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Good Morning, Everyone!        💻 OPEN UP THOSE WINDOWS! 💻

🎶 Just to reach you…Just to reach you…Oh to reach you. Come to my WINDOW…Crawl inside, wait by the light of the moon…Come to my WINDOW, I’ll be home soon…🎶 “Come to my Window”🎶 – Melissa Etheridge 1993

💾 The year was 1985, the month it was November,
The person was Bill Gates…but I admit I don’t remember…
The summer, that I do quite well…a PERSON I had met,
A MEADOW, a GAZEBO…memories without regret.
You know how wonderful life is, when you are newly smitten?
And everything seems sweetened just as lilacs are first BITTEN?
But I digress…the story here is Windows and it’s factors,
Who loved it and who played the GROUCH as one of its detractors…
The questions about THRIFT and ease, Bill took them one by one,
And Windows popularity had only just begun…
Since then so many versions…success along with logjam,
And popular as ever, as we still GET WITH THE PROGRAM...💾

While I didn’t come across any new words this morning, I did find something interesting. During my search through the archives, I found a puzzle from December 9th, 2015, whose answer was “SCULPT-SURE” – the same exact solution we had on Friday. I don’t know how I missed it. Granted, I was off to a slow start on Friday, and it took me a while to GET WITH THE PROGRAM, but still…I don’t know how it got by me. Truth be told, sometimes it can be a real pane going through all these old puzzles…but I feel it fits the BILL to tell you whenever I CON, that I find these little quirks. Ok. So…today once again, we have our 6 for 6 with no new entries. All old favorites, todays’ words RUN from 2010 up to this past 04/14, when we last saw BITTEN. MEADOW stands in a grass by itself, with a showing of 03/28/10, while our other four words were all last seen in 2018. But we do have two repeat anagrams: CUGORH from 08/15/17, and FHIRTT from 05/24/16. A stumper? Nope, not today..They were all easily de-coded…And with that squared away, let’s take a byte out of today’s cartoon…

It’s November 20th, 1985, and we’re at Bellevue, Washington, where we “C” Bill Gates, (in a green sweater and that floppy hair he sported back then), at the press release of his WINDOWS Operating System. Being asked about its success, Bill replies that its’ ease of use sits well with DISCerning people, and as a result, it didn’t take long for them to…GET WITH THE PROGRAM! Brilliant, David! DOS the way to do it!

Ok, eye candy…Of the three reporters, it’s only the one at back, in glasses. who looks imPRESSed …The woman seems bewildered, as she takes written notes with her left hand. And the bearded reporter, dressed in a red and white striped pullover, is asking about the 3 floppies. I’m not sure of his OUTLOOK at all…But he’s seen holding a small recording device. (I first thought it was a cell phone, but then I remembered that back in 1985, most cell phones were soooo big, they came with reins and saddles😉)…(And speaking of the 3 floppies, if you scroll way down through the link I’ve included above, you’ll C a picture of Bill Gates holding up the same). And there’s a cameraman. And of course we C the ubiquitous beige colored monitor sitting atop the computer case. But the eye candy? If you look real closely, and magnify the image on the monitor screen, you can actually read the following on it…Microsoft…Microsoft Windows. Version 1.01 Copyright ©️Microsoft Corporation, 1985. All Rights Reserved. Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft CorpEXCELent, Jeff! WORD!…I AZURE you..I’m impressed..So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Windows jokes…

A woman texts her husband one cold winter morning: “Windows frozen, won’t open”. Her husband texts back: “Gently pour some lukewarm water over it and then gently tap edges with hammer”…Ten minutes later the wife texts back…”Computer really messed up now.”…Baboom…Drop the mouse…I mean the 🎤mic! 💻🙋🏻








15 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/13/2019

  1. Considering todays’ eclectic mix of WORDs, I had more trouble with the sentence than the rhyme. Maybe because I have the morning news PROGRAMs on, and got distracted with everything we hear seeming so DISCriminatory, and out of CTRL one way or another…Everyone looking for POWER, POINTing fingers and disagreeing…The OUTLOOK seems so bleak, it can definitely DRIVE a person to drink!…Sadly, there’s nothing even REMOTEly funny about the news lately..Anyway, I’m going to have another cup of coffee, eat a few COOKIES, and BROWSE through the papers…So, here it is….🙋🏻

    🏚 After he’d installed the new GAZEBO, (since they were tired of getting BITTEN by mosquitoes so much), the GROUCH of a husband realized that the scroll work on its side depicted a PERSON standing in a MEADOW, and he said he disliked it…to which his wife exclaimed…”You’re the one with the “THRIFT” problem…so GET WITH THE PROGRAM and either return it for a better one, or learn to live with it…” 🏚

    🏚 The property expansive, a MEADOW loomed within,
    And every PERSON visiting broke out into a grin…
    He put up a GAZEBO, THRIFT wasn’t any care,
    The lawsuit after getting BITTEN had lead him to here.
    No longer would he be a GROUCH…now he was like a lamb…
    ‘Cause being rich made it a breeze to GET WITH THE PROGRAM! 🏚

  2. The old GROUCH, who was really a THRIFT of a PERSON, was BITTEN by the idea of buying the MEADOW near the city community center and constructing a GAZEBO thereon. Hi, Angela!

    • Hi Chuck! I love the BITTEN by an idea…👏🏻👏🏻 Creative, and a nice angle..I applaud your entire concept! I found myself struggling trying to work the solution words into the sentence, and I CRASHED with a few ideas,,,Hope you’re enjoying your morning! 💾🙋🏻

  3. Person and grouch,which looked like cough to me,gave me reason to pause,but the puzzle solution,”get with the program” was an obvious solve.

    • Good Morning, Professor. Since early this morning when I posted, I’ve heard from 2 others who saw Cough also. But yes, the solve was an easy one. Enjoy your Anniversary celebration today. Congrats again to you and your wife.💑🙋🏻

  4. Hi all – I used the double letter trick and a couple of jumbles to get BITTEN; then saw ROUGH and CROUCH, but writing CROUGH revealed GROUCH.
    Thought COMPUTER might be the last word, but got the answer from the letter layout and the cartoon.

    Very nostalgic to see the classic 8-inch floppies, and only three of them. The last time I installed Windows from (newer) floppies (version 5.1, I think?), it took eleven of them. And there was a joke about the user who called customer support complaining that they managed to fit 10 in the drive but couldn’t squeeze in the eleventh.

    Whoever wrote the line “None, I could C them all” on the voting panel (and in Angela’s writeup) gets a “++” from me! 😉
    First thing I noticed about the reporter was that she’s left-handed. (Excellent old computer joke also, Angela).

    Have a great Sunday everyone!

    🎵”I’m out here in the meadow
    Part of an old stone wall
    Stand here because you said so
    Waitin’ around to fall”🎵- Joe Walsh, in the “Meadow”, probably watching some EAGLES fly in to join him.

    “He had no right to be a GROUCH when his excessive THRIFT prevented him from buying insect repellent, since he should have known that any PERSON would get BITTEN sitting in a GAZEBO in a MEADOW at dusk”.
    (That sure would have been easier without having to work THRIFT in there!) 😂

    • Hey Steve, The kuDOS on the poll go to Mike. (Not sure what you mean by Angela’s write up though)..🤔 And if you think THRIFT👏🏻👏🏻 was COSTly, try doing it with GET WITH THE PROGRAM! 😱Hoping you have a great day…💾🙋🏻

      • Just acknowledging that you also had two C’s in your paragraph.
        I see your emoji is a newer style floppy disk – they need a retro (i.e. Geezer) section for those (8-tracks, dial phones, etc). Have a good one, enjoy the game! 🙋🏻‍♂️

        • Oh…yes, those are mine! LOL. But there were 3! They do have some of what you’re talking about. I haven’t had a chance to go through all of the new ones yet, because I’m still trying to adjust those heads I told you about.😉🙋🏻

  5. Good morning. Angela you got a chuckle out of me with your song choice. Perfect. I’ll have to read you later as today took me a long time to finally solve jumble. For me everything was a challenge. The hardest word was Person. Another one of those shaking ones head as to why that simple word was close to my downfall. After about ten minutes I was able to get the cartoon answer. Enjoyed doing it today. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Brooklyn. Good Afternoon. Thanks, I wasn’t sure if you’d enjoy it or not. There’s a lot of music out there with “windows” but this is the one that always comes to mind…And anyway, it does say, “Come to my window”! Funny how we’re PROGRAMmed toward certain things, right? I’m sorry you hard a HARD time this morning…Maybe you were up too late watching the game? 😉 Anyway, I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed it just the same. Have a good one, Brooklyn! 💾🙋🏻

  6. Great fun and replies today. As a programmer/system analyst for decades I could nerd-out on all the languages, apps and OS references. I know a few off-color COBOL jokes. Good musical choice. I saw Etheridge in a small venue few years ago. One of the most powerful voices and she can shred a guitar with the best. Some C sharp chords.

    • Hi Gary. Thanks for the Shout Out and I’m glad you enjoyed what you’ve read today…uh, yesterday. I’m an Etheridge fan too…she’s definitely a powerhouse. Have a good one! 🎶🙋🏻

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