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Good Morning, Everyone!   🚘   IT’S TOO LATE TO LOOK BACK NOW  🚘

🎶 She had a million dollar smile and a body in MINT CONDITION ..My heart’s too broke to pay attention…If love was a penny I couldn’t afFORD to fall…every girl in the world tonight could have sweet intentions…My heart’s too broke to pay attention.… 🎶  “My Heart’s Too Broke to Pay Attention” – Mark Chestnut   1993

🚘 We’re seeing Dad BEMOAN his loss, his tears fall like a GEYSER,
Will this cause a DIVIDE to grow while making him grow wiser?
His wife said “FOLLOW my advice, don’t park in the driveway”
But she didn’t COERCE him…and there he let it stay…
And now it’s smashed and CLUNKY, and the sight is truly sickening…
His prized possession’s ruined now on this sad, sad DAY OF “WRECKONING” 🚘

Looking at the calendar, and starting to fear that I’m going to crash and burn if I don’t get all the Holiday planning done in time, I just did a quick search of the Archives this morning…I didn’t go looking all the way back...Well except for COERCE…and that’s only because it popped up immediately on 05/23/10… And except for CLUNKY, which is coming up new, our other four words all appeared last year, with GEYSER going off on09/21, making it our most recent entry. And there was no trouble untangling any of our words this morning…we just plowed right through…Anyway, it’s not that I’m not driven to dig deeper into the Archives this morning…I’m just so overly busy…It’s December 8th already, Folks! Almost crunch time!

Ok…our cartoon. Today we find ourselves in the driveway of a family…perhaps in ROAD Island. And we can AUTOmatically see that something’s definitely gone wrong. Junior has backed up into his Fathers vintage, mint condition car, and he’s caused poor Dad to climb the wheels in grief. Which in turn has caused Jr to get his wheels in motion…apologizing, but becoming defensive…driving home his point that he was in a hurry. But you can VETTE your bottom dollar, that’s no excuse. Plus I think it best he stop talking, since he’ll only be adding fuel to the fire…And Mom, blaming Dad for leaving the car in the driveway? Well that’s not doing much to brake up the tension now is it? I mean, how’d he not see the car parked there? How, because he yield to look back...(pun intended)! Was he in that much of a rush? C’mon, wheely? Nope…no excuse at all. You just don’t play ride and seek when you’re backing up. First rule…turn and look out the rear window. We all know that…Hitchcock knows that…why even I know that…and the only thing I’ve ever driven anyone to do is drink!…Anyway, Jr’s wrecked Dad’s car after he’s kept it so pristine all these years. And that poor car has finally met its’ hatch..backing up did it in…So, in answer to our question…the car’s met its’ DAY OF “WRECKONING”! A smashing pun!

Eye candy? We see Mom looking angry, Jr shell-shocked, and Dad…well he looks down right GAStly…The car’s passenger side is totaled, the tires are flattened and the rear window’s completely shattered…And brought to his knees, so is Dad…And the repair bill may be exhausting…let’s not forget about Jr’s car too, sitting there with it’s back end an accordion and it’s trunk thrown open…I just hope he can afFORD it all…So, There you have it, Volks...Done. Have a great day, Everyone…And let’s pray Dad doesn’t end up blowing a gasket…I’d hate to see the poor guy needing a CARdiologist🚘🙋🏻‍♀️



9 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/08/2019

  1. Hi Everyone –
    You really came through, Angela, even though you are busy.
    COERCE took me a lot of jumbling. My first thought was that end would be the first word of the answer, but I noticed it was part of the dialogue and thus unlikely. I then tried to find 3-letter words and saw day, which led me to recall the expression.

    • Hi Caroline. Thank you, you’re so kind. I’m on the road, leaving the cemetery. You know, you’d think it’d get easier as the years go by, but it just doesn’t. We thought to visit all 3 of them today, but I’m already wiped out. It’s just too hard…Anyway, enough of my boo hooin’. Sorry… So, Coerce definitely seems to be leading the pack today, it’s a masterful anagram … and I think it’s an extremely clever puzzle! I ‘reckon David definitely gave himself a chuckle with this one! Hoping you’re enjoying your day, Caroline…🚗🙋🏻

      • Sorry you had a rough morning, Angela, but I can see why. I hope you’re able to enjoy the rest of the day. So far so good for me.

        • Hi Caroline. Thank you.. We all have our good and bad days…The Holidays just get a little tough sometimes…Anyway, I’m back home…and I’m in for the day. It’s too cold out there…Glad you’re doing well. Take care and tks again…🎄🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. Hi all – COERCE was by far my hardest word. Finally got it after trying CO at the beginning for the second time. BEMOAN and GEYSER would have been harder except that I saw them both recently (in a story, and on a jug of Crystal Geyser water) and thought about Jumble when I did. Double letter trick worked twice on COERCE, and both worked and failed on FOLLOW. Saw the answer from the letter layout and wrecked cars.

    Have a great Sunday, everyone!

    A Colossal shout out for your ROAD Island reference Angela, and I really liked the song lyrics also. They reminded me of this:
    🎵”If you took all the girls I knew when I was single
    Brought them all together for one night
    You know they’d never match my sweet imagination
    Everything looks worse in black and white”🎵

    “He would long BEMOAN the DAY OF WRECKONING when he let his inept guide COERCE him into trying to FOLLOW him in his CLUNKY old jalopy over the watershed’s DIVIDE to see the GEYSER that had dried up years ago.”

    • Hey Steve…Thanks for the Shout Out, and nice painting of a picture with your sentence. 👏🏻👏🏻. Have a good one! 🚗🙋🏻

  3. Oh Wow!! I struggled this morning. Coerce and bemoan were the sticklers. I had to take to paper and pencil and then walk away for a while. I finally got coerce and then backed into bemoan after figuring out the puzzle answer. All in all it was a good brain workout today and I feel a real sense of accomplishment that I was finally able to solve them all. Hope all of you have a good day.

    • Hi Betty…Good Morning. David did do a good job of picking them today, didn’t he? He definitely threw in a few obscure ones…and you’re right, it does a brain good! Hope you’re enjoying your day, and I hope you were lucky enough to get the much needed rain…🚘🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. I admit I WRECKED the language a little…these weren’t that easy to navigate! 🚘🙋🏻‍♀️

    👡 Despite them trying to COERCE her into changing, she refused to give up her shoes with the CLUNKY heels, and insisted on wearing them to visit the GEYSER…but soon had to BEMOAN the fact that she couldn’t FOLLOW the group very well, and once the DIVIDE between them grew too wide, she had to acquiesce and admit that she’d reached her DAY OF RECKONING…👡

    🔧 The pipe spurt like a GEYSER, and it forced him to BEMOAN
    The fact that common sense advised him to leave it alone…
    His CLUNKY tools no match for this…a job that would DIVIDE,
    His wife and he…and all because he harbored foolish pride
    What made him think he’d FOLLOW it, a YouTube video,
    And be astute enough to stop what’s now an overflow?
    He’s thinking now her COERCE tries really did make more sense,
    ‘Cause all he’s done is bang around…and now he must relent…
    He has to call a plumber…’cause with all his stabs at “techniging”
    His pipe dreams only led him to wade in his DAY OF RECKONING! 🔧

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