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Happy Tuesday everyone! Some websites estimate that the temperature of the earth’s inner core is approximately 9806°F while others seem to think it’s as hot as 10800°F. It’s really anyone’s guess when temperatures reach those levels but one fact remains true. If the outer core were to ever grow cold and turn into a solid ball of iron, life would almost certainly cease to exist. It would cause earth’s magnetic field to essentially disappear and harmful particles from the sun would bombard our planet. Compasses would stop pointing north and birds wouldn’t know where to fly when it was time to migrate. And of course there’d be no Jumble which would probably be the biggest loss of all!

All of today’s anagrams are coming up as new but their corresponding solutions have been around the block. OENDOW, or WOODEN, was the only anagram that I didn’t see at first. It looked quite a bit like ENDOWED but pairing up the O’s allowed the W & D to shine through and form WOOD. It also ended up being our most recent repeat after a relaxing 6 month respite. EXACT was last played a hair over 3 years ago on 1/4/17 which makes it older than all of the other words combined.

Our cartoon featured a classic classsroom setting where we encoutered 4 Jumble characters. Three of them are students and they all look to be of middle school age. The topic of discussion is the earth’s core and we see a rather large and well-detailed illustration hanging on the blackboard. The dialogue didn’t offer up anything valuable in terms of solving the puzzle and seemed to exist for the sole purpose of providing additional support for the cartoon sentence.

The layout for the final solve was an anagram consisting of 9-letters. It was one letter shorter than yesterday’s but the addition of quotation marks gave me fleeting hope that they would transform the solution into a tantalizing teaser. The big tip-off came when I noticed the word center instead of core. The rest of the solution fell effortlessly into place and the intimidation and excitement of a challenging finish all but withered away. I guess tomorrow’s another day — that is unless our piping hot core suddenly solidifies and a year-round summer becomes the new norm!



10 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/07/2020

  1. Good morning. And the hits keep coming. Today is a Festivus for the rest of us Miracle. Another easy breezy jumble. Even the dreaded quotation marks didn’t slow me down. I have a sneaky suspicion that the continuation of these holiday gems will end soon. I think I’m ready, the boys built our confidence up enough. Until tomorrow stay well

  2. The BURLY guy let out a shrill CACKLE when he found out he won the big prize for his EXACT guess as to how many WOODEN nickles were in the glass jar.

  3. Finally after two weeks of tripping over words and solves, a cocky wicked pun. Loved it to my core! Til tomorrow, enjoy your morning and your Joe.

  4. Hi all – I actually saw CACKLE and thought it was wrong, but a second look showed *I* was wrong. “Earth’s center” gave “core” and all the rest.

    I enjoyed the physics lecture Mike, and also your keeping the priorities straight — The loss of Jumble! NO! (Forgive my nit-pick, but the seasons are caused by the tilt of the Earth’s axis, so I think they would continue despite the solid core, although there might not be any life to notice them.)

    Have a great day, everyone!

    “The old New Orleans priestess gave a CACKLE when she saw that the BURLY WOODEN voodoo doll she had carved gave the EXACT effect she desired”.

  5. 🧑🏻‍🦱If you look really closely, at the young boy we hear speak,
    You’ll notice something very odd…my spidey-sense did peak…
    How could a child maybe twelve, thirteen would be a stretch
    EXACT age doesn’t matter…concentrate on the sketch
    It didn’t make me CACKLE, but I laughed when I did see,
    A sideburn reaching down so low…A child? It can’t be!
    He’s not BURLY, you see his youth…Now let’s look at the guy…
    His sideburn’s so much shorter…WOODEN you not wonder why?
    I think that someone did it to see if it’d have effect…
    Well I think it’s eye candy, and perhaps I’d BE CORRECT🧑🏻‍🦱

    • Good EYE (candy)! I tried to see it as some kind of Bluetooth earbud, but that doesn’t look right either.

      • LOL! Yeah…EYE think so too..But it’s definitely a sideburn – it has those distinctive horizontal lines going through it. I said..”What on EARTH”? …All puberty aside…it was just too BURNING an issue! 😂🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. 🦆⛏The EXACT reason for the BURLY goose to let out such a loud CACKLE was never really determined, but if you surmised he’d been poked with a WOODEN mallet, you’d BE CORRECT 🔨🦆

    🦜💤 Considered to be WOODEN, very grouchy and standoffish,
    She’d hoped to get the BURLY guy to bend to her one wish…
    He had a bird who’s CACKLE kept her awake at night…
    And when the clock chimed 10 EXACT…began the dreaded blight
    She hoped he’d understand her…not consider her suspect…
    And realize that taming the bird would definitely BE CORRECT…💤🦜
    Have a great day, Everyone! 🙋🏻‍♀️

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