
      I thought to tell you y’day, but you weren’t here…. We were talking about the increase in the price of stamps Monday night, and I thought of you. It’s out a few months now, but have you seen the John Lennon Stamp? I’m a stamp freak, and I buy doubles of everything..one to use and one to keep for my nieces and nephews…I gave out a bunch of panels as Stocking stuffers at Christmas. The panel looks like the sleeve of a 45. It’s drawn to look like the top of a 45 record is peeking out…Adorable! If you haven’t seen it, go online and check it out. And if you’d like them, I suggest you get them ASAP, because a lot of stamps don’t stay around very long…(In fact 3 Post Offices near me are out of them already). But you can buy them on-line…
      Anyway, thanks for the link…and how is it? And BTW…how cold is it there? 😉

      • Angela:
        Thanks for the info on the John Lennon stamp. I hadn’t heard about that. And it’s about 50 in Austin now. Much better than -20.🙄

        • You’re welcome, Mike.Take a look at it, you’re really going to like it. It’s a great picture of John. 50°? Oh yeah, a whole lot better than -20° for sure.. Can you 🎶IMAGINE🎶? 😉 So…did you listen to it? Was it good? 🙋🏻

  7. Didn’t mean to make you lose your desire for food, Angela. It’s OBVIOUSLY very cold, but there’s also a lot of beauty out there. Thanks for your kind words.. Stay warm!

    • LOL! You’re very welcome…and Thank you…but gratefully the loss didn’t last long! Just something about the GOOEY NAPKIN to the face! 😉 Just teasing with you! Food and I get along very well..too well in fact. Especially in this cocoon type of weather! Which is why I run so much..and punch that bag! I always said..Cardio…and keeps me out of jail! 😉😂. I heard on the news this morning that the snow that’s fallen around the trii-state area is very soft..in fact they said that a broom would remove it. Is it like that by you also? And I agree, newly fallen snow is so beautiful, especially in the rural areas…I’m always taking pictures…Wishing you the warmth too, Chuck. Stay safe! 💨🙋🏻

      • I’M a bit of a health nut myself. Yes, a broom would have easily removed the snow, but just for exercise I took the light snow shovel and ran it up and down my 90 ft. long drive. It was about zero with 25 mph wind gusts.It really feels great to re-enter the warm house. One just has to be aware of frost bite.

        • You’re under the Polar freeze already too, huh? I just spoke with a friend in Indiana, and he’s at -5° with a WC of -27! These numbers are staggering! We’re not that badly off here…at least not yet anyway. We’re hovering around 30°, and the WC at 23° is doable. I went for a brisk walk, but I didn’t run…Swallowing all that cold air just didn’t seem smart. And I could see the shoveling, especially with soft snow, at zero, since you build up some steam as you go along, but the gusts at 25mph? I give you your props, Sir! That had to be an effort! Attests to being the health nut, huh? And yep, coming back into the house? Sweeeet, as we say in Brooklyn! Relax and enjoy the warmth now Chuck…you’ve earned it! 💨🙋🏻

  8. Hi all – NAPKIN took me an extra look, but WETTER took me longer. I saw the answer “NOTE WORTHY”, but the ‘Y’ wasn’t in play and the first word had five letters, so I wrote the letters to see WORTH NOTING.

    What I can’t quite figure out is Jeff’s foot-NOTES. Do the characters only have two toes as well as only three fingers?

    Great writeup, Angela. I especially enjoyed your NOTING that Jeff was FRETting, but he obviously will BRIDGE his trouble and get to the NUT of the problem with the song he’s looking for.
    Also told you that I wasn’t immune from the soft rock of the 70’s, so it was nice of you to serve up some BREAD to keep us toasty warm inside today.
    I’ve been to the Loop in Chicago many times, and it wasn’t *that* bad enough to remind you of the term “Poop Loop”! 😂

    Have a great day everyone, and take care of yourselves!

    • Thanks, Steve. Only now you got me doing 🎶Bridge Over Troubled Waters🎶 in my head! 😉 You know it doesn’t take much….And I always liked BREAD..especially Italian…😂, no, seriously, I enjoy listening to them. I’m glad you like it, but sorry to tell you, it was inspired by Jeff…I just kept thinking 🎶Guitar Man…🎶 The “Poop Loop”..,You know I coined it, right? 😉Nothing at all to do with Chicago though…Out here, they have a gazillion new communities that went up…And a bunch of the Streets were named Loops. Erica Loop, Lorraine Loop, Anjali Loop, Gwenn Loop..ad nauseam…I took my cue from that, and I really did it to make the kids laugh…and it just caught on…You know kids…Any mention, no matter how slight, referencing bodily functions? For some reason they crack up! 😂😂 Kids! Have a good one, G…Think WARM thoughts for us! 💨🙋🏻

  9. Hi Everyone -The key for me was the H. I thought there was probably either a GH or TH in one of the words. That led me to worth, and it wasn’t hard to unscramble the rest.

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