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  1. Good Morning, Everyone….I hope this finds you well…

    🎶 It’s so EASY to fall in love…It’s so EASY to fall in love…People tell me love’s for fools…So here I go, breaking all of the rules…🎶 “It’s So Easy” – Buddy Holly and The Crickets 1957

    📀 Sitting to watch a movie, lately’s become quite the norm,
    The quarantine has left us bored…so movies we have stormed…
    The scene that we are seeing though, I think goes back some years
    The small screen in the cabinet? Dated as it appears…
    The DVD they’ve chosen, Harry Potter Number 1
    He’s YOUNG here in this movie…this is where it’s all begun
    And they seem quite familiar with the chapters from the book,
    With the wife asking for 7, which is where she wants to look…
    So probably some years ago…2012 is most likely
    Before the movies did ACCRUE to eight eventually…
    And fans read all the books and managed to SLOSH thru it all
    It’s quite a lot to digest…but to Potterheads a ball…
    No blinking of an EYELID, most watched with interest keen
    And DVD’s ensured each segment be EASILY “SCENE” 📀

    So while todays solve was EASILY seen once you realized you were seeing movie SCENES, the same can’t really be said for the movie they’re seeing…If you think working the Jumble gives your brain a workout, try following the Harry Potter Series without a roadmap! You’re either 🎶Wild About Harry🎶 https://tinyurl.com/y6qjfqwk… or you’re not…but let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

    None of today’s words are new to the scene…in fact, we’ve seen them all quite recently. Accrue last appeared in January, and the other three were featured last year. What does stand out though, is NUYGO. I found the anagram, as is, in 2011, ‘14, ‘16 and ‘17. I guess David wasn’t aware of it though, because it just seems like a MOVIE wouldn’t usually make…Anyway, with just a slight tic at Eyelid, and a gathering of the minds at Accrue, the Early Birds agreed that it was a pretty easy go of it this morning, and one needn’t be a Wizard to get through it…beginning to end….

    So, Harry Potter. Where to begin? Tell you what? Let’s not! Because unless you’re a fan, it’s just going to sound like a bunch of Hogwarts…I mean hogwash…And you’ll just end up saying…”Gee…WIZ…ARD you kidding me”? Really…it’s a lot. Suffice to say they’re watching the first in a series of fantasy movies based on the hugely successful novels written by JK Rowling. So, here’s a link, https://tinyurl.com/nplazmz… indulge if you’d like. And since the Harry Potter DVD itself isn’t germane to our plot, I’ll just skip to the scene at hand…

    We see a couple, relaxing at home, he manning the remote, she with a drink in hand, about to watch “Harry Potter and the (Philosophers) Sorcerers Stone”. And our puzzle’s touting DVD’s, and how the advent of them brought an all new way to enjoy a movie. Compared to being in a theater, at home with a DVD you don’t have to worry about people talking during the movie or cell phones ringing. You can pause the movie to get a snack or take a bathroom break. But more importantly, as our puzzle is telling us, you can start watching at any point of the movie, or roll it back to see something you’ve missed. And as I’ve mentioned in my verse, with the wife asking for the “Sorting Hat” SCENE, they’ve either SCENE the movie before, or she’s recalling Chapter Seven from the book. But either/or, it shows us how the invention of DVDs made watching any part of a movie…easy to be “seen”. EASILY “SCENE”. Yeah…that’s the Ticket!

    The eye candy? I’ll tell you what’s on screen…Under the Harry Potter title, it reads…”Doorway Delivery” and shows Harry as a Baby being left at the doorstep of 4 Privet Drive, the home of his Aunt and Uncle, “Under the Stairs”, depicting the cupboard under the stairs which served as Harry’s bedroom, “Letters for No One”, being delivered by the Hogwart Postal Owl, and “Keeper of the Keys”, depicting Hagrid. That’ll take you through Chapter Four….And at the bottom it reads…”Main Menu” and “More Chapters”, two of the prompts that lend credence to today’s puzzle theme…And…Cut! 🎬 That’s a Wrap!

    Enjoy your day, Everyone…Be well, stay safe, and I wanted to make a few Potter Puns…but I just decided to QUIDDITCH all…📀🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. Eyelid gave me reason to pause,but the multiple E’s were a giveaway.Then,though you said accrue was a repeat from January,I didn’t recall it,and had to go to different combinations w pen and paper to come up w that solution.With the multiple E’s ,’easily’ quickly followed by scene,gave a nice Friday solution.Speaking of Harry Potter,believe it or not ,I am not a fan,and haven’t ‘scene’ any of his movies,or read any of the books.

    • Good Morning, Professor. Accrue, yes January 12th to be exact. https://tinyurl.com/y68g5r4e. And since I solve by the cartoon before I LOOK at the words, between the dialogue and the question having the word “part” (ie Scene) in it, the solution was EASILY SEEN! 😉 As for the HP Series? …As I said, you either “do” or “don’t”…And luckily, one needn’t be a fan to solve todays puzzle…Have a good one, Prof. Be well, and stay safe out there…📀🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. 💦 Forced to SLOSH through the puddles that managed to ACCRUE in the yard, water splashed up and hit the YOUNG boys EYELID, and it was EASILY SEEN why he began to cry…💦

    ⛵️The day was YOUNG but it was hot…a scorcher it would be,
    Sweat from his brow hit his EYELID and he could hardly see…
    Thoughts did ACCURE already of how much need be done,
    And at his feet the SLOSH of water glistened in the sun…
    The ocean looked inviting, with its shades of blue and green…
    But ‘till he fixed the leaky boat?…No sailing EASILY SEEN…⛵️

  4. Good morning. Loved your song choice Angela. Nothing was easy for me today. Yesterday was the first time in years that I felt like hell. I slept past 10:00 and that never happens. I really felt my age. Today was much better but I guess I wasn’t into doing jumble. I only got two words and gave up on the cartoon. answer. Hope tomorrow will be different. Until then take care and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. Thank you. I wondered why we didn’t hear from you y’day… I’m so sorry that you’re not feeling well. Please take it easy today…stay in and just relax. It’s still so horribly humid out…Feel better Paul. Keep in touch…and stay safe…🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. I struggled a long time with Eyelid but finally noticed eye, which we’ve seen before as part of words. Luckily for me, the answer had nothing to do with Harry Potter. I saw scene and was able to unscramble the rest.
    Wishing all a good weekend.

    • Hi Caroline. From the looks of the poll, Eyelid is definitely causing some grief today. And even though the guys were split on solving it quickly this morning. there was talk of having seen it in somewhere recently in one of David’s other (on-line) puzzles. We didn’t have a poll the last time it appeared, but here’s the post from that day…https://tinyurl.com/yxfzqq2p..It ruffled a few feathers then too. Hope you’re enjoying your day, Caroline. Be well and stay safe out there…📀🙋🏻‍♀️

      • I checked the link, Angela, and see that Eyelid wasn’t a big problem for me and some others like Betty that day. Interesting.
        As for Harry Potter, I don’t have an opinion one way or the other since I haven’t read the books or seen the movies. But I think it’s good that kids have been eager to read those big books.

        • Hi Caroline. Yes, I saw that too. I guess it’s all in the different jumbling of the letters…And you’re so right. The books are huge! ..I was surprised my self seeing so many of my cousins and nephews getting into them..🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. I’m with Chuck and Caroline this morning regarding eyelid. I kept seeing yielded, then I finally saw eye. Had to resort to pencil and paper for the final solution because of all those eee’s but once I figured out scene the rest was easy. I don’t do Harry Potter either. Happy Friday to you all.

    • Hey Betty…Good Morning. I have a feeling that by the end of the day Eyelid may be a runaway. Gotta hand it to David…it’s a masterful anagram. And I hear ya with Harry Potter…I don’t do either…Too much angst for me! 😉 Wishing you a Happy Friday too, Betty. Be well and stay safe out there…📀🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Hi all – SLOSH was the word that took me several Jumbles this morning. I thought ‘again’ might be the second answer word, but when I wrote the letters I saw SEEN and got the pun. (Saw seen? Seen saw? 😂 I saw Esau?)

    I was confused by the “Doorstep Delivery” caption on the TV because it’s so appropriate now – I thought he had a pizza or Uber Eats app onscreen as well as a movie, but then realized it must just be a title from one of the scenes from the Harry Potter movie they’re watching.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    Thanks for all the Harry Potter background info Angela. As usual, all I know is what I’ve read about it. 😉

    “When the YOUNG boy decided to SLOSH hand sanitizer on his EYELID to clean it, it was EASILY SCENE that his family was about to ACCRUE a bunch of charges from his ophthalmologist.”

    • …And you figured at this point in life you’d SCENE it all, right? 😉 YW…And you know something? If you don’t enlarge the picture, that first one could be mistaken for a pizza, instead of a Baby…kind of! 😂 But I did describe each image and its significance at the end of my post…And as I mentioned, thankfully, recognizing the pics had nothing to do with the solve…or we might all be scratching our heads this morning! But they’re all good images, and I’m sure the Potterheads were POTTERcularly pleased! Have a good one, Steve. Be well and stay safe out there…📀🙋🏻‍♀️

    • LOL! You’re not alone, Agnes. But here’s to tomorrow! Wishing you a good day…Be well and stay safe out there. 📀🙋🏻‍♀️

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