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  1. Good morning. You usually hear Thank goodness it’s Friday well I’m here to say Thank goodness it’s Monday.! Not much trouble on jumble today. Each word was a first look and my first reaction to the cartoon was Kill Time until I wrote down all the letters and saw no K. I’d say I Passed this test on my second try. Until tomorrow stay well

  2. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…🙋🏻‍♀️

    📙 Nervously prepping for his CAMEO appearance, he remembered how he got lost in the SOUPY fog before his last poetry reading, and how it did much to INJURE his reputation, so he decided not to PASS TIME brooding and instead chose to present a different STANZA of his award-winning poem…📙

    🤦🏻‍♀️ She loved her Grandmas CAMEO, a prized possession dear
    Running late now to get to class, it matched what she would wear…
    Distracted by the stew she smelt, her concentration waned
    She pricked her finger on the pin…and blood to her shirt stained…
    It figures she’d INJURE herself, a clumsy one was she,
    She shook her head frustrated and went to the stove to see…
    And sure enough the SOUPY-looking fare would never do,
    This rushing that she always did would never get her through
    With one last STANZA left to write she thought, “I have my rhyme
    Don’t juggle like a trained monkey…control how you PASS TI ME…“ 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Cameo was the momentarily Monday stumper,but having solved that anagram along with the others ,time was a given for the cartoon solution quickly followed by the ultimate pass time solution.Have a good start to the week.
    PS My paper seemed to straighten out the puzzle publication issue from last week.

  4. Unlike most Mondays, I had to back into two words – Cameo and Stanza.
    I enjoyed seeing the video of the clock towers from around the world.
    Wishing all a great, safe day.

    • Glad to hear that you enjoyed the video, Caroline! We’ve visited a few on the list, but #10 is my personal favorite. 😊

      • Hi Mike – Yes, #10 is a beauty, though it must really be something to actually be there. The only one I’ve seen is Big Ben.

  5. Hi all – CAMEO took a couple of extra looks, and the UN trick didn’t work for INJURE. Then I thought KILL TIME, but the letters and dialog showed PASS. The first thing I thought of when reading the dialog was Rock Around The Clock.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “His great day having been chosen for a CAMEO appearance leading a STANZA of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” at Wrigley Field was marred when a SOUPY fog off the lake caused him to INJURE himself walking down the ramp from the broadcast booth.”

  6. Note that this is our first puzzle cartoon showing characters with masks…and saying how nice it is to get out….Well done,Jeff. 😷🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Paused at cameo but other than that everything fell into place easily. Didn’t even notice the masks until you mentioned it Angela. However, at the risk of being called the Mask Police, they weren’t doing any good as they were hanging around their necks. I believe your Governor Cuomo made a rather strong statement saying that masks need to cover a person’s nose and mouth to be effective. Mask making has become a cottage industry. I’ve purchased a Spider-Man mask for my grown son, a Snoopy mask for my grown daughter and a Buzz Lightyear mask for my sister. May we all survive this pandemic “To Infinity and Beyond !!”

    • Hi Betty. Yes, Cuomo definitely went off yesterday, right? He did the mask vs the chin guard routine… I swear, sometimes I think that guy’d make a great stand-up comedian! 😉 But here’s my take…Since the couple’s alone, and Jeff made what I feel is a conscientious effort of not showing any other people around, I think they’re ok to lower their masks. We’ve gone out, for a drive, for a walk, and even to sit by the boat and the beach, and if we were “totally“ alone, we slid our masks down as they have. But yes, the new reality is definitely as masked crusaders. It is what it is, and most likely will be for a long time to come. And kudos to you 👏🏻👏🏻for your creativity as far as they’re concerned! I started out attempting to match all mine to my outfits…but that idea quickly went by the way of hugging…gone. I definitely miss hugging and kissing friends I see in the neighborhood…Anyway, I just have one question…Your sister? Not a little piglet mask? 😷🐷 😉 Be well, Betty and stay safe out there! 👫🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Though she like pigs not sure how she’d take to wearing a snout mask. She’s just a huge Buzz Lightyear fan so that one seemed most appropriate for her. I like your idea of mask to match your outfit, thought about doing it that way too but have resorted to the ones that can be thrown away. Still have issues with my glasses fogging up but C’est la vie!

        • Yes you do have a point…Want to laugh though? The other day I saw an entire family out with them..pig masks! All of them. Parents, kids, even the dog! It cracked me up! People were applauding them…(So obvious we’re all starved for amusement, right)? 😂 Me? All I could do was think about getting home and making a BLT! 🥓! As for Buzz, I love the little guy myself. I keep a little Buzz doll here on my desk..the Cutie Patootie! But the fashion statement masks? I hear ya…I tried, but it got ridiculous real quick…way too time consuming. I’m using the disposables now too, and a few others that someone made for me. We kept it to your basic black, brown and beige…makes getting dressed a lot easier for me…😂😂😂 And the fogging? I don’t go out without shades…my eyes are sensitive to natural light. And I’ve been doing this…I put a band-aid right onto the tip of the mask where it meets my nose, place it on, and then pinch it. It sort of makes like a seal, and works as a…barrier? I guess would be the right word…So far it’s helped… I figure I’ll go with this for a while…at least until I lose a layer of skin…then it’s back to the drawing board… (And if anyone out there besides Betty is reading this, and has any advice, I’d welcome any suggestions)…😷🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Thank you Betty for an enjoyable read on the face masks that you purchased. It brought a smile. I haven’t seen anyone wearing them here in Brooklyn. Take care.

  8. 👫🏻 Determined not to INJURE those who we all hold so dear,
    We donned a mask and stayed indoors…and tried to allay fear…
    If someone was to write about how this years Spring turned out,
    There’d have to be a STANZA telling how we had our doubts…
    Should we try for a CAMEO? Try going for a walk?
    There’s those who did…and those who felt they’d just give it a balk…
    Our feelings were all SOUPY…a mix of wrong and right…
    We all had hope but found it hard to shake off all the fright
    So seeing these two happy, near the clock that soon will chime
    We hope that summer offers us some joy as we PASS TIME…👫🏻

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