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  1. God Morning, Everyone. I hope you’re all well…

    🎶 You taught me patience was a virtue…I took my TIME…Let Nature take her cause…All was revealed…All in good time…🎶 “ All in Good Time” – Dead Can Dance 2013 https://tinyurl.com/ycxxsx3l

    ⏱ I never understood the need for cost to choke a horse,
    A watch is needed to tell time…and nothing more of course
    As jewelry with GLOSSY looks, I guess it’s not all bad,
    But I never liked a watch at all…nor wore the ones I’ve had…
    So a Rolex proves an ODDITY…to someone who’s like me,
    ‘Cause 3 o’clock’s still 3 o’clock… no matter what the fee…
    Give me a pretty diamond, with some platinum as METAL,
    The TITLE Rolex watch to me?…I’ll pass and still feel fettle…
    My friends have theirs, they’re happy…and they feel that they have prime…
    But like I said…at 3 o’clock? We’re the same ALL IN GOOD TIME! ⏱

    So seeing Messrs Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis, I don’t think it’s the name Wilsdorf we all came to know…but Rolex? .. https://tinyurl.com/y97s9ftw…..Well now that’s a different story…

    Here’s wishing you all a good day, and I’ll share a little Rolex humor…A man walks into a jewelry store and says he’s interested in buying a Rolex for his girlfriend. The salesman says “Certainly, here we have the Lady Datejust. Oyster Perpetual…Jubilee bracelet, fluted bezel, and the date prominently displayed at three-o-clock.” The guy thinks for a minute and says ‘Wow, with all their money, you’d think those Rolex guys wouldn’t be that stupid. What if she needs to know the date and it’s not three-o-clock yet?’…Hmm…yes, Ba-boom🎤 And we women learn to overlook a lot of things…Keep in mind…he’s rich! 😉 Be well, Everyone…and stay safe…⏱🙋🏻‍♀️

    PS: On the Rolex link, be sure to tap where it says…”Play the Video” so that you’ll get the full audio version…It’s a fantastic clip…

    • When I print out the daily jumble, sometimes there is no indication of some of the words. Today there were only 3 words for the bonus answer–“in” was missing from the answer, only all, good & time were indicated. So it’s too hard to figure it out not knowing about the 1 word missing. It happened the other day too. Who has to be contacted to correct this problem? Thank you.

      • Hi Barbara…I don’t know what source you’re printing it from. I would think that whatever site you’re using to get the puzzle is where you’d need to voice the complaint. Not sure if it helps, but that’s all I can think of. Enjoy your day Barbara, and stay safe.

  2. 📜 He thought it was an ODDITY that the TITLE of each section was imposed on large GLOSSY METAL plates, but he figured he’d get used to it, ALL IN GOOD TIME…📜

    📗The lesson dealt with METAL, and the TITLE read…”It’s Hard”…
    And he laughed at the wit of it all…everyone acts the bard…
    The pages GLOSSY with the looks of gold, silver and brass,
    And he thought…”It’ll be an ODDITY…if I can pass this class…”
    He really had no interest…why should it be such a crime?
    But he had to get the credits…hopefully ALL IN GOOD TIME…📗

    • What a fun, joyful video, Angela!Thanks so much for posting both the article and video.
      As for the puzzle, my only problem was Metal. I was able to back in once I guessed Time would be in the answer.

      • Hi Caroline…Tk you…Yes, I thought so too. I’ve been so saddened, that I don’t know how much more I can deal with, so I’m looking to find some “feel good” things to concentrate on…It’s a little respite, but it works,,,And yes, Time was definitely the key today! Be well, Caroline…and stay safe. ⏱🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Yes, it’s great therapy and I’m glad it helps you.
        I’ve enjoyed trying some untreated stuff from my yard. This week I put some dandelion leaves in my soup for the first time. An Italian friend of mine told me cooking them with garlic and olive oil was very popular with her relatives.

        • Yes it is therapeutic, Caroline..and I’m willing to try anything. In fact I came across another story of a nurses efforts to cheer her patients that I’m looking to see if I saved to share…And speaking of trying things, kudos for giving the dandelions a shot. I personally never had them growing up, we were too “Americanized” LOL..but I’m pretty sure I remember my Grandmother saying that she and her family cooked them when she was young, She came to Brooklyn to live when she was about 13 years old. But I do know of people who eat them. Mostly sautéed in olive oil, as you’ve said, with bacon and garlic and/or onions, as one would do spinach, or used with scrambled eggs, or added into salads. I’ve heard of them mixed in with butter and mashed potatoes too. They have a somewhat bitter taste though, right? I think comparable to chicory? Did you add them to a vegetable soup, as you would parsley? I suppose you could do a lot with them. The main thing, is that you’re cooking what you’re taking from your own yard, so you know what you’re using. So I’m dying to know..were they good in the soup? 🤷🏻‍♀️

        • Caroline…I found what I mentioned to you…the “fell good” story. These nurses who go so above and beyond, in the face of all that they’re fighting….they warm my heart. These doctors and nurses on the front lines are truly amazing individuals…a lot of heroes amongst them…❤️🙋🏻‍♀️ https://abcn.ws/2WsdlEJ?cid=share_addthis_widget

      • Yes, they are bitter and apparently get more so later in the season. I’m not sure what chicory tastes like. I put a few in lentil soup and they blended in just fine. They are supposed to be nutritious. I’ll have to try some of the other uses you mentioned.

        • Oh, you did it with lentils?..I LOVE lentils, I make them all the time. They were a guaranteed staple growing up, because my Mother always held to meatless Friday’s. As far as the dandelions being nutritious. Very….Vitamins A,C, E amongst others, and a good source of potassium and calcium too. As I think chicory is also. Something to do with the roots I guess…And I don’t eat chicory either. I could never get a liking for the taste….🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. Paul…I took for granted that you probably read the article in the News, but I should have directed the video to you too…Sorry!…Listen for Kings…🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. Oddity indeed was an odd anagram.Given that as my final anagram solution,and time as a given 4 letter word solution,the final solution did click in,”all in good time”.

  5. I agree with Chuck that oddity is indeed an odd looking word. Today’s puzzle was solved in record time. Loved your New York video, Angela. It was really clever. Andrew Cuomo is a rock star. This unfortunate pandemic has afforded me the opportunity of learning the names and philosophies of the various governors. Another Andrew from Kentucky is quite popular as well. Looks like another beautiful sunny day here today. Hope the sun shines on all of you today in your little part of the world.

    • Hi Betty! This is definitely off-topic, but we’ve been searching for a new mattress and the McRoskey keeps coming up as one of the best. They’re a small manufacturer in Fresno, and I was curious to know if you (or Steve) have heard of them?

      • Yes, Mike I have heard of them. They actually have a showroom here in San Francisco, The company has been around since 1900 or earlier I think. I don’t have one of their mattresses but one of my cousin’s does – her husband had back problems. They said it’s the best mattress they’ve ever had – a bit more expensive than the usually offering but well worth it according to her.

        • I’m happy to hear that it worked out well for them. Our Tempur-pedic has to go!!! Thanks again, Betty. 🙂

    • Hi Betty. I’m glad you liked it, it was very clever. I’m impressed with the ways people find to amuse themselves. Getting all those counties in couldn’t have been easy. I’ve lived in NY all my life, and I’m lucky if I know more than a handful! 😂 And I agree, we’re seeing a lot of true colors with our Governors. Cuomo may have his faults, no denying, but he’s taken the bull by the horns, and realizes that this nightmare is far from over. This morning he was adamant when he spoke about how all this political crap needs to end. “It’s not red and blue”, he said, “it’s red, white and blue”….Amen. Enjoy the sunshine, Betty, and stay safe. ⏱🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Hi all – ODDITY took me the longest until I put ITY at the end (don’t know why I didn’t use the double letter trick for the D’s first). The answer seemed obvious.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “Nobody could explain the ODDITY of why the heavy METAL band chose a frilly GLOSSY font for their album TITLE.

    Mike and Angela – I’m having trouble with Gmail on my iPad, so if you don’t hear from me for a bit, it’s because I’m working on it. Still works on my iPhone or from a web browser, so that’s weird and it just seems to be with the address I use here; others still work. (Yes, I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app).

      • I did Mike, thanks. The problem showed up after that. (This is from a web browser on my iPad)

        • Phew!

          I’ve had similar problems in the past with Gmail. If I remember correctly, I removed my address in settings, rebooted my iPad, then added it back. Sounds like you’ve tried that though…. I’m sure you’ll figure it out soon.

          • Wish me luck! I can use the Chrome web browser to see the account I use here (other accounts still work), but the app is just handier

  7. The watches took time and certain metal. The oddity of the glossy watches gave them their own title and it was all in good time for the Rolex to be debuted.

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