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12 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/13/2020

  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well..🙋🏻‍♀️

    📚 IN HINDSIGHT, the teacher realized she should have taken the time to GATHER her young students together, after her HUNCH that a majority of the class would take a DINKY little word like SIMILE, and incorrectly identify it as smile proved true…📚

    👫🏻 When “Double Income, No Kids Yet“ began to gain some ground,
    The acronym of DINKY hit vernacular profound…
    It served to GATHER couples who simply had a HUNCH,
    That life could still be just as full without children a bunch…
    Some used a SIMILE or two…like “crazy as a fox”
    As mates who had this mindset wouldn’t fit into a box…
    And who’s to stand in judgement…whether they are wrong or right?
    With life there’s always happiness… or regret, IN HINDSIGHT…👫🏻

  2. 🐈 THE CATS …AVOW 🐈
    🎶 So when you wake up in the morning are you lonely…To find only the love that you had left….By my bedside on the table to my left hand….Little traces are the proof that you exist…🎶 “Everything Looks Better In Hindsight” – The Wild Reeds 2016 https://tinyurl.com/y3pwk4yr

    🐈 To fight just like a cat and dog…some call a SIMILE,
    But GATHER some kids ‘round a pet…and there might trouble be
    Some kids pull DINKY tricks on cats, like pulling on their tails,
    I guess they think it’s fun to see a cat scurry and wail…
    But we see that our Mother here, she definitely had a HUNCH,
    That leaving her son on his own? A definite one-two punch…
    Of course it proved a problem…as Moms are often right…
    He hurt the cat, the cat hurt him…it’s all true IN HINDSIGHT 🐈

    • I guess you’re not an English major,but this math major recognized the word simile,meaning similar,eg. brave as a lion.

    • Take away the first “i”, Ron, and you have I smile. Hopefully we all have heard that term.

    • It’s been a long time for me, but I seem to remember simile and metaphor being taught together as ways to compare things. And I remember a rock critic especially liking what he called a true metaphor from Joni Mitchell when she wrote about her partner being gone, “The bed’s too big; the frying pan’s too wide.”

      • That’s the same way we were taught them, Steve. It’s not a new word though as it was last used on 12/23/18. I’m thinking some folks saw misile…..

        • They would have been mis-GUIDED! Although now it seems to me that it’s also been a long time since I’ve hear the term “guided missile.”

  3. Simile hung around for a while until it came to me in a dream. The solution lagged as well for a while but I suppose the cat’s posture is my clue. All told it was a cute Jumble…..

  4. Easy one today for a Wednesday. I like the saying “Hindsight has 20/20 Vision”. Hope you’re all seeing clearly today.

  5. Hi all – The third word stopped me this morning. I thought it miGHT end in GHT, but saw GATHER as soon as I started to write the letters. Then as I started to write the answer letters, I saw that that’s where the GHT went and got it.

    Very nice song Angela, thanks!

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “When the traveling preacher wrote the SIMILE “As easy as pie” in his sermon, it gave him a HUNCH that he could GATHER a crowd in his DINKY little tent if he promised real homemade pie after the service.”

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