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Happy Wednesday, Jumble geniuses! Talk about a groaner of a pun — absolutely brilliant in my opinion!!! David has really stepped up his game over the past couple of weeks and I can’t thank him enough. I’m actually having to stop and think about the answer and it’s so refreshing.

No new clue words today, but three of the anagrams were freshly hatched! FOYLT is the only one we’ve seen before back on 7/8/16. With a date of a few years ago you’d probably think it it’d be the oldest clue word, but you’d be mistaken. That honor belongs to DEBTOR with a gameplay date of 5/26/12. It was also the only one that slowed me down this morning which makes it my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. LOFTY was our most recent returning repeat with a freshness date of 11/26/18.

Are we seeing a memory of Jeff’s visit to Italy? The older gentleman at the front of the boat has been in a puzzle before, but I can’t place my finger on when. I really enjoyed seeing the back of the heads of the two characters for some odd reason. I guess it’s because we’re so use to seeing facial details on the daily. The woman snapping a photo on her phone is going to have a great picture to remind her of all the fun she had. I’m happy to see that she remained seated while taking it because the boat ride doesn’t include swim time!

The final solve was an impressive anagram consisting of 10-letters. Nothing was given away, but the B at the front and the OAMA in the rear had me seeing Obama! The visual clue of the BOAT finally clicked for the 4-letter word leaving MOATER to be deciphered from the remaining letters for an epic finish! The Jumble doesn’t get much better than this, folks. Hope you enjoyed it! Have a wonderful Wednesday and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow.





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  1. OK Got it! Had to laugh twice, first that I got the solve, second “moater” (?) boat. I see no entries yet, was it that hard? Or that insulting to the experienced puzzlers? OK, then, submit one or two short sentences using the anagramed words.Challenge accepted? Anyone? ROTFL!

  2. Did not like the solution as I was expecting “moator” (like “motor”) rather than “Moater”

  3. Hi all – At first I didn’t think the double letter trick would work for two R’s (if two of the same letters appear together, separate them; if they’re apart put them together), but sure enough that showed BURRO. Then I saw DOUBT, but that led to DEBT and DEBTOR. The fact that they were avoiding saying MOAT in the cartoon made the answer easy.

    Their BOAT is designed to PLANE on the water, but now I’ve lost my TRAIN of thought:
    https://tinyurl.com/Trbopldwarwick (Dionne Warwick)

    Have a great day, everyone!

    “The LOFTY plans of the DEBTOR to make money giving animal rides at the fair were scuttled when an AMOEBA gave his BURRO dysentery”.

        • LOL..How’d we ever survive before Google? ..😂 .But I was really trying to stretch Burt’s name into a …”back around”. Ah, what the HAL? DAVID 😉 pushes the envelope? So can I! Good imagination on your sentence..👏🏻👏🏻 Farm animals…Hmm! 😉🙋🏻

    • Hi Everyone –
      Your sentence made me laugh, Steve.
      Debtor was also my toughest. I had to back in.
      Mike, I agree some recent puzzles have been challenging, but I feel some of the clues have been less precise than usual. Not today, though.

  4. Good morning. On my way to A/C and sorry Mike but there were a few of us that thought the cartoon answer was for the birds. I solved it fairly quick but dislike the solution. As for the words I asked my phone the last word. I wasn’t that sure I spelled it correctly. Loved your post Mike. Until tomorrow stay well

    • Good luck in A/C, my friend! I’m sure today’s answer ruffled a few feathers, and I respect your opinion. And yes, AMOEBA was a toughy. Go get ‘em, Paul! 🍀

  5. Brooklyn’s on his way to AC, and I’m sitting in a contractors truck in the parking lot of Home Depot…The question is…who gets to see the better sights? You sit out here? You could write a book! But my time’s well spent…Chuck…this one’s for you…😉🙋🏻

    Stubborn as a BURRO, and with a very LOFTY attitude as far as being a DEBTOR, he didn’t care how much time he wasted on his MOTORBOAT studying the mating rituals of an AMOEBA…

    He never cared to learn about AMOEBA things and such,
    Nor animals did he enjoy..no BURRO or cow much…
    They deemed him very LOFTY, swore that they all knew him better,
    He was carefree and always seemed to live life as a DEBTOR
    But some things mattered very much, although he didn’t gloat…
    He loved his car, his summer home and his big MOTORBOAT!

    • Angela your wordage skills make you a contributor, not a challenger nor a competitor.
      Oh…and good morning Angela, Steve, Chuck, Paul. It will be a little cooler today ENJOY!
      Luvya guys

      • Jamu I have to tell you, I don’t come to compete…
        I do it for the fun of it, not others try to beat…
        My skills “don’t hold no water”, to keep with today’s theme…
        I just come here to have a laugh, not fulfill any dream…
        There’s no room for diversity that might make one feel slighted,
        And thinking any other way is simply wayyyy short-sighted! 🙋🏻

      • No, thank you! I was hoping I’d get you to contribute…you know…get your MOTOR going! 😉
        How’re you faring there with the weather? It’s been black here for hours…tornado watches left and right…Hail like golf balls, trees down, thunder and lightning off the charts…it’s a mess…Every one of my devices are going off with blaring Emergency Alerts. I’ve been under the bed for hours! 😉 😱🙋🏻

  6. Do not like the play on words…meaning thinking outside of the box to successfully solve the puzzle. This tactic makes it a crap-shoot question and takes the skill out by becoming a guessing game. Not enjoyable anymore. SORRY…

    • But isn’t that the point of the puzzle, Rita? All the clues are there and we have to connect the dots. I’m sorry, but I respectfully disagree.

    • Steve – you get the most & clearest sentence(s) Challenger’s trophy!
      Angela – you wouldn’t be eligible to compete; your eloquence in essaying & poetry is too good to be challenged. The rest of us can only admire.

  7. Welcome all! “Laguna matata” is Swahili? I thought it was “killed dead lake” in bad Spanish slang.The second missive stands. Any challengers yet?

  8. Good afternoon puzzled people from Cape Cod. I thought this puzzle was a real challenge. Had to use a few more brain cells. My first answer was remoat boat, but remoat had to me wrong, for the people were up close to the castle Then I saw the Quotes and that made me redo my answer a few times to get Moater Boat. Excellent puzzle !!! Hope everybody has a great day, I’m off to the beach to play with my motor boat. 🙂 Steve S.

    • Hi, SS! Glad to see that you sailed on through to the answer. Enjoy the sun & fun and take care out there in the water. Lots of riptides as of late……….

      • Thanks, but not worried about the riptides. Going down to Chatham for some Stripped Bass fishing. It’s the Great White sharks that get me a little nervous ever since I saw the movie JAWS !. And my boat isn’t that big.Steve S

  9. This Jumble is the only one I’ve ever known to have a word which could be unscrambled two different ways… burro or rubor (a medical term which would’ve been much harder to unscramble than burro (although it immediately came to mind for me as I am a physician, and really had me stumped for a while as I couldn’t get the letters for the answer)!

    • Hi Gary. It’s funny that you’re saying this. David made a video for us not long ago, where he stated that sometimes someone would write him, (usually a doctor), and mention that a “medical” word could be made from the letters he provided for a puzzle word. Obviously just what you’re saying happened today. Of course I’d never heard the word RUBOR, so I Googled it …and sure enough, there it was. And what’s funnier, is that I was going to say that David also told us that he only uses the Merriam Webster Dictionary…but again…there it was! Albeit in the MW Medical Dictionary. Sorry that it had you scrambling…😉, but as far as we know, medical words won’t show up in any of the puzzles. And as Mike mentioned in his opening post above, it’s not the first time BURRO’s been used. It’s been in game play for at least the past three years. Thanks for commenting, and please do so again. We love getting any new perspective on the game….Have a great night, Gary. 🛥🙋🏻

  10. We didn’t have much in the way of bad weather here, Angela. It was mild enough for be to mow my grass late afternoon. My daughter is vacationing in Virginia Beach and emailed that it got pretty scary there. Get a good night’s sleep!!!

    • I’m glad you were spared Chuck…it really did a number here. The tomato plants took a beating! 😉 Hope your daughter’s safe and well. And thanks..I’m hoping I get some sleep too…Pleasant dreams! 🙋🏻

  11. I was stuck on “Remoat Boat” as the answer, but doubting that, I googled the answer for the first time in my life! Glad to know you’re here.

    • Hi Kathryn. I’m glad we could be of help. Thanks for commenting, and we’d love to see you here again. Have a wonderful day! 🙋🏻

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