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Happy Wednesday, Jumble fans! I suppose there’s nothing wrong with a bit of retail therapy, especially when you’ve factored the costs associated with the practice into your monthly budget. The only downside I forsee is that you might be tempted to deviate from your planned purchases and buy something that would otherwise be out of reach. But these two women look a little bit older and no doubt understand money-management skills at this point in their lives. I hope they saved enough cash for a couple of cups of coffee because they look, for the lack of a better word, SPENT!

Today we welcome POISON into the Jumble lexicon! It’s one of those words that looks like it’s been used at least a dozen times when, in fact, it’s new. MPETT was the only original anagram when it came to the remaining three words. Both FOYLT and WARELY were scrambled the same way we last saw them, and it was the latter that gave me all kinds of trouble this morning. The layout had me seeing “wearily” at first but I managed to pull through after a few moments of mental manipulation.

Our cartoon shows two woman arriving back from a long afternoon of shopping. Carrier bags litter the floor and there’s a few shoe boxes too. The star logo on the bag immediately brought Macy’s to mind. In a bit of timely yet unfortunate news, the retail giant announced yesterday that they plan to close 150 stores and cut 2,000 positions over the next three years. They blame the cuts on “plummeting mall traffic” which isn’t a surprise but I would have thought online competition would have been partly to blame.

I had a little extra time on my hands this morning so I figured I’d offer up some fun facts in relation to the term “retail therapy.” According to award-winning financial adviser Pete Dunn, American’s should budget no more than 5% of their monthly income for clothing. So, if you take home $3k a month, it’s advised that you spend around $150 of it on clothing. And in a 2003 study of 1,000 American adults, slightly more than half had engaged in some sort of shopping therapy. It was more common among women (63.9% vs 39.8%) and they typically purchase clothing. Can you guess what the men wound up purchasing? It’s no surprise that we think with our stomachs because the answer is food!

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 12-letters. The P&S were so close together in the layout that I had no trouble spotting SPENT. TOTALLY took a few seconds but didn’t put up much of a squawk. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!




16 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/05/2020

  1. Good Morning, Everyone! I’m addicted to shopping… But as a result, I often get so frustrated when I try to organize my closets…I think I might need some HANGER management.”👗👠

    👗The Star bags are from Macy’s…a shopper knows them well,
    We all start out with LOFTY thoughts…before the TEMPT does dwell
    Our credit cards like POISON…they encourage us to spend,
    I often feel the heat from mine…they’re smokin’ by days end…
    I’d probably need a LAWYER to help me plead a case,
    If I was forced to explain why I visited each place
    There’s nothing quite like shopping, and I know I’ll ‘neer relent…
    Until we drop, we women know it’s prime time TOTALLY SPENT! 👗

    🦅The LAWYER, noticing the robins atop the LOFTY perch, and the POISON bird seed used to TEMPT them lying on the ground below, was convinced his time need be TOTALLY SPENT at this location…🦅

    Have a great day, Everyone! 🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. Good morning. Today’s jumble was easy breezy from beginning to end. Almost had a blind solve. Once I crossed off spent, it totally appeared. Spent Sunday and Monday and came home yesterday from A/C with my oldest son, daughter-in-law and her friend. We stayed at the Borgata and I left with a little over a hundred in my pocket to the good. Now today it’s back to Resorts with the church group. My daughter-in-law was lucky enough to get $1000 slot play at Harrah’s and was able to clear $700. Plus at Borgata playing bingo she shared $1000 slot play with four others and had $167 put on her card. Good food and being with family and friends is what it’s all about. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • It sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed yourself then! Good for you!!!

      You’d be proud of me, Paul. I managed to figure out how to place my first legal sports bet for the Super Bowl. I didn’t come away a winner but it made the game even more interesting than it already was. It ended up being quite easy after the registration headache and I can see myself possibly placing another one on the World Series. But no need to rush it because it’s a long ways off. Take care!

  3. Lawyer gave me reason to pause,but given that solution,totally spent quickly followed.Interestingly,your Macy’s reference was timely given their restructuring and closing announced yesterday.

    • Same here – today’s characters may be the only thing keeping Macy’s in business! The story that caught my eye was about a mall whose anchor tenants were Macy’s, J. C. Penny and Sears, and now they’re down to a store I never heard of and a 24 Hour Fitness.

  4. The defense LAWYER had LOFTY expectations for his client who was being tried for supposedly trying to TEMPT a neighbor to POISON his (client’s) wife.

  5. Easy one today. I have a Black Belt in shopping so the cartoon answer was a given. Happy Wednesday to all.

      • Yes, Mike, and Macy’s, Penney’s, & Target as well. I’m an equal opportunity consumer. However, due to the online shipping phenomenon, many of our stores have closed. One of our local malls just had five stores closed including Macy’s & Nordstrom’s their anchor stores.

        • EOC has a nice ring to it Betty! And since you’re a diehard shopper, if you frequented Walmart, would that make you a Walmartyr?!?!?! 😂😂😂

          What’s happening to the malls is so sad. Online retailers have too many unfair advantages and, in my opinion, need to be better regulated. I tend to enjoy physically shopping in a store rather than doing it virtually, and it’s even more true when it comes to clothing. You never know how it’s going to fit unless you try it on.
          With all that said, I don’t think we’ve even scratched the surface when it comes to how we shop. I envision swarms of drones dropping off packages to homes from a local hub — and doing so in 30 minutes or less! Consumers can try on clothes in the comfort and privacy of their own homes and return what they don’t want. I truly think my grandchildren will think that we were crazy to leave our homes in order to shop. And maybe even crazier that we drove gasoline burning engines instead of electric vehicles to get there! 😊

  6. Hi all – I got the pun of “spent” from the dialog and guessed “totally” which fit. LAWYER took me the most tries after thinking WARILY and finding YEAR and RELAY.

    Have a great day, everyone. Made me laugh with HANGER, Angela 😂

    “Although the sentence handed down from the LOFTY bench was justified, the judge was concerned that it would TEMPT the defendant to POISON his LAWYER”.

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